[Review] Soul Mate (2016 Film)


After a whooping 12 nominations from the 36th Hong Kong Film Awards, 7 nominations from the Golden Horse Taipei Awards and many accredited praises for the directing and acting, I finally gave in to my curiosity and watched the film, Soul Mate.

Well deserving of the praises and awards, this film played on the emotions of the viewers and allowed them to journey with the main actresses  Ansheng (Zhou Dongyu) and  Qiyue (Ma Sichun) as they go through the ups and downs in their friendship. Ansheng is a carefree character who went to vocational school and worked at a bar to meet ends’ needs while Qiyue is more reserve and responsible with her life. Her focus is to do well in school and find a good job. These two had been friends since young but because of Jiaming (Toby Lee), Angsheng left the town to travel. After that, the two friends kept in contact via post cards. Over the years, they met, they argued, they split, they met again as they cannot let go of their friendship.


At first I thought that this was about two girls fighting for the love of one guy but after I finished the film, I realized that the guy was probably just a catalyst between their falling out. I think, subtly, Ansheng had always envied Qiyue’s complete family where the parents doted on her and protected her and Qiyue had always envied Ansheng’s carefree and courages life therefore they are attracted to each other like moth to fire and yet still wary of each other. Ansheng and Qiyue are best friends, are soul mate. They understand each other’s thoughts and actions and because of that understanding, their friendship is deep yet fragile at the same time. Ansheng understood that the moment Qiyue stopped chasing after her at the train station, she chose love over friendship and again when Ansheng left the hotel to get on the bus. But because there was that separation, the two learned to appreciate each other even more. Either way, this film leaves a lot of room for interpretations.


The film is directed by Derek Tsang, who did a great job with the film cinematography and sound track. I love that he directed the movie with snip bits of Ansheng and Qiyue’s life. Because their story is founded on the narrations of a book and post cards sent back and forth by the main characters, it only make sense that viewers should watch the movie like they are reading chapters in a book. Then we have the main actresses Zhou Dong Yu and Ma Sichun. Gosh they are good! The emotions that you can only read in novels, they portrayed it all in their expressions and movements. Soul Mate actually has a very simple story line but because of the way that it was directed and acted out, it became a roller coaster of emotions that left me emotionally drained after watching.

I highly recommend this movie but just be prepared for an emotional ride. You can watch the movie here: http://www.letv.com/ptv/vplay/26880874.html





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