[Recap] Three Lives Three Worlds Episode 27-30

Three Lives Three Worlds, Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms (Chinese: 三生三世十里桃花) is a 2017 Chinese romantic fantasy television series starring Yang Mi and Mark Chao. It is based on the xianxia novel of the same name by TangQi GongZi. The series started broadcasting on Jiangsu TV and Dragon TV starting January 30, 2017 with a total of 58 episodes. You can watch raw on Youtube and with Eng sub on DramaFever.

Episode 27

While Ye Hua laid unconscious, Bai Qian decided to drink the potion that allow her to forget everything regarding her life as Susu.

The king asked his 3rd prince if he had been too strict on Ye Hua. The prince told him that he pity Ye Hua who had lived a very lonely life and when he finally found love, this is the result.

Her family watched over her as Bai Qian sleep through the effects of the potion. They decided to keep her Susu life a secret from her. But even though Zhe Yan fixed her eye sight, she will not be able to endure strong lights.

Ye Hua finally woke up but without a will to live. His mom asked him to take the medicine that will let him to forget Susu and continue his life as crown prince. He denied. He said he didn’t want to forget her.

Bai Qian also woke up. She was anxious that she can’t see too clearly. 4th brother lied and said that she had an eye illness since young and this time her injury brought it out. He gave her a white cloth that will appear in places that are too bright. He also told her that her battle with the Ghost king was the battle that allowed her to level up but in return she was in slumber for the past years.

When Bai Qian realized that she’s been asleep for years, she rushed to see if Mo Yuan’s body is still maintained. Zhe Yan told her that perhaps Mo Yuan will wake soon that’s why he doesn’t need her blood anymore.

Mi Gu came and told Bai Qian that Feng Jiu is heart broken and is drinking her sorrow away. Feng Jiu told them that alcohol is the only way for her to stop crying. Bai Qian kicked everyone out and had a one on one with her.

On the day of Ye Hua and Sujin’s big wedding, Ye Hua asked Ximing about Mo Yuan and Xi Yin. He suspected that Xi Yin wanted to bring Mo Yuan back and wanted to know if there’s a way that he can bring Susu back. Ximing told him to ask Feng Jiu.

Within seconds, Ye Hua showed up at Qingqiu looking for Feng Jiu. While relaying that message, Mi Gu also told BaiQian about her arranged marriage with Ye Hua. She wanted to go out and cancel the wedding. Mi Gu convinced her not to.

Feng Jiu went out and asked him what Ye Hua what he wanted. He asked her about the whereabout of Xi Yin. Feng Jiu told him she doesn’t know. He left right after.

The big wedding. Sujin is all happy about marrying into YeHua’s court, Xiwu goong . As she was heading to his court, he waited for her outside. She thought that he was welcoming her but instead her stabbed her right it the heart! And then closed the door on her.

Bai Qian went back to Kunlunxu to visit. All of sudden she realized she doesn’t have her fan and called it back. The fan disappeared from Ye Hua’s hand and back to Bai Qian’s. He went to Kunlunxu to see if Xi Yin is there. Both walked around but never bumped into each other.

The King told Ye Hua that no matter what Sujin will have to marry into his court. On his way back, a servant told him that Sujin have a way to save Susu.

Episode 28

Hearing that there’s a way to save Susu, Ye Hua went to visit Sujin. She told him that she will tell him if he allow her into his court. He agreed. She told him to recreate Susu, he needs to burn one of her personal item with Jie Po lantern.

He immediately tried that but all he got was peach blossom petals as reminiscence of Susu.

300 hundred years later, our cute little Ali, the son of Ye Hua and Susu, finally showed up! His little introduction told us that every year on the day that Ye Hua and Susu met, him and Ye Hua would go back to Susu’s house in the mortal world and live for a few months.

Feng Jiu asked Mi Gu what should she get for Bai Qian’s birthday. Mi Gu told her about Jie Po lantern and how it might be able to save Mo Yuan. Feng Jiu snuck into the heaven kingdom and disguised as Sujin to steal the lantern.

When Ye Hua heard the news, he immediately rushed into Sujin’s room and angrily asked her where the lantern is. She cried and said she didn’t do it.

Feng Jiu and Mi Gu set the lantern up next to Mo Yuan’s body. However, before they did anything, they got caught by Bai Qian. When Bai Qian found out that Feng Jiu stole it, she angrily told her to return it.

Feng Jiu brought the lantern back and wanted to give it to Ximing. However, Ximing told her that she is in deep trouble since Ye Hua value that lantern more than his life.

To ease Ye Hua’s anger, Ximing asked 3rd prince for help. 3rd prince and Ximing met with Ye Hua and returned the lantern. They asked him to let it go and forgive Feng Jiu. Unwillingly, but he eventually agreed.

Once the lantern was lit again, with nothing left burn, Ye Hua wanted to burn his soul to recreate an image of Susu. Luckily the 3rd prince was there to stop him. He convinced him to let go and live on for Ali’s sake.

Back at JunJisan, Ali got lost in the forest. A demon saw him and started attacking him. Luckily an immortal lady was nearby to chase the demon away.

Episode 29

Miao Qin, the princess of Dong Hai, saved Ali and brought her back to Ye Hua. She saw Ye Hua and fell for him. She asked if she can stay by his side and serve him.

Poor Ali started crying when he told Ye Hua that he doesn’t want Miao Qin to replace his mom. Ye Hua told him that mom is not coming back anymore because the lantern was extinguished.

Feng Jiu came back to Qingqiu. Bai Qian told her that she will be going to Dong Hai’s party for a few days to celebrate the birth of the king’s baby.

While at the heaven kingdom, a group of oldies were gossiping about the mysterious Bai Qian will finally show her face and how awkward it would be since 2nd prince and Shao Xin will also be at the party.

Ximing came to Qingqiu looking for Feng Jiu. He told her he found a way for her to repay Dong Hua’s debt.

Ximing took Fengjing down to the mortal world and saw Dong Hua as a mortal king. He told her that Dong Hua wanted to go through this trial and now would be the best time for her to repay his debt.

Ximing planned for Feng Jiu to replace consort Chen since consort Chen will fall into the water and drown. Feng Jiu successfully took over the identity of consort Chen. However, Ximing told her that the birthmark on her forehead might be a problem.

The birthmark indeed became a problem when the queen saw Feng Jiu and her birthmark and called it a demonic symbol.

Feng Jiu decided to pretend to be a maid to see the Dong Hua but before she can speak to him, he just walked pass her.

At the peach orchard, Zhe Yan told Bai Qian that 2nd prince came to ask for some peach. He purposely gave him peaches that temporarily stop pregnancy as revenge. They also talked about her and Ye Hua’s marriage. Bai Qian thought that it was weird that she is so much older than him.

Later that night, Bai Qian started drinking Zhe Yan’s alcohol while Ye Hua arrived at Dong Hai’s party. He left Ali there and went to the peach orchard to pay his respect to Zhe Yan.

At Dong Hai, Dong Hai king asked his sister, Miao Qin if she’s in love with Ye Hua. When she said yes, he decided to help her meet Ye Hua after the party.

Episode 30

Ye Hua arrived at the peach orchard. Bai Qian noticed him. All of a sudden, she fell down from her tree. Ye Hua saw that and rushed to catch her. He saw her face and mistaken her for Susu. Just when they were about to kiss, she disappeared. Ye Hua ran around looking for her. In the end he thought that it was all an illusion and left.

Bai Qian woke up the next day and thought that it was all a dream. She told Zhe Yan that in her dream, she used power to seduce an good looking young male.

Bai Qian has now arrived at the gate of Dong Hai. On her way there, she met a lady in green (the princess of Chang Hai) who called Bai Qian an old grandma without knowing that Bai Qian is standing right behind her.

While walking around Dong Hai, Bai Qian saw Ali digging for treasures. She gave him a fan and tell him to fan the sand away. However, she didn’t expect his fanning to be so strong that it blew away the leaves and exposed bright lights. The bright light caused her the blind around her eyes to appear.

Ali saw her and immediately call her mom. Ye Hua also showed up and mistaken her for Susu while she mistaken him for Mo Yuan. When Ye Hua wanted to touch her face, she got angry and slapped his hand away. He apologize for recognizing the wrong person in her.

After Ye Hua and Ali left, Shao Xin showed up in front of Bai Qian and asked for forgiveness. Half way through their talk, Ali and Ye Hua head back, saw them, and hid behind while they talked.

While Bai Qian and Shao Xin were talking, Ye Hua saw that Bai Qian’s motions were the same as Susu (tapping her fingers on the table, hitting her nose with the fan) and that she had the same scar as Susu.

Ali came out of hidden and said that his mom is the best. Ye Hua follow suit and called her Qian Qian. He said that since Ali called her mom, it wouldn’t make sense to call her gugu like everyone else. Step by step, Ye Hua charged toward her making her want to run away.

Before Bai Qian could run away, Dong Hai king came and blame her ruining his court with that big wind. Bai Qian, who pretended to be a messenger of Zhe Yan and Bai Qian, apologized and left gifts.

Bai Qian wanted to leave right after, but Ye Hua caught up to her and dragged her into the party with him.

Not long after, Ye Hua left to meet up Miao Qin. Ali and Bai Qian also left the main hall. Ali asked her to break Ye Hua and Miao Qin up but Bai Qian told him that Ye Hua is young and should meet young women too. Ali got sad and asked if she wanted to abandon him and his dad. She flustered and tried to console him by saying that his dad is her heart, her liver, her treasure. Because of that, Ali pulled her to where Ye Hua is.

When Bai Qian showed up and claimed that Ali called her mom, Miao Qin immediately kneeled down and begged for understanding. Seeing that, Bai decided to no longer care and wanted to leave. Ye Hua stopped her and asked if she is pretending or indeed forgot about him already. She slipped away before answering.

Chexmix: I have always wondered who replaced Yang Mi’s voice ever since that scene where Ye Hua was plucking out Susu’s eyes because I thought that person did an awesome job with bringing out even more emotions than just what the face can make. I found out that it was Li Guanlin (季冠霖)! The same Li Guanlin that dubbed so many other actresses’ voice! Here’s a nice post for the list but now I can see why she’s considered one of the best voice actresses!

Feng Jiu BTS

Episode 29 BTS

Episode 30 BTS


17 thoughts on “[Recap] Three Lives Three Worlds Episode 27-30

  1. Finally the chapter is behind us, 28 episode of sweetness. The actor played Ali is amazing, especially from the BTS videos, hope he’ll become a star in the future.


  2. Omg when YH didn’t want to live i shed a tear and screamed YOU’LL SEE HER SOON and little Ah Li started crying i was so sad and screamed YOUR MOM’S COMING SOON! That kid is adorable and I’d give him the world if he wanted it😂😂agree, the new voice IS BETTER

    Liked by 1 person

    1. hahaha. Me too! I was so sad watching him shed silent tears T.T
      Ali is too adorable for words. Such a smart kid. Can’t believe he remembered his lines so well. =D

      Liked by 3 people

  3. How do you find out the voice actors used to over-dub actors/actresses in a C-drama? I’m always curious to find out if the actors I like do their own dubbing or if they use voice doubles.


  4. Yang Mi is such a horrible actress and I don’t think I’ve ever noticed it was quite this bad before. I’ve been waiting forever for BQ and Ah Li and now her bad acting has ruined the story and made the reunion scene anticlimatic. Every other female blows her out of the water. Hell the little kid who plays Ah Li is better than her. Wait I just finished General and I, and Angelababy, of all people, is now a better actress than her!

    You know I thought she did well as Susu but now that Chexmix mentioned it, it probably was the voice actress.


    1. YM is actually pretty much BQ in the book… I’m not sure what you expecting… Being all lovey dovey and affectionate toward Ali? It’d definitely not the BQ in the book


      1. I also think Yang Mi’s acting is terribly stiff in ep 30. I don’t expect her to be “lovey dovey” or anything. I expect her to be surprised, confused, scared, muddled because some strange guy just walks up and tells her she’s his fiancee. But I don’t see any of that, what I see is some really awkward acting.


  5. Who is the director? The woman with short, two colored hair? The BTS shots always show an entirely different setting than I imagined – they’re very funny.


  6. I love Yehua. Mark is doing such a good job portraying Yehua, even better than the book. I saw this promotion video where he said even if his looks are not up to part to tune in to watch since Yehua had a lot of heart and I was like noooo you are perfect.
    I like how the drama adds so much to the book. I love this drama so much.


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