[Recap] Three Lives Three Worlds Episode 23-26

Let’s celebrate because Susu finally jumped down Zhu Xian Tai!!!

Three Lives Three Worlds, Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms (Chinese: 三生三世十里桃花) is a 2017 Chinese romantic fantasy television series starring Yang Mi and Mark Chao. It is based on the xianxia novel of the same name by TangQi GongZi. The series started broadcasting on Jiangsu TV and Dragon TV starting January 30, 2017 with a total of 58 episodes. You can watch raw on Youtube and with Eng sub on DramaFever.

Episode 23

Through the cooper plate, SuSu asked Ye Hua if the vow they made when they got married still stand. She also told him about the baby’s moments.

After half a year, Li Jing finally cornered Li Huan by flooding Bei Huan and sacrificing its citizens.

During the battle, Li Huan got angry and started charging toward Li Jing. Yanzhi saw the scene and shielded Li Jing from Li Huan’s sword. The golden beast saw the scene and shielded Yanzhi and died under Li Huan’s sword.

Sujin tricked SuSu to attend some party. When SuSu got their Sujin led her to ZhuXianTai instead. She told her the king had already decided on her and Yehua’s marriage and that once the baby is born, she should just jump down and go back to where she comes from.

When Sujin saw that Ye Hua was there, she pretended to struggle with SuSu and almost fell down ZhuxianTai. Luckily Ye Hua came in time to pull her out. Susu kept repeating that she did not pushed her down, but in front of other people Ye Hua told her he only believe in what he see.

Ye Hua carried Sujin back to her court and told 3rd prince that he knows it was all Sujin’s plan. But to save Susu from being killed, Ye Hua suggested using Susu’s eyes as replacement and 3 years of lightning as punishment. However, Ye Hua asked the king if he can suffer the punishment on Susu’s behalf.

Ye Hua personally came to take Susu’s eyes. He felt bad for not being able to protect her and she kept saying that she did not pushed Sujin down ZhuXiaTai.

After the event, Susu woke up blind and Ye Hua suffered from the lightning punishment. From that moment forward, Ye Hua realized how powerless he is to protect her. He vowed to become the crown prince and married Susu so that no one can harm her again.

In order to cover up the whole thing, the king sent all the servants who saw the scene away from the kingdom, including Nainai.

Feng Jiu found out about Susu’s situation and went to visit her. All of a sudden, Sujin also showed up with her evil smirk and gloated about her new eyes.

Episode 24

Miss evil Sujin came to gloat about her new eyes and reveals to Susu that Ye Hua took her eyes to give her.

To avenge Susu, Feng Jiu bit Sujin on her way out but got flinged away as a resutl. Sujin got angry and wanted to strangle her. Luckily Dong Hua came to claim the red fox as his. Dong Hua got angry at Sujin for hurting his fox. As punishment, Sujin willingly kneel at her spot for 2 hours.

Dong Hua took Feng Jiu back and cared for her would.

Because of Ye Hua’s success in leading the battle at Bei Huan, the king and other immortals thought that it was time for him to accept the title of prince in waiting.

Ye Hua came to tell Susu the news and that once he get the title they can get married without any obstacle. Susu frightenedly shield herself from him and asked him to leave because she’s tired.

Li Jing visited his big brother in prison. He told Li Yuan that he will keep him alive no matter what because if anyone of the sibling died, the Ghost king will gain tremendous power.

Yanzhi came to ask Li Jing for permission to leave the Ghost realm to go to the mortal realm. Li Jing reluctantly let her go.

Ye Hua’s big day. All the immortals, including Li Jing, came to celebrate his promotion as crown prince. In addition to the crown prince seal, Ye Hua must also undergo lightings as the trial to be crown prince.

Nainai came to tell Susu that Ye Hua no only received the crown prince seal but Sujin was also given to him. She will move into the same court as Susu. At that moment, Susu felt her child is reacting and know that she is about to give birth.

At the same moment, Xuan Nu’s child is also reacting and is about give birth. She pressured the doctor to save the child no matter what. Li Jiing rushed back to Ghost realm when he heard the news.

After Ye Hua successful accepted the lightning trial to get the seal of the crown prince, he went to receive the lightning punishment not knowing that Susu is currently giving birth.

Episode 25

While Susu is about to give birth, Ye Hua is still suffering from the lightning punishment. While looking for Ye Hua, Nainai found the 3rd prince and told him about Susu giving birth.

At the same time, Xuan Nu gave birth to a dead baby. She blamed the doctor for not being to save her baby. She vowed to revive her baby at any cost.

While Susu was giving birth, Ghost king stirred. He laughed and said that in order to break his seal either he die or she die.

Ye Hua finally arrived a little before the baby is born. He carried the baby to Susu and asked her to hold him. She didn’t want to and shied away. She told the baby that she will not be at this kingdom much longer.

Susu had no reaction whatsoever when Ye Hua told her that they will be getting married. Instead, she constantly go to ZhuXianTai with Nainai. Susu decided to name her baby Ali which means separation.

Both Zhe Yan detected the Ghost King’s movements and seeked Dong Hua for more information. They talked about Feng Jiu and how she’s a trouble for Dong Hua.

Feng Jiu overheard that and sadly left. Zhi Yue saw her fox form and locked her in the demon pagoda.

As Zhe Yan was leaving, he bumped into Susu and thought she looked a lot like Bai Qian. Ye Hua joined in and told him that her name is Susu and she is just a mortal.

Dong Hua found out about Feng Jiu’s situation and rushed to the demon pagoda to save her. Because his energy is demonic, Feng Jiu’s 9 tails disappeared. When he realized that, he hid his energy and battle the monster with a sword.

Feng Jiu got knocked out during the battle. When she woke up, Dong Hua is all bloodied and injured. Maybe because he realized that he’s feeling something for her therefore asked Ximing to chase her away.

Feng Jiu returned to Qingqiu to find out that Bai Qian is missing. To keep her mind off of Dong Hua, she decided to look for Shao Xin and teach her a lesson. When she saw Shao Xin, Shao Xin personally apologized and returned a fan to Feng Jiu.

Feng Jiu returned to Qingqiu to find her dad angrily come looking for her.

Episode 26

The day is finally here for Susu to jump down ZhuXiantai!!!!! She said goodbye to her child and started walking toward Zhuxiantai to become Bai Qian again!

On the other side, Nainai anxiously carried a crying Ali to Ye Hua and his mother. Ye Hua felt uneasy and went to look for Susu to find that she’s not in her room.

Before she jumped, she used the cooper plate to contact Ye Hua one last time. She told Ye Hua that she’s is at Zhuxiantai. She will be heading back to where she came from and for him to let her go. “From this day forward, we will no longer owe each other anything”

Ye Hua caught up to her as she jumped and wanted to catch her. But he was too late. He fell down too as she did.

Within Zhuxiantai, the seal that the Ghost king put on Bai Qian disappeared.

Zhuxiantai indeed sent Susu back to where she came from, the peach orchard.

Because of Bai Qian, the ghost king stirred again. Luckily Dong Hua was there to seal him off again. But because of the battle at the demon pagoda, Dong Hua is severely injured. He told Ximing that he must quietly “meditate” and asked Ximing to write the his fate for when he go down to the mortal world. Since he can’t experience love as an immortal, he wanted to experience it in the mortal world.

Ye Hua came out of Zhuxiantai all bloodied, injured, and on the verge of dying. The king anxiously wanted to save him even without the necessary herb for it. To prevent both from going crazy, 3rd prince knocked him out.

Zhe Yan, who saw the similarity between Susu and Bai Qian, decided to returned to the heaven kingdom to investigate. Coincidently he got pulled in to help Ye Hua with his injuring.

Zhe Yan used his power to heal Ye Hua. He told Ye Hua that he and Mo Yuan have very similar soul. Whether he is Mo Yuan or not he must have the will to wake up and take responsibility for the world.

Zhe Yan and the king came out of the room and told everyone that Ye Hua is safe now. However, whether he wakes up or not depends on his will.

Zhe Yan came back to find Bai Qian lying in his peach orchard. He used his power to heal her. When she woke up, Zhe Yan asked her what happened. She heartbrokenly replied that she just went through a heaven trial. She asked him for his medicine that allow people to selectively erase a part of their memory. She wanted to forget all the painful memory she had with Ye Hua.

Everyone is regretting their actions toward Susu. The King did not think that Ye Hua love her that much that he would sacrifice his live for her. Dong Hua suggested that a magical item called Jie Bo Deng may help awaken YeHua.

Since item belonged to Sujin’s clan and has long been buried along her mom, she personally went to retrieve it. Using Jie Bo Deng, she asked the king again to grant her her wish of becoming Ye Hua’s wife.

Chexmix: Yay! She finally jumped! =D hahaah though it less anticlimactic because of all the previews and cut scenes. Now my only curiosity is if she will ever remember her life as Susu when she meets Ye Hua again as Bai Qian!



16 thoughts on “[Recap] Three Lives Three Worlds Episode 23-26

  1. Thank you for the recap….everyone seems to want susu to jump on the other hand I just watch FJ and DH part, I hope they have a happy ending ( better ending than the book).Dilraba now becomes My Favorite after ZLY.


    1. No. I think it’s cause FJ is still young and very impulsive. But I also think that he only said she’s trouble in front of zhe yan to pretend that he doesn’t care for her. Hahah


  2. When she jumped I immediately thought to you! Sujin needs to go omg and I think she’ll remember him. I saw a clip and I guess(how do I put this) her body remembers him but her mind doesn’t


    1. Yea she does!!! When I saw her gloating in front of susu about her new eyes I wanted baiqian to come back and blow her away so badly!
      Ooh me too! The part where they almost kiss!!? I’m excited for the next eps now!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. In the last episode, I’m can somewhat sympathize with her though. She loved the person does that not love her back, rather than give up she will try everything regardless of consequences. A different kind of tragedy in her own way.

        That said, the actress that played her is amazing. Especially when she was playing Fengjiu trying to disguise as her character, she is really good at mimicking Dilraba mimicking her. Also she delivers her line very well, way better than Yang Mi did with Baiqian. Her raw footage is actually quiet watchable, if not for the background noise, they could have just used the raw track and forego the dubbing.

        Liked by 1 person

  3. I was skimming the comments on the Croton channel for these episodes and right in the middle of all the Chinese comments was, “You bastard!” in English. Obviously, they hadn’t seen the trailers!


  4. Finally we are done with Susu arc, don’t you think it is a tragic and perhaps realistic take on the Cinderella story? A prince not only put a glass slippers on you, sometimes he’ll take out your eyes.

    So what your opinion on this: When Bai Qian drink the potion that makes her forget everything, does she she knows that She’ll marry Yehua, again? Casue based on that it completely changes how i view Baiqian for me. The book isn’t very clear, and since it happened so early in the book, I read don’t get the full implication of it until later.

    Perhaps Baiqian does not know she’s engaged before she become susu, but it seems that Susu certainly should find out about the news in the heavenly realm. So once Susu becomes Baiqian, she knows that she’ll marry Yehua again anyways and be united with her son, so choose to start on a new page rather than carried the painful memories and burden of revenge.


    Susu does not find out about the enagement either, and Baiqian is still in the dodging 2nd prince mode, simpll wants to turn the page on Yehua and her son and want nothing to do with the heavenly realm again. Knowing that she probably will never see Yehua or her son again.

    In the either case, she isn’t saying I’m a goddess now, it’s time for me to take sweet revenge. Which i respect her for that.

    Now second question, since A-Li is the son of Yehua (a black dragon) and Baiqian (a white fox) as Susu (a mortal human). What’s A-Li’s true form? Dragon, Fox or human?

    On the lighter note, i saw a meme over the weekend which made me laugh. Two picutures. First one is the scene Sujin saying “You only named her Susu because my have has a Su in it.” The second one is a crying Lijing saying “You only named your baby A-Li because my name has a Li in it”


    1. Oooh susu’s arc is definitely a tragic. More like the continuation of snow white to me. The kind Prince rescued her from loneliness only to bring her back To a kingdom of evilness that scheme to get rid of her.
      Man this got me thinking. I would have to say that baiqian did not know about her and YH marriage. She drank the potion thinking that that would end their story. One susu was pretty isolated when she lived in heaven. No one to talk to at all.and all discussions regarding BQ happened only with YH. Two. When she was susu she was already avoiding him and Ali therefore I doubt she would want to start afresh with him as BQ. Her character is not that forgiving.
      Hahaha that second question. Of I have to guess….probably a white dragon! =D
      Hahaha there’s alot of funny memes for 3l3w!

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Mark Chao is acting his socks off as Yehua. Color me deeply impressed. Didn’t think he fit the looks as much as Yang Yang, but his acting completely won me over.

    Yang Mi is blah.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Does anyone know the name of the song that’s playing in ep 26? It’s the one that plays right after SuSu jumps from Zhuxiantai. No actual lyrics, just a female voice humming, sort of.


    1. You just gave me an excuse to rewatch one of my favorite scenes! =D
      I don’t think the humming part is a song but just an extended instrumental of the same theme song sang Liang Liang.


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