[Recap] Three Lives Three Worlds Episode 19-22

Three Lives Three Worlds, Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms (Chinese: 三生三世十里桃花) is a 2017 Chinese romantic fantasy television series starring Yang Mi and Mark Chao. It is based on the xianxia novel of the same name by TangQi GongZi. The series started broadcasting on Jiangsu TV and Dragon TV starting January 30, 2017 with a total of 58 episodes. You can watch raw on Youtube and with Eng sub on DramaFever.

Episode 19

Ye Hua and the head of Jiao clan faced off in battle. As Ye Hua killed the leader but also got wounded, as he planned.

Susu (Just realized that I’ve been spelling her name wrong this whole time!!) got worried back and Junjisan and wanted to talk to him but what she heard through the cooper plate is the 3rd prince yelling for Ye Hua to hang in there. She got even more worried and decided to go look for him.

Someone (my guess in Sujin who found the cooper plate) found Susu and brought her to the heaven kingdom. The king saw her and wanted to lock her up but Ye Hua’s parents spoke on her behalf due to the baby.

Thank to Yehua’s parents, he king only imprisoned Susu in a room instead of killing her.

Ye Hua woke up in Chang Hai. 3rd prince told him that Susu had being discovered by the heaven king. Now the only way to save her is for him to live.

Xuan Nu came to look for Li Jing in the mortal world. She told him that she’s pregnant with his child.

Xi Min told Feng Jiu about YeHua’s other woman from the mortal world. Feng Jiu got mad for Bai Qian and decided to see this mortal person. Unfortunately they only talked through a locked door.

Xuan Nu and Li Jing also arrived at the heaving kingdom for the party. Xuan Nu started feeling sick and the doctor told her that he can no longer feel the baby. She ordered him to save the baby no matter what.

The chamber where Susu got imprisoned all of a sudden caught fire. Li Jing rushed in the save her and carried her back to his room.

Li Jing mistaken Susu for Xi Yin at first until the doctor told him that she is a mortal. Not long after, Ye Hua’s mom came to take Susu away.

Episode 20

The heaven king came to Chang Hai to visit Ye Hua. He told her about Susu and Ye Hua told him that the baby is just a repayment for saving his life. He pretended not to care for the mortal.

When Ye Hua heard that Susu got injured, he immediate went back to the kingdom. However, in front of his mother, Ye Hua cannot show any emotion and Susu must treat him like a prince. (OMG-such a sad scene…T.T)

Ye Hua came to visit Susu in her abandoned court. He told her that to protect her, he must be cold when in front of other. He chased other servants away and gave one named NaiNai to serve her.Because of his duties as a prince, Ye Hua cannot spend a lot of time with Susu . When he did have the time to visit her, he turned himself invisible so that she doesn’t know that he’s there.

Li Jing also came to visit Susu . He wanted to have a doctor check on her but got stopped by Sujing. With nothing to do, Li Jing left. Sujin pretended to be all nice and friendly. She told Susu about her and Ye Hua’s childhood. Then later, she tricked Susu to go to Lin Bao’s party with her.

Episode 21

Su Jin and Susu met Shao Xin and the 2nd prince at the heaven kingdom on the way to Lin Bao’s party. Susu overhead the king talking to Ye Hua regarding his and Bai Qian’s wedding. Back at Susu ‘s court, a maid came to tell NaiNai to bring the fan to the party.

On the other side, Feng Jiu was bugging Ximin to bring her to Lin Bao’s party. Ximin reluctantly agreed.

The 2nd prince begged the king to give Shao Xin a title in front of everyone at the party. The king did not want to cause a scene and asked him to leave.

All of a sudden, NaiNai showed up with the fan. A guy used magic to knock her down and activated the fan. That caused Lin Bao’s phoenix to go crazy and started attacking everyone. Feng Jiu got injured in the process.

XiMin carried Feng Jiu back to Dong Hua’s court. Dong Hua got angry and kicked everyone out of the room and started healing her.

The heaven king is very angry and is blaming Susu for causing this trouble. When Susu said that someone is framing her, Ye Hua told her to shut up. Luckily Lin Bao came to take the blame for the phoenix going crazy. Because of that, the king let Susu off the hook.

Su Jin agreed to help the king get rid of Susu . Her condition this time is marry Ye Hua. The king agree to her demand saying that Ye Hua need a scheming lady like her by his side……

Li Jing got a report that they found Li Yuan somewhere in the west side and is planning a rebellion.

Feng Jiu, in her human form, is all giddy about Dong Hua saving her and embracing her. However, when Dong Hua entered the room, Feng Jiu immediate turned back into her fox form and pretended to be all sickly. He called her over and started petting her.

Episode 22

The heaven king also got news about Li Yuan rebelling and that the golden beast is still alive. He reprimanded Ye Hua for not completing his duty in killing the beast. Ye Hua asked to be given the chance to battle against Li Yuan in Bei Huan. Li Jing and 3rd prince will also come along for the battle.

Nainai convinced SuSu to bring soup to Ye Hua. On her way there, Sujin’s voice all of a sudden came from the cooper plate. Sujin pretended to be talking to Ye Hua and declared that he only married SuSu as revenged for her marrying the king. She said that he must have still loved her because he chose to call SuSu SuSu using the word Su from Sujin’s name.

Ye Hua came a bit too late to ask for the cooper plate back from Sujin. He then visited SuSu and told her that he will be going in battle for half a year. She indifferently told him she will not be sending him off.

Li Jing asked his soldiers to go into battle with him to capture Li Yuan.

After Li Jing left, Xuan Nu told the doctor to do whatever he can to save her baby. Even if it means using some forbidden ways.

Ye Hua began his battle in Bei Huan. Li Jing suggested asking Qingqiu 4th brother for help since he set up his palace there he should know the location well.

Ye Hua visited 4th brother for help and 4th brother agreed because he is Bai Qian’s future husband. After Ye Hua left, Zhe Yan also showed up and told 4th brother that he saw Bai Qian’s love star that showed she had fallen in love.

Back at the kingdom, Dong Hua and the red fox (Feng Jiu) were drinking alcohol together. When she thought that he was drunk/asleep, she kissed him on the nose and shyly ran away. He opened his eyes after she left.

In her fox form, Feng Jiu also visited SuSu often and talked to her. SuSu told her that she still believed that Ye Hua like her even if a little.
Qingqiu 4th brother completed the map of Bei Huan for YeHua. His message to Ye Hua was that if he ever hurt Bai Qian, he wont forgive him.

Chexmix: So does Feng Jiu think that Dong Hua doesn’t know that the red fox is her?  Seems like we’re almost at the end of Susu’s arc. I found a poll on Weibo asking if you can push any character down ZhuXianTai, who would it be? Like a lot of people, I picked SuJin but was truly surprised to see Susu getting so many votes!! hahahah So I’m gonna relay this poll here and see how international fans think.



BTS videos

Lol. Dong Hua used up all his energy to carry Feng Jiu!


22 thoughts on “[Recap] Three Lives Three Worlds Episode 19-22

  1. I heard the Pillow Book was banned in China, I am not sure if it’s true. But honestly I like the Dong Hua and Feng Jiu story in the drama, it is still cute and romantic. They so need a spin off or something even if they can’t be like in the book. Omg guys, I will feel the biggest heartbreak ever when Mo Yuan wakes up. 😦 i wish they can find someone for him when he wakes up and who cares if that is for another book.


    1. Yeah poor Mo Yuan and he was like wait for me before his soul scattered.I sort of prefer Mo Yuan tho that’s controversial with him being her teacher.

      I’m not convinced on Ye Hua…even tho I skimmed the book. I wonder if it made more sense if the author made Mo Yuan as one of Ye Hua’s previous incarnations and Ye Hua being the final incarnation.


  2. I screamed when FJ ‘kissed’ Donghua. Well, I was hoping a french kiss. 🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻

    Thank you for the recaps 🙂


  3. I’ve been skipping the main story a lot because I’ve never liked the Susu/Yehua part of the story. They both come off weak. Just waiting for Bai Qian and their son too. It’s the best part of the story. Surprisingly I’m loving Dong Hua and FengJiu even though it’s nothing like in their book. It’s too bad they get like a minute an episode.

    Dong Hua in the Pillow book was my favorite character but he’s been reduced to an extra when he should be a leading man too. Wonder how fans feel about the big change to his story with him knowing that FJ is his pet fox.


    1. I am watching this drama because of them, so we are on the same boat. Even the demon people got more screen times than them!!!! Justice for Donghua and Fengjiu!

      Liked by 1 person

    2. The rights for Pillow book has been sold to another production team, so they could only make pseudo pillow book plot in the context of ten miles of peach blossom.


  4. This is why Dong Hua should have more scenes lol He’s lazing around too much 😅 and needs to exert more for his dear red fox ~
    I would push Su Jin without hesitation. Girl is too scheming alongside Xuan Nu.
    Thank you for all the recaps so far. I’ve told myself to catch up with everyone else but I’m really behind because of papers being due (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ Winter is hitting me with all the workload. At least I’m caught up on the recap 😁


    1. Lol! He mainly sits in most of the scenes. I think that might be his most strenuous scene yet.
      Don’t let the recaps spoil things for you. Lol. At least u know how to prioritize. I’m failing my ochem class because of this drama.


      1. Oh gosh ochem. I just need to be above the average score is what I told myself for that class. The average is so low for my ochem exams.
        I’m the type who doesn’t mind recaps. It’s helpful when I can’t commit fully to a show and I enjoy reading people’s commentaries 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

  5. Lol i see why Su Su needs to be pushed down so she can be Bai Qian again haha. But same I really want Su Jin, that dumb king, and Xuan Nu to be pushed down. That king doesn’t deserve to be king, Dong Hua should be king again haha.


  6. Sujin A 100%×100% and then XN and the king. I think ppl want to push SuSu because they see her as a weakling and we’re waiting for BQ omg do you think XN will try to steal SuSu’s baby?!!!!!


          1. Right?!! Its not far I wish he’d let her go back but of course thats not how the drama works, which means its the end for SuSu and BQ’s coming back


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