[Recap] Three Lives Three Worlds Episode 15-18


Three Lives Three Worlds, Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms (Chinese: 三生三世十里桃花) is a 2017 Chinese romantic fantasy television series starring Yang Mi and Mark Chao. It is based on the xianxia novel of the same name by TangQi GongZi. The series started broadcasting on Jiangsu TV and Dragon TV starting January 30, 2017 with a total of 58 episodes. You can watch raw on Youtube and with Eng sub on DramaFever.

Episode 15

The heaven king came to visit Sujin. She told him that it might be best for her and Ye Hua to visit other immortal clans to make peace with all the other territorial rulers.

Xuan Nu gave Yanzhi the key to unlock the seal that imprisoned her big other. Yanzhi and the golden beast worked together to free her big brother.

Because of the 3rd prince’s question, Feng Jiu realized that she does like Dong Hua and decided to confess to him. Only to see the Heaven king and Zhiyue princess right behind him. (Awkward…hahah). Dong Hua indifferently shooed her away.

Shushu wanted to cook roasted chicken for Ye Hua but ended up burning the house down. Seeing how sad she is, Ye Hua covered her eyes and used his magic to clear the fire. When she saw that, she asked if he is a demon. If he is that demon golden beast demon that is harming people. He smiled and asked what if he is. She told him no matter what he is, she will never abandon him as long as he doesn’t betray her.

While Ye Hua and Shushu are hunting for food, the Heaven King and Dong Hua decided to visit him. The 3rd prince tried to stop them but was unsuccessful.

Ye Hua all of a sudden disappeared from the forest with Shushu and appeared to welcome the Heaven king and Dong Hua.

Poor Shushu who kept waiting and worried about him.  (So one day in the immortal world is one year in the mortal world)

Ye Hua and Bai Qian’s marriage came up again. Ye Hua said that he is still young and asked the Heaven king to postpone it for 20,000 years so that he have more training time. The Heaven king agreed to his request.

After the king and Dong Hua left, Sujin came to discuss their trip to visit the other immortals. She told Ye hua that they will stay the night there.

Feng Jiu’s position got exposed to the other servants. She went to confront Dong Hua. Dong Hua kept asking her questions regarding Mo Yuan and Xi Yin. On her way out, she bumped into Zi Yue princess and broke the tea cup that Mo Yuan gifted Dong Hua.

Episode 16

The episode started off with Yanzhi rescuing her big brother from prison.

Li Jing woke up and was surprised to see Xuan next to him. One of his underlings reported that the big brother has been taken by Yanzhi.

Ye Hua anxiously await the opportunity to go back to the mortal world and explain to Shushu what happened. He left after he got the signal from the 3rd prince that it was safe. Sujin decided to visit all of a sudden.

Ye Hua returned to the mortal world to find that Shushu had waited for him for half a year!! (only half a day had passed in his realm)

When Ye Hua and Shushu woke up the next day, another half a year had passed in the mortal world. He told Shushu that he must go again. This time for 1-2 years. She asked him not to leave her alone but he had no choice. He disappeared after he asked her to close her eyes.

Ye Hua told the 3rd prince about his plan to fake his death. He wanted to use the battle between Jiao clan (a sub clan of Ghost Tribe) to stage his death. He encouraged the immortal generals to start a battle with Jiao clan.

With the help of the cooper plate that Ye Hua gave her, Shushu was able to communicate with him. She asked him how he feel about children. He happily told her to ask him again when he return.

Back at the heaven kingdom, Ye Hua asked for permission to go to Chang Hai to understand the situation they have there.

The episode ended with a cute scene between Feng Jiu and Dong Hua. Feng Jiu got drunk from the fruit she was eating and straightforwardly told him he like him. And all he said was “I know”

Episode 17

Dong Hua personally carried Feng Jiu back to her bed. When she woke up, he told her to add that debt to the debt of saving her life too.

Ye Hua came back after one year and 9 months. During dinner, he told her that he have to leave again for a longer time this time. She asked him to take her with him. She said she rather be put in danger than to not be with him. He agreed and they set out the next day. He also gave her the fan which she tapped on her nose out of habit.

On the way to Chang Hai, Jian clan people started attacking Ye Hua and Shushu. Luckily, Die Feng, the son of the XiHai ruler and Kunlunxu da shishong, arrived with his army. After knowing that Ye Hua is the prince, he led them to Chang Hai.

Yanzhi and her brother, Li Yuan, hid out in a cave to avoid Li Jing’s detection. Li Yuan plan on heading to Chang Hai and seek  aid from Jiao clan, people on his mother’s side.

Night time, Ye Hua brought Shushu to the peach blossom orchard where Zhe Yan lived. He promised her that he will plant a peach blossom orchard for her.

On the Heaven side, 3rd prince told Dong Hua that the Heaven king already sent a marriage invitation to Qingqiu to plan the wedding ceremony. But since Bai Qian is still missing, Qingqiu decided to postpone the invitation with the excuse that she is still injured.

The princess of Chang Hai saw Ye Hua and fell for him at first sight. She asked Shushu if he is married, she said that he is. She told her that if he want to marry her, he can become immortal but he must abandon his mortal wife.

Ye Hua and Die Feng visited the injured soldiers and promised them that he will do his best to defeat Jiao clan.

After Ye Hua came out, he saw that Shushu is sick and asked a doctor to check on her. The doctor reported that she is pregnant!!

Yanzhi and Li Yuan arrived at Chang Hai and asked the head of Jiao clan for an army. The head of the clan outright rejected him and chased him away.

During the party at Chang Hai, the prince of Jiao clan showed up instead of Head of the clan. To force the king of Chang Hai to fight against Jiao clan, Ye Hua revealed his position to the king and deemed him a lot of crimes. With no other choice, king of Chang Hai kills the prince of Jiao clan and announce war again them.

Ye Hua decided to send Shushu back to Junjisan. He told her that he need to leave again but will be back and be back and not leave again. Before he left, he hid her house behind a forest.

Back in heaven, the heave king allowed Ye Hua to lead an army to battle against Jiao clan. He decided that he will fake his death during this battle. Before he left, he went to visit his mom to say goodbye.

And the big battle at Chang Hai with the Jiao clan began. Sujin decided to tag along even though she has no power to help… (can you tell that I already don’t like her? lol)

Chexmix: So….I made the mistake of watching the preview for ep 22 and 23…now I just want to fast forward everything to watch those episodes!!  (meaning that I’m gonna breeze through ep 19-21 recap hahah).  I have to admit, I’m not a big fan of Shushu. Can’t wait for Bai Qian to come back! Even though Feng Jiu is such an adorable character to watch, too bad her and Dong Hua’s story is at a stagnant right now. I hope they would move things forward because, from what I read, their story sounds super interesting!

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10 thoughts on “[Recap] Three Lives Three Worlds Episode 15-18

  1. I think Yang Mi’s acting is better at portraying Susu than Shi Xin or Bai Qian. I feel she does not have the aura of a strong or prestige character, but does a job at portraying an innocent, confused and kind hearted character.


    1. Hahaha. I thought she was best as Xiyin. She brought out the carefree overconfident character well. She did good portraying Shushu too but Shushu’s character is too weak that it makes me want to inject some power in her so that she can slap the heaven king and Sujin across the face! hahah Yang Mi improved a lot since her days in Palace. =D


  2. I actually like Shushu even tho i want BQ and I guess YH will be doing the cooking from now on😂😂 also LET’S ALL TAKE A MOMENT AND LOOK AT HOW ADORABLE FJ IS KYAAAAA SHE IS SO CUTE😍😍

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Omg i had never felt so conflicted in my life. Usually after an episode is over, I do not bother watching the closing. But today I decided to listen to the closing , and I see that Mo Yuan will finally wake up at the end. Oh my I feel so bad he is such a nice guy and how he met Bai Qian first yet they won’t be together. Aww 😦 he died all this time only to wake up that his twin got the girl. Lol I hope Mo Yuan finds somebody too.


    1. According to the timeline of the book series, Mo Yuan’s three lives are with Shao Wan (少绾). The Author supposedly originally framed the story to make Ye Hua a incarnation of Mo Yuan (thus making a previous live for Ye Hua, but decided against it)


    2. Mo Yuan will get his own love story/novel, it’s in the works! But yes I feel exactly the same, even though his relationship with Si Yin is believed to be platonic, after he wakes up, it is suggested that he in fact, DOES, like her. I like her with Ye Hua too, but like DAMN I was mad shipping her with shifu before then.


  4. I’m just waiting for the birth of Ah Li aka Little Dough. He’s sooo cute!! 🙂 Despite his birth being a such a depressing moment for SS and YH, but we get to have have BQ back and finally move onto the 3rd lifetime.

    Liked by 1 person

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