Entertainment Update: 36th Hong Kong Film Awards, Magazine Shoots, Feng Shao Feng and Guo Bi Ting,

Happy birthday to Ma Ke who turned 27 on the 9th of Feb!

36th Hong Kong Film Awards released their nominations and Soul Mate leads the list with a total of 12 nominations!  Both Zhou Dongyu and Ma Sichun once again got nominated for best actress. The winners will be announce in April. Here’s a complete list of the nominees (link).

Best film

Soul Mate, Trivisa, The Mermaid, Weeds on Fire, Cold War 2

Best director

Trivisa, The Mermaid, Soul Mate, Three, Mad World

Best screenplay

The Mermaid, Mad World, Cold War 2, Trivisa, Soul Mate

Best actor

Tony Leung Ka-fai (Cold War 2), Gordon Lam (Trivisa), Francis Ng (Shed Skin Papa), Richie Jen (Trivisa), Shawn Yue (Mad World)

Best actress

Tang Wei (Book of Love), Zhou Dongyu (Soul Mate), Ma Sichun (Soul Mate), Kara Wai (Happiness), Nina Paw ( Show Me Your Love)

Feng Shao Feng and Guo Bi Ting were suspected of dating when they met up for dinner in Shanghai. Both party denied the rumor saying that they just met up as friends.

Julian Cheung (Chi Lam) and wife celebrate their 16th anniversary of marriage!

Tian Xia Chang An (天下长安) starring Zhang Hanyu, Qin Junjie, Shu Chang and Li Xuejian held their filming ceremony on the 9th. Qin Junjie is going to be in another story about the turbulant time in Tang Dynasty.


There are rumors that Dilraba will be replacing Angelababy in the newest season of Running Brother (a Chinese variety show where people rip off other’s name tag)

Chen Qiao En poses for L’OFFICIEL Magazine.

Tang Yan looking serious for Modern Weekly.

Zhang Tian Ai for Madame Figaro. (She looks so bored in these photos. hahah)

Fang Bing Bing covers Time Magazine Asian’s edition as they report on China’s influence in the global film industry. (This has to be a less gracious picture of her…)

Zhao Liying and director Han Han showed up at the movie theater and watched Duckweed together with fans.

 Zhao Liying finally got herself a black suit to match Eddie Peng! =D (Awhile back Eddie posted on Weibo with his red suit. Liying asked him to get her a black one. He said the only green ones are available).


19 thoughts on “Entertainment Update: 36th Hong Kong Film Awards, Magazine Shoots, Feng Shao Feng and Guo Bi Ting,

  1. ZLY and Eddie Peng seem to have become fast friends after Duckweed. Yay! From his appearances in Happy Camp. Eddie Peng always gives me himbo vibes…

    Is anyone watching that merman show ?


    1. I saw the first episode and it was awful imo
      when you finish Glory of Tang, come watch 3L3W so you can spazz with us. It has been a while since I am this excited about a drama. You have to give it ~3-4 episodes for it to get good.


        1. Hi @chexmix12 @fireflymaoh!! Long time no speak 🙂 Hope you guys had a great Chinese New Year (if you celebrated!)

          think I am still allergic to Yang Mi unfortunately but I did like Mark zhao in detective dee. Will try to start 3L3L but all time taken by Glory of Tang with 2 episodes a day !!


          1. Hi!!! Happy Chinese New year to you too 🙂 I am not a fan of either to be honest and I still like it. I am hoping Glory of Tang will get subbed by Viki, it got a fan channel so that is a good sign.


            1. You like the genre ? Xianxia right?

              Would be great if they sub Glory of Tang – it’s getting pretty miserable and angst now though 🙂


              1. Typical of palace dramas and probably all ancient dramas. Well, I have only liked Journey of the Flower before this one. But I do think I like Xianxia when done well ^^


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