[Recap] Three Lives Three Worlds Episode 11-14

Three Lives Three Worlds, Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms (Chinese: 三生三世十里桃花) is a 2017 Chinese romantic fantasy television series starring Yang Mi and Mark Chao. It is based on the xianxia novel of the same name by TangQi GongZi. The series started broadcasting on Jiangsu TV and Dragon TV starting January 30, 2017 with a total of 58 episodes. You can watch raw on Youtube and with Eng sub on DramaFever.
Episode 11
eng Jiu woke up after 3 days and Dong Hua King found her in Kunlunxu along with the notes on how to seal Dong Huang Zhong. He found out that it was Bai Qian who left it there.
As Feng Jiu and Dong Hua King were leaving Kunlunxu, they bumped into Li Jing. From Dong Hua’s subordinate, Feng Jiu found out about Bai Qian’s marriage situation and decided to go back to Heave kingdom with them.
Feng Jiu caught Shao Xin and 2nd Prince as they leaving the kingdom. Dong Hua King joined the crowd and started asking ShaoXin about Bai Qian and Xi Yin to see what is Bai Qian’s relationship to Kunlunxu. He didn’t get an answer out of her.
Our heroine, Bai Qian (who I will now refer to as Shushu when talking about her mortal self), had settled down in a small cottage in a forest that is the home of a beast of has been causing troubles.
Ye Hua came to kill that beast. During the battle, in order to save a little boy, he turned into a dragon and blasted the beast away. He got injured in the process and reverted back into a black snake form.
Shushu found him in the cave and took him home with her.
 On the other side, the Heave King was getting worried about the alliance with other immortals. Su Jin suggested that he marry her in order to show how the Heave King values his subject.
Shushu took Ye Hua to the market even though it was about to rain. Ye Hua purposely order the immortal to not make rain right now so that she can safely travel.
At the market, a guy saw shushu’s fan and knew that it is valuable. He stole the fan from her and made a scene saying that she stole it from him. Ghost Tribes’ princess, Yan Zhi, happened to be there and witness the whole scene.
Episode 12
Yanzhi helped Shushu out and got the fan back. After they got the fan back, Shushu decided to give it to Yanzhi since she said it belonged to her friend.
Ever since Ye Hua returned to the heaven kingdom, his snake form has been in hibernation. The doctor took care of his injury while him and the 3rd prince talked about heavenly politics and his marriage with Bai Qian.
Ye Hua came back to the snake form and Shushu told him about her new blanket. She tugged him into be and together they fell asleep.  He  then returned to his human form at nightsnip_20170207164803

Back at QingQiu, Feng Jiu decided to leave to repay her debt to Dong Hua king. She gave the scroll that Bai Qian left to Mi Gu to give to Zhe Yan and them.

Mi Gu gave the scroll to Zhe Yan and Zhe Yan deduced that Bai Qian probably went to seal Ghost King before the seal broke. They started to get worried about her disappearance and decided to go looking for her.
The pitiful Feng Jiu waited outside Dong Hua’s court for more than 4 hours without a way in.  Cheng Yu (the 3rd prince’s lover) saw her and decided to help her.

Cheng Yu gave Feng Jiu the idea of becoming a servant so that she can enter Dong Hua’s court freely. And so she did.

However, Feng Jiu did not expect that the Zhi Yue princess would be an obstacle in meeting Dong Hua. Instead of serving Dong Hua, Feng Jiu got assigned to wash clothing.

Episode 13
Shushu (who we technically still don’t know her name yet) left Ye Hua the snake at the cave and told him he can leave now if he want. He snuck into her room and then her bed while she was sleeping saying that they’ve been sleeping together for 3 months now. he if he doesn’t marry her no one will.
The beast and Yan Zhi met up. The beast told her what happened to her what happened back then is that Li Jing locked her big brother up because her big brother killed his mother.
 When Shushu arrived at the market the priest who wanted to stole her fan showed up again. He saw the black snake and immediate framed her of being a demon. Ye Hua transformed into a dragon to defend her. But because of that, he left to go back to the kingdom.
The minute Ye Hua returned to the kingdom, Su Jin clinged to him. He harshly rejected her and left. He told the 3rd prince that he want to be with Shushu and asked how to woe her. The 3rd prince started giving him ideas. Ye Hua settled with the “pitiful-I’m- injured” method.
Ye Hua showed up in front of Shushu’s door all bloody and injured. She took him in a started caring for his injuring. She started crying when she saw his injuring and that made him felt super guilty.
Ye Hua used magic to clean out the injury and said that it was her magical herbs that did the job. But because of “internal injury”, she continued to care for him. He asked her for her name but she said she doesn’t have one. Therefore he named her Shushu for her light outfit.
To care for him, Shushu went into the forest for some herbs. She got lost within the forest. Ye Hua found her but because it was late, they decided to stay the night in the forest.
Episode 14
Yan Zhi confronted Li Jing about her big brother. But Li Jing doesn’t want to talk much about him. To change the topic, Yan Zhi told Li Jing that she found Xi Yin’s fan in the mortal world.
Li Jing frantically started searching for Xi Yin whereabout.  He encountered Ye Hua in the forest nearby. Ye Hua saw the fan and demanded it back saying that it belongs to the heaven clan.
At night time, Ye Hua carried Shushu to the bed again after she had fallen asleep on the table. When she questioned why she was in bed with him, he said that she unconsciously climbed into bed and he was too injured to stop her (LOL. the excuse..)
Back to our cute little Feng Jiu. Thank to Xi Ming’s plan (the star god), Feng Jiu finally got to meet Dong Hua. However he just outright ignored her and left.
Shushu told Ye Hua that she doesn’t have the resources to care for him anymore and asked when is he leaving. Ye Hua said that he still have to repay her for saving him. She told him that he really want to repay her then they should get married. He happily agreed.
On the other side, Su Jin had also gotten married to the Heaven king.
Finally the big wedding between Shushu and Ye Hua. During the ceremony the vowed never to leave each other. Shushu told him that if he ever break the vow then she will leave him and never see him again.
Chexmix: I’m gonna spazz a little about our little red fox here! hahaha Dilraba is the cutest thing ever! She definitely gave off that cute innocent puppy aura especially when she wags her tail like that! =D =D  YeHua and Shushu’s story is cute so far but I’m more excited for when she finds out that he’s the prince and loses her eye sight!  I feel bad for Li Jing. He always look so sad now…Oh and did the Ghost king also sealed off Bai Qian’s appearance? Is that why Yanzhi couldn’t recognize her?

16 thoughts on “[Recap] Three Lives Three Worlds Episode 11-14

  1. The ghost king did seal her appearance, which is why people think she’s sAhi Yin at first glance, but give up that idea after looking at her more carefully. The production did change the way they did Yang Mi’s makeup, but it didn’t change enough to make a difference.

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  2. no, besides turning her into a human, he didn’t seal off her appearance. i think that it was Yanzhi always thought AYin (i think) was a male from the beginning and not only was this person who look like him was a girl, she was also a mortal, so i think she thought it was just a case of a look alike

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  3. When Yanzhi asked what Shushu wanted in return for the fan, I blurted out, “Brains!!! Someone please give these dumb female foxes some brains!”


    1. Hahaha! Such a strong reaction. Are u talking about shushu and fengjiu? I just figured she should have asked for something more useful than a blanket….


  4. Whatever the Demon King did to seal off Susu’s soul, I think it also affected her mind as well. Although, should I wake up someplace strange, without knowledge of my name or job or family, I think I’d probably burn more than the rice!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahahah! Yea she seems too calm for someone who woke up with no idea who she is. Her personality did she to change a bit. She went from this overconfident person to a normal timid lady.


  5. This will sound silly, but I live in Wisconsin, U.S., and love these kinds of movies. But I can’t imagine how to find them! Any suggestions? Thank you for the fun recaps!


    1. hahaha I know right? thou it gets confusing at time but the drama moves along at such a great pace that just make you want to keep watching the next episode! =D


      1. So I read the book, now everything makes sense. I think the first episodes weren’t that clear and it created a lot of confusion. Yep, each episode goes by super fast.


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