[Recap] Three Worlds Three Lives Episode 7-10

Three Lives Three Worlds, Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms (Chinese: 三生三世十里桃花) is a 2017 Chinese romantic fantasy television series starring Yang Mi and Mark Chao. It is based on the xianxia novel of the same name by TangQi GongZi. The series started broadcasting on Jiangsu TV and Dragon TV starting January 30, 2017 with a total of 58 episodes. You can watch raw on Youtube and with Eng sub on DramaFever.

Episode 7

Xi Yin woke up and asked Zhe Yan to save Mo Yuan. 4th brother told her that Mo Yuan’s soul has been destroyed. There’s nothing they can do. Seeing Xi Yin so sad, 4th brother consoled her saying that maybe Mo Yuan might come back since he told her to wait for him before he died.

Xi Yin watched over Mo Yuan’s body while the golden lotus watch over her. She all of a sudden stabbed her chest and used her blood to keep Mo Yuan’s body from degrading.

The two princes of Ghost Tribes started fighting for the throne. With the Heaven Clan’s arrangement, Li Jing gained the supports needed to ascend the throne. He locked up his brother.

On the Heaven’s side, a little girl showed up as the last remainder of her clan (who all died after the battle). The Heaven King named her Su Jin and gave her the title of princess.

The prince of Heaven Clan visited Kunlunxu and warned Xi Yin not to avenge Mo Yuan now that Ghost Tribes surrendered. Xi Yin angrily refused and left.

Xi Yin went to visit Mo Yuan’s body. The golden lotus is already there. He told her that he must return to the lotus. Once he became human, he will no longer remember her.

Kunlunxu’s disciple reported that the golden lotus is dying. However, one the prince’s wife touched it, it revived again. They deduced that she’s the owner of the golden lotus.

Da shishong told Xi Yin about Yu Hwang, a magical tool that can keep a body from degrading. Xi Yin went to Ghost Tribes to borrow the magical tool from Li Jing. Unfortunately, Yu Hwang is missing.

On her way out, Xi Yin met Xuan Nu. She told Xi Yin that  Li Jing gave it the YuHwang to her. Xi Yin got angry and pushed her down. Thought that Li Jing lied to her, Xi Yin was angry and left.

Back at Kunlunxu, all the disciples gathered to mourn for the death of Mo Yuan and Jiu shishong. After every got drunk, Xi Yin decided to steal Mo Yuan’s body and returned to Qinqiu. She continued to use her blood to keep his body from degrading.

Episode 8

The  prince’s wife of the Heaven Clan gave birth to a son with good omen. The King named him Ye Hua!

As Xi Yin was leaving Kunlunxu, she met a girl that was been beaten. She gave her an alcohol bottle and told her to go look for her 4th brother. 4th brother sent her to his parents and they took her in.

Da shishong reported to Zhe Yan and 4th brother that Xi Yin and Mo Yuan’s body are missing. Zhen Yan, 4th brother and Xi Yin’s parents found her and Mo Yuan’s body in a cave. To keep his body from degrading, Xi Yin is near death. In order to save her, someone must give her half of their energy.

Up in Kunlunxu, Li Jing came seeking Xi Yin. Da Shishong told him that Xi Yin left already. Da Shishong decided to disperse the disciples of Kunlunxu and go look for Xi Yin and Mo Yuan’s body.

The Fox King finally came back with the herbal to save Xi Yin. With that, Ye Zhan and Fox Queen were able to safely save Xi Yin. Once Xi Yin woke up, 4th brother brought Feng Qiu to visit her.

Because Xi Yin’s mother transferred half of her power to Xi Yin, she was able to maintain Mo Yuan’s body. Just like that 70,000 years passed and soon the Ghost King will be freed from the seal.

Mi Gu told Bai Qian (will now call her Bai Qian instead of Xi Yin) that the 2nd prince of the Heaven clan has been waiting for her for 1 month. The two were arranged to get married by their father. However, Bai Qian doesn’t want to marry the prince and the person that the prince want to marry is Xiao Xin.

The 2nd prince returned to Heaven kingdom and met Ye Hua on his way and Ye Hua noticed that he brought back Xiao Xin in the form of a snake? Ye Hua immediately told the 3rd prince in hope to prevent further troubles.

Episode 9 

The 3rd prince came to stop the 2nd prince from taking in Xiao Xin for the alliance between two clans. The 2nd prince begged the heaven king to cancel the marriage arrangement between him and Bai Qian and allow him to marry Xiao Xin. The King rejected and lock Xiao Xin up.

Ye Hua dreamt about the time when he was little and wanted to see his mom. But the King would not allow him until he’s powerful enough “level” up. At the age of 20,000 he overcame the lighting and leveled up.

On QingQiu’s side, Zhe Yan convinced the Fox king to cancel the marriage between Bai Qian and the 2nd prince while Bai Qian leisurely rest.

The red fox Bai Feng Jiu finally showed up. She was on her way back to QingQiu when she got attacked. Dong Hua appeared and saved her.

Feng Jiu followed  Dong Hua to where the Ghost King is sealed. Inside the seal, we see that the Ghost King is slowly awakening.

Back to the Heaven kingdom, the 3rd Prince asked Ye Hua to help the 2nd Prince by marrying Bai Qian. Ye Hua accepted the proposal saying that he would marry whoever the heaven king want him to marry.

Episode 10

Zhe Yan and the Fox King arrived at the Heaven kingdom to cancel the marriage. But the Heaven King doesn’t want to. At that moment Ye Hua joined them.

During the party, the 2nd Prince brought Xiao Xin and begged the Heaven King for acceptance. 2nd Prince rather die than marry Bai Qian therefore 3rd Prince suggested to switch the person of interest to Ye Hua instead. Ye Hua accepted the marriage proposal.

After hearing the news, Su Jin cried and questioned why Ye Hua accepted the proposal. He cold heartedly rejected her love.

Back to Feng Jiu. She lied to the old immortal guarding Dong Huang Zhong that sealed the Ghost King saying that Dong Hua King wanted to use the flute instead of the bells as a signal to call him. This way she came in possess of the bells.

As for Xuan Nu, she has gotten even more evil and possessive of Li Jing.

Feng Jiu rushed back to celebrate Bai Qian’s birthday. As a joke, Bai Qian turned Feng Jiu into a fox and snuck back to Kunlunxu late at night. Feng Jiu followed her.

Bai Qian knocked Feng Jiu out to seal off with Ghost King since he is about to wake up again.  Before she sealed him again, Ghost King woke up and put a seal on Bai Qian and sent her to the mortal world.

The seal sealed off Bai Qian’s memories and power and when she woke up in the mortal world, she has no recollection at all who she is.

Chexmix: Just when I thought I got the whole story figured out more questions popped up. For those who have read the novel, maybe you can clarify this for me, is Bai Qian the queen of her tribe? If not why is her position so prestigious in her clan? and I know Ye Hua is not the reincarnation of Mo Yuan but how are they connected? Anyway, I’m liking this drama so far. Both the cherry blossoms hideout and the heaven kingdom are super pretty!


lol at how the film the magical beasts.


14 thoughts on “[Recap] Three Worlds Three Lives Episode 7-10

  1. Thanks for the recap. I am officially addicted. I also have some of the same questions. I think they just assume everyone read the novels, sometimes they move too fast.


  2. Thank you!!! Dong Hua and Feng Jiu are the reasons I keep watching this drama. Both of them are so compatible hahaha. And darn, somehow the chemistry works on them 🙂


  3. Just finished reading the novel! Mo Yuan and Ye Hua are twins. Their mother couldn’t give birth to YH because due some kind of catastrophe at time (something about the world collapsing and she had to use her energy to uphold, since their parents are the 1st immortals). So their father sealed YH soul into a golden egg hoping he would regain human form eventually. — so I guess, despite being born later, immortals don’t reincarnate according to the novel, he’s actually older than Bai Qian in spirit –. YH helps collects MY fragmented soul after the war but called to be born when the 1st prince’s wife consumes the egg.

    BQ is the only daughter of the Fox King. It seems like they lack females in their royalty bloodline, thus is placed a the next predecessor. Feng Jiu is the next in line for the throne. I also read some of side stories that were translated. 🙂

    – Hope this helps! 😀 If you want to read it, you can probably still find it through google 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Melody! and thank you everyone for all the info!! hahah it helps alot when you know the background info to the main characters. Makes the drama more enjoyable. =D


  4. Ye Hua and Mo Yuan are twins (Mo Yuan is the only one who know this). Due to some health prob during the pregnancy, only Mo Yuan was born while Ye Hua’s soul is sealed in the golden lotus. When Mo Yuan’s soul has been destroyed, the golden lotus started dying. Their souls somehow are link together. However, when one of the prince’s wife touched (in the novel, consume) the lotus, Ye Hua’s soul is revived and he is born as Ye Hua.

    Liked by 3 people

      1. hahaha. I’m totally addicted too! Been chasing this drama nonstop. =D
        Nope Mo Yuan is not dead yet. Just in a coma. If you watch the closing music, u’ll see that he’ll wake up later! hehehe


        1. Ohh, okay. Now I feel better. Yeah, just started watching this past week and now I am hooked. I was not even looking forward to this drama, but it is really good. The episodes go by so fast, which means they are really good. I am now hunting bts and stuff.


  5. In the original novel, Ye Hua is not the reincarnation of Mo Yuan but he is connected to him in a very unique way! I always thought Bai Qin was important because she was the only princess in her Fox tribe.

    Liked by 2 people

  6. Her is not the Empress of Qingqu, but she is a a queen if one of the sub-kingdoms of Qingqiu. However, what more important is that since she is the only daughter of Qingqiu Emperor, and as Heaven-Qinghua alliance is seal by by a royal marriage. Since she is supposed to marry the next monarch of heaven, thus guaranteed to be the next empress of heaven in addition to her title at Qingqiu. (This also mean, the 2nd prince by not married Bai Qin effectively gives his claim to the throne)

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