[Recap] Three Lives Three Worlds Episode 4-6

Three Lives Three Worlds, Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms (Chinese: 三生三世十里桃花) is a 2017 Chinese romantic fantasy television series starring Yang Mi and Mark Chao. It is based on the xianxia novel of the same name by TangQi GongZi. The series started broadcasting on Jiangsu TV and Dragon TV starting January 30, 2017 with a total of 58 episodes.

Episode 4

Xi Yin rejected Li Jing’s love and told him that they can’t be together because they are from opposite clan. The oldest disciple saw Li Jing and knew that he’s the prince of Ghost Tribe. The two started fighting. Xi Yin and Lin Yu defend him and helped him escaped.

Li Jing  escaped into a cave where a phoenix resided. Hearing that he is in danger, Xi Yin rushed to help him. Xi Yin ended up injuring the phoenix. Before she killed the phoenix, an immortal came to stop her. He gave her another fan in exchange of not injuring the phoenix.

Back at Kunlunxu, Xuan Nu’s mom came to force her to leave Kunlunxu and marry someone she doesn’t like. Xi Yin pretended to pair Da Shishong and Xuan Nu up so that the mom can leave at ease.

Night came, Xuan Nu had a flash back of the time when her and Bai Qian (Xi Yin) were together. She told Bai Qian how she is jealous of her face. Bai Qian showed her a way to change her appearance for a short while. She used that power to change her face into Bai Qian’s face. ( creepy! I can feel the evilness from her!!)

Li Jing kept sending Xi Yin love letters. He pretended to suicide to lure Xi Yin. She rushed to see that he only tricked her. The two got closer during the time that Li Jing was hiding in the cave.

Xuan Nu’s jealousy elated. She came looking for Xi Yin pretending to be all pitiful. Xi Yin felt bad so she brought Xuan Nu with her to see Li Jing. Li Jing was surprised by how similar she looks to Xi Yin. Hearing the cry of the beast, Xi Yin thought it was Mo Yuan therefore rushed back to Kunlunxu.

Li Jing sadly returned to the cave. Xuan Nu dressed up as Xi Yin and entered the cave. Li Jing thought it was Xi Yin but realized he has mistaken. Half way through the conversation, she changed her face into Xi Yin to seduce Li Jing. Later, we see her returning to Kunlunxu happily.

Thinking that Xi Yin doesn’t care for him, Li Jing accepted Xuan Nu’s company. But in actuality, Xi Yin do have good feelings for him. After hearing from Da shishong that Li Jing are Xuan Nu are together, Xi Yin rushed to the cave to catch the two of them making out.

Episode 5

After being caught by Xi Yin, Li Jing excuse was that they can’t be together because they are from different clan (this somehow reminds me of Xiaofan’s lame excuse for Biyao….). The sadden and angry Xi Yin felt that she got betrayed her and left.

Li Jing and Xuan Nu decided to leave Kunlunxu and return to the Ghost Tribes.

After Xi Yin left the cave, she cried and got drunk. Mo Yuan came out from his “rest” and comforted her. All of a sudden she asked about Ghost King’s weapon (Dong Huang Zhong). Mo Yuan explained that the weapon belonged to Kunlunxu but was given to Ghost King after the war as a settlement. The weapon is powerful enough to destroy everything and only 4 people (Heaven King, Fox King, Zhe Yan, and Mo Yuan) have the power to seal it.

Once Li Jing and Xuan Nu came back to Ghost Tribes, they got captured and brought to Ghost King. Ghost King wanted to kill Li Jing but Xuan Nu stopped him and told him that she can help him with the war against the Heaven clan in exchange of agreeing to her and Li Jing’s marriage.

On the day of Li Jing and Xuan Nu’s marriage, Li Jing still cannot forget Xi Yin. Just as he was leaving the room, he got captured by his brother. The Ghost King also captured and tortured Xuan Nu. In front of his people, he announced war against the Heaven Clan. He also decided to send the injured Xuan Nu back to Kunlunxu as a spy.

In order to cheer Xi Yin up, Mo Yuan brought her out. However, his injury has not recovered. At the same time, the golden lotus are growing and we can start seeing the outline of this golden lotus.

After Xi Yin and Mo Yuan came back to Kunlunxu, it was announced that Xuan Nu is injured outside the gate. The other disciples took her in and care for her. She also told them that Ghost King is planning to attack.

Xuan Nu came looking for Xi Yin to beg for forgiveness. Xi Yin did not forgave her so easily and left her kneeling in her room. Out side Xi Yin’s room, Jiu shishong told her to prepare for battle. She will be going into battle with him and Mo Yuan.

Xuan Nu is determined to steal Kunlunxu’s battle plan for Ghost Tribes.

Episode 6

The battle between the Heaven and Ghost tribes is starting! Yao Guan, Mo Yuan, Xi Yin, Lin Yu and the 3 princes from the Heave clan are all preparing for the big battle. That same night, Mo Yuan decided to transfer Xi Yin the power to seal Dong Huang Zhong (Ghost King’s weapon).

The next day, the battle began. During the chaos, Lin Yu and Ghost Tribes oldest prince faced off. Lin Yu go pierced and injured. Xi Yin rushed to save him and Li Jing rushed to save her. In the end, Xi Yin’s 4th brother came to save them.

However, it was too late for Lin Yu. He died after they came back to camp. Now they know the Xuan Nu had betrayed them stole their battle plans. In order to win, they must sacrifice 10,000 soldiers as lures. Yao Guan volunteered to lead those soldiers.

With Mo Yuan’s strategies, they managed to corner Ghost King. But instead of surrendering, he activated Dong Huang Zhong so kill off everyone.

Mo Yuan wanted to seal Dong Huang Zhong and the Ghost King tried to stop him. The both fought and Mo Yuan kicked to Ghost King into the weapon. Before Mo Yuan flew into the weapon to seal it, he looked at Xi Yin and said “wait for me.”

Mo Yuan successfully sealed away Dong Huang Zhong along with Ghost King but in exchange for his life. When Xi Yin saw that Mo Yuan had died, she got crazy and wanted to kill all the Ghost Tribes’ people, even though they have surrendered. News spread that Mo Yuan died and the Ghost King was sealed therefore the Heaven person send someone immediately to Ghost Tribes to help Li Jing ascend the throne.

Chexmix: From the comments, it seems like they deviated from the novel a bit but because I haven’t read the novel, I don’t really have a strong opinion about the changes. hahah So far I’m still not sure what to think about this drama yet.  The pacing of the relationship seems fast between Xi Yin and Li Jing but slow for Xi Yin and Mo Yuan. I mean from when her and Li Jing developed feelings to when he betrayed her and married Xuan Nu, this all happened within one episode! The battle seems a little rushed too but I guess since Shushu and Yehua’s is the main story line? they want to have more developments there? (At least that’s what I hope would happen) hahaha.


17 thoughts on “[Recap] Three Lives Three Worlds Episode 4-6

  1. So I wasn’t expecting to like this drama but I was pleasantly surprised. I just wish it didn’t have the typical everyone is in love with the same girl for no reason. There is a lack of relationship built up. The drama just asks us to believe that certain people care deeply for one another without really showing us why. But I like the story so far.
    What I don’t get is, who is the guy from the lotus flower? And why does he like her?


    1. Yes, Ye Hua was the lotus flower which shi yin took care of for 20k years. Though in the book, he was a an egg instead. Personally, i think lotus flower is a better prop than an egg.


        1. Yay! I’m glad you’re onboard with the 3l3s story. The story gets more and more exciting in the later episodes.
          Do you mean Yehua and MoYuan? Quoting Melody “Mo Yuan and Ye Hua are twins. Their mother couldn’t give birth to YH because due some kind of catastrophe at time (something about the world collapsing and she had to use her energy to uphold, since their parents are the 1st immortals). So their father sealed YH soul into a golden egg hoping he would regain human form eventually”

          Liked by 1 person

          1. Yes, I am really liking it. I just read that on the ep. 7-10 recap. I was really confused about that. Now I am just sad that Mo Yuan is gone. I thought YeHua was his reincarnation or something.


  2. The show’s plot is fleshing out some smaller points into larger plot points in order to make the drama long enough, I think. The whole romance between Xi Yin And Li Jing, for example, is really only referred to in discussion until she meets him again as a fully God-like adult. Basically, he’s there to break her heart so she closes it off in the future.


    1. You use the term “fleshing out” while I’ve been using “dragging out”. A brief mention of Bai Qiǎn’s first arranged marriage in the novel became 2-3 eps in the drama 🙄

      Due to the plagiarism controversy, I read about 7 chapters of 3L3W. This novel is not long, definitely more concise, and both the tone and structured are more interesting than the drama. However, watching the first few eps makes the novel easy to follow. There are similarities between this novel and the one that it supposedly plagiarized from. So far they are not as clear-cut as many claimed. I’m conflicted whether I should keep investigating.


      1. Wow. Didn’t know this novel was in a conflict of plagiarism too. This seems to be a more common theme in dramaland than I thought.
        I guess you can call some parts “fleshing out” and some part “dragging out” hahah but I agree that they can cut the 1st marriage a bit shorter….


        1. Personally, I think the plagiarism case for 3L3W is somewhat forgivable. Xianxia as a genre is quite new since it’s revival in the internet era, so there is quite bit of borrowing of idea as a way to create troupes and do commonality in building. Nearly all of them are based on Legend of Mountain and Sea anyway, which is why there is almost always a fox tribe ruling the lands of Qing Qiu.

          However, the problem with 3L3W is the author lifted many lines, scenes and names from a BL novel called Debt of Romance. Which fundamentally is a very different story compared to 3L3W and its writing is a very different tone as well. There was threats of lawsuits around 2011, but none came to pass. There was rumors the two settled out of court, given the book was allowed to made into drama probably means there was some sort of settlement.

          hamster428, who originally translated the book has made a list of offenses comparing the two books, you can read it and see how you feel about it.


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  3. Thank you for the recap. To be honest, I watch this drama for Dong Hua and Feng Jiu, since I enjoyed their books more than the main couple 😉


  4. Agree, I guess it is because these episodes are supposed to be flashback? In which case, it makes sense if it is super short. Still, I am getting lost in all these important moments that does not look that important :”D
    Thank you for this recap <3<3

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ooh could be!
      hahaha if I wasn’t recapping I think I would have breezed through all the important but wan’t at the moment kind of scenes too. (i.e the golden lotus hahha didn’t know who he was for the longest time!)

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Actually Bai Qianqian and Yehua, the third live time is the main storyline… Should according to outline hinted by the station will start….around episode 28… So yeah, 28 episode of setup plots for the main story.


    1. oooh!! So the pairing is Xi Yin-Mo Yuan, Shushu-Yea Hua, and then Baiqian-Yehua? hahah I think i’m starting to entangle this confusions. Thanks!!! Can’t wait for ep 28 then. =D


      1. I think it was meant to be yehua golden lotus and xi yin as a paring not mo Yuan as mo Yuan is the twin and not yehua himself?


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