Entertainment Update: Michelle Ye Broke up, Zhao Liying’s Monkey King 3, China Box Office

Happy Birthday to Victoria Song who turned 30 on Feb 2nd!!

TVB actress, Michelle Ye and her boyfriend, Mr. Xiao Mo, broke up after about 1 and a half year since they publicly reveal their relationship. She deleted all their pictures together from social media Weibo.

Behind the scene of Zhao Liying filming for her new role as Queen of Woman Kingdom in Monkey King 3.

Unsurprisingly, Journey to the West: Demon Chapter top the box office in China out of all the movies released on Chinese New Year. Below are the ranking of box office gross after 6 days of their premier.


  1. Journey to the West: Demon Chapter:  $167 million dollars.
  2. Kung Fu Yoga: $126 million dollars.
  3. Buddies in India: $83 million dollars.
  4. Duckweed: $60 million dollars
  5. Bonnie Bears: Entangled Worlds: $43 million dollars
  6. The Game Changer: $2 million dollars (Release 2/10/2017)
  7. The Village of No Return: $2 million dollars

Out of all those movies, Duckweed currently rank the highest (6.9) and Buddies in India rank the lowest (3.9)on Douban therefore even though Buddies in India gross higher than Duckweed, Duckweed is more well received and is gaining more audiences.

Duckweed will premier on Feb 10th in US and Canada for all the Americans and Canadians out there who want to watch!

Duckweed’s filming making and interviews.

Not sure if anyone still remember Duke of Mount Deer 1998 version (my favorite version =D)! 4 out of 7 wives of Wei Xiao Bao reunited for Chu Mimi’s concert.

Yang Yang’s hands made the limelight recently! The directly complimented Yang Yang for being a professionally good actor even when facing injuries. Yang Yang’s hands got injured from filming all the fighting scenes in Martial Universe but he still smiled and accepted the injuries.

There’s not much to update in the c-ent world lately so gonna end this post on a happier image: Zhao Liying the rooster celebrating the year of the rooster! =D =D


7 thoughts on “Entertainment Update: Michelle Ye Broke up, Zhao Liying’s Monkey King 3, China Box Office

    1. hahaha! I’m glad I’m not the only one who think that that was a weird outfit. Doesn’t really look like something a queen would wear….
      I heard lots of great reviews for Duckweed so I have a super duper high expectation for it now. hahah


      1. Yeah, it doesn’t look like a Queen at all. I was expecting something beautiful and royal. It looks more like a jester’s outfit, maybe just the weird headpiece.
        Me too, I really want to see it.


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