[Recap] Three Lives Three Worlds Episodes 1- 3

Three Lives Three Worlds, Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms (Chinese: 三生三世十里桃花) is a 2017 Chinese romantic fantasy television series starring Yang Mi and Mark Chao. It is based on the xianxia novel of the same name by TangQi GongZi. The series started broadcasting on Jiangsu TV and Dragon TV starting January 30, 2017 with a total of 58 episodes.

The drama started off with a very pretty background and a bunch of disciples chasing after a flying fan up in the mountain where KunLunXu is based.

Our female lead showed up with another guy, known as Zhe Yan immortal,  who changed her appearance into a male. He told her that Kunlunxu do not take female disciple therefore she must disguise herself as a male and will be called Xi Yin.

At the entrance of Kunlunxu, the flying fan came to a stop in front of Xi Yin and acknowledged her as the master. All the disciples were surprised. Because of the fan, MoYuan, the teacher he decided to accept her into the clan. Just like that, Xi  Yin and Moxue Zilan (another guy) became the disciples of Moxuan of Kunlunxu. Mo Yuan also gave her Molun Kunlunxan (aka the fan) as a gift for accepting the younger position in the clan (#17 disciple).

A little background to our female lead. The imomortals are split into three remainders: Dragon, Wind, and Fox. Our female lead, real name Bai Qian, is the daughter of the Qing Qiu Fox king but because she often causes trouble, Zhe Yan was asked to send her to Kunlunxu for discipline. Just like that she stayed as a Kunlunxu’s disciple for 20,000 years.

After, Xi Yin and Zilan came back from the mortal world, the lady in white, who they met in the mortal world, captured Xi Yin. She is known as Yao Guan immortal, someone who is in love with MoYuan.

Yao Guan wanted Xi Yin to leave Mo Yuan but she rejected. Yao Guan locked her up in a water chamber. After Kulunxu’s disciples found that Xi Yin was missing, they notified Mo Yuan. Mo Yuan barged into Yao Guan’s territory and rescued Xi Yin.

After Xi Yin woke up, she was told that a female guest is here to see her. The guest, Xuan Nu, is a relative from her clan.  She brought a letter from Xi yin’s 4th brother. In the letter, Xi Yin’s brother told her that Xuan Nu ran away from an arranged marriage and thought that it was best if Xi Yin can take her in and take care of her. Mo Yuan agreed to let Xuan Nu stayed but she will be in Xiyin’s room.

Episode 2

The episode started with a flash back of Mo Yuan’s dad asking him to care for a golden lotus until it becomes human. Back to reality, Mo Yuan told his disciple to watch over Xi Yin while he “meditate” for a long period of time.

Xi Yin can’t sit still so she convinced Lin Yu, her shixong to visit Qinqiu’s party where the Fox king and Zhe Yan will be there. On the way there, they got attacked by a group of masked people and bumped into the king of  Ghost tribe.

The two got captured and led back to Ghost Tribe’s headquarter. The Ghost’s tribe princess hinted that she is interested in Xi Yin. Because the Ghost king knew that they are MoYuan’s disciples, he still wanted to adopt Ling Yu into his clan to instigate war between the Ghost tribe and the Heaven clan.

Yang Zi helped Xi Yin escape but accidently led her to Li Jing, Ghost Tribe’s second prince, instead. During the struggle, they both fell into a lake. Afterward, Li Jing decided to help her escape.

On Qing Qiu tribe’s side, the wife of the second prince of the Fox clan gave birth to a daughter. Because of the birthmark on her forehead, she was name Feng Qiu.

Episode 3


Xi Yin woke up after 10 days of being in a drunk coma. While her and Li Jing were discussing Lin Yu’s state and plans to escape Li Jing’s older brother barged in. Li Jing guessed that Xi Yin is a girl and Xi Yin admitted it.

Next day, drunk Li Jing barged into Xi Yin’s room and told her that he likes her.

On the heaven’s side,  the Ghost King had sent out invitations to everyone regarding the adoption ceremony of Lin Yu. Mo Yuan found out and decided to personally meet this Ghost King and save his disciples.

Mo Yuan barged into Ghost Tribe’s territory and rescued his two disciples. He faced off with the Ghost King on his way out. Toward the end of the fight, the Ghost King charged toward Xi Yin and Li Jing defended her.


At the same time, Xi Yin’s “heaven trial” came. Mo Yuan took his two disciples and returned to Kunlunxu. He seals Xi Yin’s in a cave and accepted the lightning from heaven. After the trial, Xi Yin fainted. When she woke up, Mo Yuan had already locked himself up to heal. Mo Yuan smiled slightly hearing how Xi Yin want to make soup for him.

Because Li Jing defend Xi Yin, Ghost King got angry and locked him up. His sister, Yan Zhi, helped him escaped. Once freed, he decided that he will head to Kunlunxu.

The heaven people gathered together to discussed the war between the Ghost Tribes. The Heaven King thought that it will be best to help Li Jing ascend the throne to control the Ghost Tribes better.

While Li Jing arrived at the base of Kunlunxu. He fought to get in and suceeded when a Kunlunxu’s disciple helped him. He met with Xi Yin and told her that he likes her and want to be with her.

Chemix: Not bad so far. Nothing exceptional yet that would keep me wanting more but nothing bad yet that makes me want to stop either. hahaha so I guess I’ll be continuing this drama. Pros: I do like the subtle humors that they have in this drama and the backdrops are gorgeous! Con: too many characters/names/tribes to keep track of. They’ve pretty much introduced everyone within 2 episodes and somehow their name all sounds so familiar!


27 thoughts on “[Recap] Three Lives Three Worlds Episodes 1- 3

  1. Watched up to episode 5 now and I have to stop watching. The story is just way too confusing and there are so many plot holes around that it is hard to understand how feelings are developed and destroyed so quickly. The master/disciple love is also badly presented (how dare she act that way to her master, even if no romantic feelings are supposed to be involved, she is just soo dependent on him). I wonder if the original novel makes more sense than the drama. I know they have 3 lives of stories to tell, but it is just moving too quickly…


    1. What is seen in the beginning of the drama is flashbacks in the novel. I am guessing that the drama is keeping the main points of the novel but is making small changes to the script in order to better flow and pass their drama bans.

      i.e. In the drama the demon king wanted to adopt Ling Yu. But in the novel the demon king was a homosexual and wanted to make Long Yu his concubine.

      Beside the majority of the novel consist of many flashbacks of pass events. So I am guessing if they follow the exact flow of the novel it will confuse the viewers even more. But hey this is just my opinion here so please don’t take it to heart.

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      1. I do love the flow of the novels, since in the beginning Shushu seems to be ordinary human romantically involved with a injured god, then sudden you find out about Shushu’s actual identity as a god called Bai Qian, but are confused about what identity actually meant. It’s only in the next chapters you’ll slowly find out about her background and how their fate was intertwined and that fate will move them forward.

        It makes a real page turner, and if done right can be very riveting for the drama as well. Unfortunately, the drama took the safe route and followed chronological order, but now running the risk of introducing too many characters and to many concepts too quickly.


      2. No! I actually really appreciate you giving me some more explanation and context. I guess this is the kind of drama where you really need to read the novel first to understand what is happening. Totally agree, the flashbacks is messing with the timeline for me…


        1. No Problem, I believe you are not the only confuse one here. After watching the first episode I was very confuse as to why they choose to start the drama off this way. So I went back to the the novel and try to refresh my memory of it. After rereading I understood why the drama is starting off with Si Yin and her shifu Mo Yan story first It’s because they want to start off at the very beginning to give viewers the back story first. Because these characters will play important parts later in the story. Well at least in the novel but who knows for sure how much changes they are going to implement in the drama. I hope for the best they don’t butcher this adaptation because I really loved the novel.

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      3. oooh I see. I do agree with xingfenzhen that if they had started off with Shushu’s story first and work backward it might be more “riveting.” This might also pique viewers’ interest on their past live. But could also be confusing if done wrong.

        With how they started out now, if I didn’t already know the story line, I would have thought that it was Xi Yin and Li Jing’s story.

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        1. The way i see it is the story got start in an interesting part, and it okay to have history progressed at the start of the story. Game of Thrones has done it well, imagine if that drama has started at Robert’s rebellion or tourney of harrenhal etc.


    2. That time she was young, she maybe act like kid and dependent on her master but if you can continue watching it till episode 11, you will see new Bai Qain, I bet you gonna love this drama 🙂


  2. It would have being much better if they follow the book the order showing shushi and yehua’s story then move on to Bai Qianqian’s past lives. It might be confusing timing wise, but the story itself is lich clearer.


  3. I enjoyed the first four episodes 😀 The casting is so easy on the eye and I like the setting. However, I don’t understand why everyone keeps falling for Xi Yin.


    1. In the novel, Bai Qian is the the most beautiful female in 四海八荒, and even in male form as Shi Yin is a very beautiful man…. There are quite a bit of homosexual tensions in the novel, which can’t make it to the drama(it’s based on a BL novel after all ><), so yeah…

      I guess even the gods can be as shallow on the looks department as some drama fans.

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      1. OOOH! Hahah that makes mores sense now. I kept wondering this whole time if they knew that Xi Yin was a girl if not why do they keep falling for her and why Xuan Nu did not think it was weird that Li Jing was writing love letters to Xi Yin.

        Oh and does Mo Yuan know that Xi Yin is a girl?


        1. Mo Yuan saw through the magical disguise immediately. But, because she was “chosen” by that fan, he figured that she was destined to be his disciple.


      2. Thanks. No wonder. I just finished the “original” BL novel online., and didn’t really notice any strong commonality with this drama other than immortals and “peach blossoms”. The online version is not long and quite funny, while containing little explicit stuff .


  4. I don’t mind the drama starting off chronologically – I read somewhere that the drama will incorporate the sequel as well (which has parts that run parallel with Three Lives) so they really need to jump into the story quickly.

    It is a shame that Bai Qian’s mortal life story doesn’t start things off because, as an opener for the novel, that story can’t be beat. It convinced me to think poorly of the hero, though, for most of the novel.


  5. I don’t like starting in chronological order it lose whole intrigue. Yes, it will be confusing in both ways but the novel’s beginning is interesting in the way story develop collecting pieces one by one.


  6. Wow….. I am so happy you recap this drama. Thank you so much!!!

    Btw, will you continue recapping this drama ? 😆😆😆


  7. Just finished Episode 10, finally Susu comes online…. And we can start the prologue of the book…

    Though, to be fair, the drama does follow the really well, far better than Legend of Chusen. Though it appears that some events that happen later in the timeline has moved forward, but then I can’t track the timeline in the book too well, so I’m not 100% sure…. That’s the problem with non-linear narration.


  8. Reading all these comments now makes me curious about the novel. Where can I read fully translated English chapters online?

    Anyway, as someone with zero expectations or idea about the story going into this drama, I must say I am REALLY liking this so far. If it weren’t for the promos and poster, I almost thought Zhang Bin Bin’s demon character was the male lead. Sure looked like it for a brief while. Anyway, this drama is confusing so far, but not slow. Guess it has to do with the chronological changes as mentioned.

    Also diggin’ the chemistry between Yang Mi and Mark Chao (and even Zhang Bin Bin). As I really like Zhang Vin’s demon character, can any novel readers tell me if there is more of him to come beyond the first lifetime (which I’m guessing is the first 10 episodes).


  9. Its been years and years that im watching kdramas and chinovelas but this one hell of a drama that i cannot fathom what is the gist..in short i cannot understand tha story…period..


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