February Airing Schedule

List of dramas and movies to air in the month of February. With the burst of drama release in January, I guess thinks are slowing down in February with less new releases. This list will be updated as more releases are announced

February Dramas:

The Starry Night the Starry Sea starring Feng Shao Feng, Guo Bi Ting, Huang Ming, and Wang Mengli will be released onFebruary 6th with 32 episodes. 

Full Love starring Liu Kaiwei, Wang Ou, and Zhang Meng will be released on February 12th with 44 episodes

Till Death Tear us Apart starring Yan Zidong, Jiang Zile, Lu Zhuo, and Liu Yichen will be released on February 14th with 12 episodes. 

Detective Samoyeds starring  Xu Haiqiao and Ju Jingyi will be released on February 15th with 48 episodes. 

Long For You starring Song Weilong, Zhou Yutong, Wang Yilun will be released on February 14th with 40 episodes. 

February Movies:

Kungfu Cyborg starring Chen Hu and  Wang Zhi will be released on February 1st. 

Cook Up a Storm starring Tse Nicholas, Tang Yan, and Jung Young Hwa will be released on February 10th. 


11 thoughts on “February Airing Schedule

    1. will give it a try. Thanks! Yeah, I did the unsubbed thing for Chusen. But for that one I don’t think I missed anything important 😛 lol


    1. awww. I kind know what you mean tho! The three dramas that I look forward to the most (princess agent, ode 2 joy 2, and advisors’ alliance) doesn’t get released till summer…..
      You can always rewatch Boss and Me! =D that one never gets old. hahaha


            1. 3L3w is not bad so far. Just Gonna pre warn u tho. I’m getting a chusen vibe from it Hahah. Candle in the tomb is pretty good if u wanna give it a try. Not historical tho.


              1. Nooo Chusen, I think I saw enough Chusen after season 2. Thanks! I will try it. I did enjoy the tomb raiding concept of The Mystic Nine.


                1. hahaha! So you did ended up watching season 2. I saw moping xiao fan and ghost Biyao in ep 1 and I dropped as fast as I could. Not going there again. :/


                  1. You didn’t miss anything. I think if you say the trailers and OST videos, you saw the whole show. It was kind of open ended, but it hinted that Biyao wakes up.
                    I hope Princess Agents delivers since Chusen was a big letdown.


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