Entertainment Updates: Beyond the Realm of Conscience 2, 2017 Hunan Spring Festival Gala, Themesong for Cook up a Storm, and Duckweed

 TVB decided to produce Beyond the Realm of Conscience 2 with a whole new cast, after 8 years from the first season. Replacing the original cast will be Steven Ma, Nancy Wu, and Kenneth Ma.

The Legend of the White Snake filming ceremony. The drama stars Ren Jia Lun and Yang Zi (who could not attend the filming ceremony due to schedule conflict).

Feng Qiu Wong filming ceremony. The drama stars Guan Xiao Tong and Song Wei Long. Yang Rong, who got switched out last minute due to conflict in schedule, sent best wishes to the drama and the cast.

Andy Lau injured his back while filming a commercial. He fell off a horse and were immediately rushed to the hospital. He mentioned that he is ok and were discharged from the hospital after a few days.


Ace vs Ace season 2 premiered on the 20th with the cast of Three Lives Three Worlds (Yang Mi and Mark Chao), Jackie Chan, Dilraba, Huang Zi Tao and more as guests. The hosts included Victoria Song, Wong Yuan, Wong Cholam, and Shen Tao. 

With Chinese New Year closing in, there will be lots of shows and performances to celebrate the biggest holiday in China. Beginning with 2017 Hunan Spring Festival Gala, this year’s performers included: Tang Yan, Luo Jin, the ladies from We are Here (UpIdol 2)- Chen Qiao En, Xie Na, Meng Xi Yao, and Jiang Yi Yan and many others.

Tang Yan and Luo Jin’s cuts (These two are soo cute!! =D)

Cuts of Chen Qiao En, Xie Na, Meng Xi Yao, and Jiang Yi Yan’s performaces

Here’s the full video:

Cook Up a Storm starring Tse Nicholas, Tang Yan, and Jung Young Hwa changed their released date from Jan 28th (Chinese New Year) to Feb 10.

New trailer for the movie

Trailer of the Video in Cantonese

New released MV for the movie.

Duckweeds staring Zhao Liying, Deng Chao, and Eddie Peng releases another MV sang by Deng Chao himself. (LOL at ZLY rejecting Eddie Peng’s kiss)

The  cast, excluding Eddie Peng, held their press conference in Beijing.

Press conference video:


Lastly, a funny meme of Zhao Liying ignoring the angry bunny as she continues to hold him by his ear.


6 thoughts on “Entertainment Updates: Beyond the Realm of Conscience 2, 2017 Hunan Spring Festival Gala, Themesong for Cook up a Storm, and Duckweed

  1. Ahh looking at the Beyond the Realm of Consciousness brings back memories…including one of the consorts’ robes lol. Orange robe, we meet again after 5+ years 😛
    That bunny plushie is adorbs.
    TY and LJ are cute. I guess the constant influx on the two of them gets annoying but I usually slide past them on my newsfeed.
    Plus my friends aren’t c-ent as much as I do lol.


  2. Frankly speaking, I would like a break from TangYan and LJ. These two literally went on a promotion blaze telling the world of their love. They both went on their own interviews/talk shows, attend many events, perform together and the media bombarded them w/ questions. Keep in mind it has only been a little over a month. This is too much for me, it’s such a surprise move for 2 normally private person. I even had to unfollow both of them and some of their fans because my news feed was filled w/ nothing but them. I really don’t care about celebrity personal life. Anyway, I just need a place to vent out.

    By the pace they are going…wait I believe they have even out done Angelababy/HXH and FBB/Lichen… LOL !


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