Feature: Why I will watch Pretty Li Hui Zhen ’til the end

[Spoiler Alert: Do not read on if you haven’t watched Ep 25!]

I cannot express how pleased I was with how the drama treated the makeover of Li Hui Zhen. Neither of the two guys interested in her made a big deal of it and had a heart-stopping eureka she-is-definitely-the-love-of-my-life moment purely because she straightened her curls and applied makeup! Same goes for the entire team whose first words were “You are back! We missed you!” And not “OMG, you look gorgeous now!” Or “the ugly duckling is now a swan”. It was only Chu Ying ๅง who mentioned that she is prettier now and even that was in a passing statement and not said with much ado or fanfare. Ergo they were more pleased with the fact she decided to return to Immortal to work as her contribution to the team was invaluable and only recognized after she left (as it was largely behind-the-scenes). Sure she looked prettier and more professional but that was not the entire worth of Li Hui Zhen and that point was made quite clear.

I also liked that Hui Zhen still walked in her gangly manner, still smiled that goofy tooth grin post-makeover and rambled on unselfconsciously – she really hasn’t changed at all. As she told Yimu later, she is not changing herself, just presenting a better packaged version of herself in a working environment in tandem with her workplace, a cutting edge fashion design magazine.

Why does this matter? Because it shows that every girl needs to find what is best for herself to unearth her best self. If that means being Katniss Everdeen, so be it. Or if it means being Daenerys Targaryen. But it can also mean slapping on war paint and a pair of hot iron tongs – not every self-discovery has to end up like Fiona from Shrek. That is the true meaning of girl power – the power to be the best of you.

Thank you scriptwriters and all the actors and actresses who illuminated this point. So I solemnly profess that I shall watch Pretty Li Hui Zhen until the end – even if it descends into trite melodrama or gets draggy and repetitive. I sincerely hope not but even if it does, this teachable moment makes this drama a must-finish for me.


11 thoughts on “Feature: Why I will watch Pretty Li Hui Zhen ’til the end

  1. Will watch to the end … totally agree with you ๐Ÿ™‚ . I enjoy how the two male leads were already in love with Li Huizhen way before she did the makeover process and even with her new look it didn’t make them find her more attractive. All about the inner beauty. The makeover really was for Li Huizhen to gain confidence in herself ๐Ÿ™‚

    Although I am looking forward to Bai Hayou and Li Huizhen moments, Peter Sheng’s acting is killing it for me. He really needs to relax and not be so stiff.

    What happened to his friend/confidante he use to talk to about his love problems?


    1. Yes Mr Sheng does need to emote more. But for some reason I find Bai Yu Hao tolerable – I realise that I can deal with stiffness better than looking blur (which was Li Yi Feng’s general look throughout Chusen and I couldn’t deal with it!)


    1. Hi! I wouldnt say it’s he height of artistic creation but for an idol drama, I think it’s executed well in terms of characterisation and the main cast is all like ale


      1. I started watch it and I can totally understand your points (and yes my finger was on the fast forward button hahah).
        Huizhen’s transformation is beyond the typical Cinderella theme and the best part was she decided to change for herself and not for anyone else!! And even after the change, she is still her goofy self. haha
        BTW did you get dizzy during her and Haoyu’s meet up? I think the camera was spinning the whole time they were standing there and talking…..


  2. Yay!! @jojoisjoy

    @oliveea I love all Yimu scenes too!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ but somehow I appreciated Bai Haoyu response to Hui Zhen’s makeover more as it shows that he too could see her for what was within. Loved that dramagod made him gift her the office tag rather than something bordering romantic because that would have been totally out of character and weirdo

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  3. Bravo!!! That’s what really made me like this version more than She Was Pretty. HuiZhen is just flawed in general–not just because she isn’t pretty. She’s allowed a whole host of issues to drag her down and make her lose sight of her awesomeness. The makeover is just an outward sign of her newfound confidence.

    There is so much right about this drama (not least the decision to give Zhang Binbin’s character a lot more screen time!)


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