[Thread] Legend of Condor Heroes (2017)

The Legend of Condor Heroes strike again with a new drama version adapted from Jin Yong’s famous Condor Triology! There has been so many versions of this drama come out every 2 years or so (or so it feels)!  Guess the last one was 2008 version?? My favorite was the 1994 TVB  version with Chilam and Athena Chu just cause that was the first version I saw. hahaha 


Title: Legend of Condor Heroes 2017  (射雕英雄传)

# of episodes: 52

Release date: January 9th, 2017

Synopsis: When their husbands are killed by the Song Army, two pregnant women escape to foreign lands and both give birth to boys who are very different from each other. Guo Jing is a strong but dull-headed young man who grows up on the Mongolian prairie. Yang Kang is a smart and skilled you man who is raised as the son of Wanyan Hong Lie, a successor of the Jin Empire. The worlds of these two men collide when their respective martial arts masters make a secret pact, while their lives are further complicated by the love of two women, Huan Rong and Mu Nian Ci.

Watch raw here


Willim Yang Xuwen as Guo Jing
Li Yitong as Huang Rong
Chen Xingxu as Yang Kang
Meng Ziyi as Mu Nianci
Michael Miu as Huang Yaoshi
Zhang Yonggang as Ouyang Feng



Interesting that both opening and ending theme songs are just melody. (If it sounds familiar to you that’s cause the melody is the same as the 1983 TVB version)

Opening theme

Ending theme



making of the film

credit (baidu)


One thought on “[Thread] Legend of Condor Heroes (2017)

  1. So far, I like it. No unnecessary scenes and the actors are fairly good. We are only 4 episodes in so I can’t really judge much since only teenager Guo Jing appeared. I am still waiting for my favorite girls’ appearances!


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