[Breaking News] Tong Liya and Chen Sicheng

The paparazzo, Zhuo Wei, has followed up his claim with photographic and videographic evidence. Chen Sicheng is now proven to be cheating on Tong Liya. Not only did he cheat on her during her pregnancy with their one-year old son, but he also let not one, but two women into his bedroom at their family house when Ya Ya was away filming Takes a Real Man 2. One woman is an actress from the drama starring Tony Liya, Ordinary World (2015)

Zhuo Wei says that filming Takes a Real Man has been almost a bad omen for the married stars participating. First, Wang Baoqiang’s wife was found to be cheating on him with his long-time agent, Song Zhe. Now, Hawick Lau and Chen Sicheng have been discovered to be cheating on Yang Mi and Tong Liya.

About Wang Baoqiang, he found out about the affair when he discovered that his wife had 2 phones. One of which was only used to contact Song Zhe.

To happier times

Yang Mi and Hawick Lau

Tong Liya and Chen Sicheng


11 thoughts on “[Breaking News] Tong Liya and Chen Sicheng

  1. Oh dear , hope it’s not true 😦 I think there were some infidelity rumors dogging Chen Si Cheng early last year but it was disputed.


  2. I don’t know letting someone into your house doesn’t prove anything, but just the rumor will be hard on them.


  3. Never liked the guy…he always seemed overly arrogant and pompous to me.


  4. Dump him NOW…good for nothing husband…


  5. I wonder if any married actor/actress dare to join take a real man s3. Yang Mi and Tong Liya should become best friend.


  6. This is such sad news 😦 I’ve heard countless rumors that Harwick and Yang Mi are getting divorced but are any of those confirmed? Or was there any recent happenings?


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