First Impressions: General And I

Watched up to Ep 6 and it’s not too bad! Will continue watching the subbed episodes (it’s not as punchy as the beginning of Princess Wei Young so i think I can manage!) and am looking forward to more of Wallace Chung. My first time watching him and he is pretty good !

Up to Ep2, I thought I was going to have second male lead syndrome – He Xia is so sweet to (and with) Ping Ting and Sean Sun looks so beefcake-y regal! Then Chu Bei Jie totally upped his game and Wallace Chung completely delivered on being a smart but benevolent general while looking handsome ๐Ÿ™‚ He just grew on me and by Ep 6, am on team Bei Jie (sorry He Xia although I do feel for you!) – Wallace Chung does the boyish manly iwell and him standing in the rain was well executed !

I like Bai Ping Ting – this is how Wei Young should have been like! I do think that while Angelababy is not a strong actress, she does have that fire in her eyes while maintaining a cool (but not cold) composure – the spark makes up for the lack of micro emotions and ties in with her character who is meant to not show what she is thinking while she plots and schemes but she definitely falters in the tender / subtle scenes – a glassy eyed gaze is not something she can do (unlike Wallace Chung!)

Shout out also to Yu Bo who exudes the scheming smartness of Sima Hong, the King of Jin while maintaining kingly presence and Deng Sha (Consort Zhang) who is obviously in love with Bei Jie and hates Ping Ting – her petty maliciousness is not overdone and bubbles over with just enough disdain!

The storyline seems interesting (disclaimer – didn’t read the book!) so will be continuing and hopefully it doesn’t get draggy. Please don’t make He Xia ย overly evil too – Have had a soft spot for Sean Sun ever since Legend of Qin!


36 thoughts on “First Impressions: General And I

  1. Ok for those who have watched episode 23 – Wallace Chung’s eyes!!!!! that scene with AB in the tent, his eyes and the way he looked at her was just so hot. I knew Wallace Chung was a solid actor but that scene impressed me. I wish AB could have better acting though to keep up with him.


  2. Am watching this drama for Wallace Chung. He makes the drama come alive! I did notice the weird background sometimes and the pics but ignoring it becomes of Wallace:))


    1. Hi! Wallace Chung is dashing here indeed ! Never watched his shows before but I can totally understand the attraction now! He is however a bit too “chok” for me, I have come to realize….


  3. Hey girls! Joining the convo!! I am loving this drama so much right now. Watching my 2 episodes a day dose religiously. Seriously, I hear people complain, but I don’t get it. This is sooo good. Way better than Princess of Lan Ling (which was the drama I was anticipated so much last year and got totally disappointed). I loved the last scene in episode 9, which is so well acted out. ABB had been a surprising hit for me these years (Run Brother, Love 020 and now, General and I). I think I will put her on my MUST WATCH list now hehe. Hopefully, the drama keeps being good ^^


    1. Hi! Long time no speak ! It’s definitely different strokes for different folks as Ep 9 made me reevaluate the drama ๐Ÿ™‚ going to catch 11-14 and see how I feel ๐Ÿ™‚


  4. Thinking of dropping this one. There were so many rumors during filming that both Wallace and Angelababy weren’t even on set for half of the filming, because they were too busy working on multiple dramas/movies. I paid extra attention to the possibility of body doubles and it was obvious all over the place. Chinese netizens have been pointing out the many scenes where body doubles were used and I’ve noticed so many scenes where one talks and the back of the other’s head is facing the audience. I’ve even noticed scenes where the two of them were actually together, but the people in the background were added from a composite.It wasn’t even a scene that needed a green screen, but a rather simple scene with people in the background and you can just tell if you look close enough that these weren’t filmed together. It’s getting bashed on Chinese forums and I can see why.


    1. Oh dear – that’s not very professional if body doubles were used so rampantly! I couldn’t quite put my finger on it but I thought that the editing of the show was quite choppy and somehow the interaction between the leads were a little off. Like the scene where Bei Jie was ambushed in the Swallow Cliff – that was meant to be a defining moment in their relationship as she had betrayed him again but when he spoke to her, it seems like their eye level were different? It takes away a lot of the gravitas in the scene and somehow I am not feeling the OTP now. No feels ! Bei Jie seems to be a tad obsessed with Ping Ting because of their childhood history (can we have a c-drama where gratitude is not equated with romantic love?) and Ping Ting – well, Angelababy is just not emoting. Considering their love is meant to be Epic (despite the blood grudge, enemy countries etc), really not feeling it. That moment when she confessed to He Xia that she can’t forget Bei Jie and their mere days together could supersede her 10 years relationship / kinship / friendship with He Xia, I was equally confused as him!! What???

      Gonna check out 2 more eps maybe but if it doesn’t improve, probably gonna drop it. Candle In The Tomb has a way better OTP interaction!!


    1. I quite liked LSS in The Imperial Doctress and Yi Zhi Mei (didn’t watch BBJX) but couldn’t finish either The Sound of the Desert or The Incisive Teacher – she wasn’t very arresting. Her recent modern drama with Zheng Kai was also pretty bad as she looked colorless out of ornate olden garb. Having said that, i quite like her so a role like BPT could have challenged her a bit and broadened her scope.


      1. I’m loving BPT. It’s rare to have a male and female lead with equal importance in a drama.

        ABB is growing on me. It’s a little bit similar to her love story in YZG with the whole childhood thing. But the changes are more acceptable here.

        Wallace is very dashing. Haha


  5. I have to admit that I have thoroughly enjoyed this drama so far. Admittedly, AngelaBaby too attractive to be considered ‘average’ but I like how they didn’t focus on that aspect too much.

    Personally, i think she’s not too bad. I still have some reservations as I agree that there are some subtle facial nuances that are just a little off. I am unable to pinpoint exactly what my grievances are but it’s as though she’s not too sure what to do but my version of PingTing is that she’s conflicted.

    On one hand, she is loyal to her master He Xia and in many respect she is very fond of him. I can’t say it’s exactly romantic love but she’s definitely not against marrying him. However, she meets BeiJie and it changes her whole outlook on everything. She starts falling for him despite her misgivings because he is her enemy and what he represents to her world. Unfortunately, I don’t see it and it’s slightly jarring. Which is a shame because it’s rare to have such a peerless female lead.

    Whereas Wallace is spot on. The facial expression, the nuances, the emotion, the eyes and even right down to his smirk and smile – he has it down pack! I am well and truly impressed. What a man!!

    This is the first time I’ve actually watched Wallace’s performance and admittedly I am every impressed. I did go back to re-watch some of the scenes. They were too good and I simply wanted to revisit the moment when they met.

    Chemistry and actors aside, the author has written two wonderful characters so unless you’re a block of wood it would be hard not to like their interactions.

    It’s still early days so let’s wait for see..


    1. Hi! Yeah, I think Ping Ting is a great female character and part of me does wish that it was a more nuanced actress than Angelababy but out of the popular idol actresses, I am glad it didn’t go to Tang Yan or Yang Mi – at least Angelababy has that feisty aura despite her wooden-ness. Zhao Li Ying would have been a good alternative and I am sure there are plenty other c-actresses with better acting caliber (though less popular) if the net was cast even wider.

      I thought it was a nice touch that Ping Ting thought of her childhood memories with He Xia (where he says that they will be together forever and he will make her wishes come true) and she didn’t immediately swoon over Chu Bei Jie (cough cough drama Wei Young). At episode 6, she looks like she is intrigued by Bei Jie given that he is the same boy her father saved previously but she was quite prepared to die rather than marry him.

      Not sure if it was in the book but I liked that Ping Ting’s dad was a deposed high ranking official which explains her graceful bearing and military strategy intelligence despite being a maidservant – that gives a backstory and not that she is a sudden genius!


      1. I agree, I definitely would have chosen ABB over YM or TY anyday. At least she has PT eyes if nothing else.

        Although, I am intrigued by LSS playing Ping Ting. Definitely an interesting idea

        Anyhow, I going to continue to swoon over Wallace as CBJ. Gosh, he’s awesome!!


  6. I was thinking the same thing! Wei Young should have been like Ping Ting, AngelaBaby is doing an amazing job (tho her eyes, but I love her sneaky smile) and I like the progression even though I thought the random kiss from ep2 or 3 was unnecessary. All in all, loving the drama


    1. Yeah, right? That’s how you act when you meet a cute guy from the enemy camp – not all butterflies immediately !!

      I actually thought that kiss showed that Chu Bei Jie was a man with raging hormones and not some goody two shoes. I mean, Ping Ting is super good looking and damn attractive when she came alone to confront him ! Of course I read somewhere that Ping Ting is meant to be average looking in the book and the attraction was her brains – totally not the case here as Angela baby looks gorgeous in the outfits – glad I didn’t read the book else would be appalled ! ๐Ÿ™‚

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      1. The kiss scene would have made more sense (imo) after they flew and saw that beautiful scenery but the location and timing seemed so off. And I agree, AngelaBaby is too gorgeous for words๐Ÿ˜


    2. I thought the kiss showed how aggressive Wallace’s character is. He’s a general after all, and it’s his way of showing affection. ๐Ÿ™‚


    3. Finally got the chance to watch a few eps and my thought was why couldn’t weiyoung be like that too!!! That strategical mindset and determined eyes were how I imagine weiyoung would be…
      It’s good so far. Just wallace chung’s voice doens’t seem to fit that era…


      1. We think alike!! That was my first thought too when I first saw Ping Ting.

        Am stopped at Ep 10 as had to watch the new episodes of Candle In the Tomb and then distracted by Love & Life & Lie ! Will pick it up again although admittedly am less excited as I was at Ep 6….


        1. hahaha seems like we’re still hung up on Weiyoung’s characters.
          Because of no time, I had to stop at Ep 4. Also, WC’s voice just sound so off for that period of the drama.. For once, I wished they had dubbed his voice.
          Candle in the Tomb is still awesome so far!!


          1. Yes ! The “what it’s” in Wei Young !! Is it WC’s real voice in General & I ? It really doesn’t match the character unfortunately and is quite a distractions i find.


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