Entertainment Update: Relationship updates, dramas, and movies

On January 6th, Ruby Lin gave birth to a baby girl via C-section weighing 6.6 pounds. Wallace Huo was present for the birth. They have yet to name their baby

Famous paparazzi, Zhou Wei, has exposed yet another relationship. He caught Li Bingbing with a much younger man. She’s 43 years old and he is 24 (19 years younger)

He also made other claims about popular Chinese celebrities, but those haven’t been verified. Hence, I won’t write about them here. He did say that Zhao Liying, Zhang Yixing, and Zhou Dongyu are single.

Tang Yan and Luo Jin were spotted at the airport together

After the intense speculation over Hawick Lau and Wang Ou being together in her hotel room, Yang Mi has been closely followed. Paps reported that she was seen with Huang Zitao after work. However, they dined at a public restaurant with staff members from their drama

Fu Yuanhui, the Chinese Olympic swimmer, was spotted selling noodles at a street stand

Her cuteness during the Olympics:

There’s speculation that Jerry Yan and Lin Chi-ling are back together as they were spotted in pictures with the same family at a New Year’s event

The family with Jerry Yan

The family with Lin Chi-ling

On January 3rd, Magic Star, a new TV drama starring Wu Lei and Chen Xiang started broadcasting on Youku

Wu Lei

Chen Xiang


New stills of Three Lives Three Worlds (TV drama version) have been released. And, it’s so beautiful and artistic!

Yang Mi


Mark Chao

Ken Chang

Alan Yu

New stills of Duckweed were released

Deng Chao

Eddie Peng

Zhao Liying

Dong Zijian

The main cast of Journey to the West: Conquering the Demons 2 will be recording for Happy Camp on January 21st ahead of the movie’s release on January 28th. The cast also wished everyone a happy new year in this video:

Cook Up a Storm, another movie to be released on Chinese New Year’s (January 28th), held a concert in Beijing to promote the movie on January 6th. On January 14, another concert will be held in Guangzhou with different artists performing. Nicholas Tse will be performing at both concerts… but, on January 6th, William Chan, Leo Ku, Joey Yung, and Hacken Lee performed. On January 14th, Twins (Gillian Chung and Charlene Choi), Kenny Kwan, Raymond Lam along with others will be performing.

Nicholas Tse

William Chan

Hacken Lee

The movie, Railroad Tigers, has a box office of $600 million CNY thus far. On January 6th, the movie will be released in North America, the U.K., Australia, and New Zealand

OMG. Jackie Chan attempting to rap may be the funniest thing I’ve ever seen! Wang Kai’s laugh kills me XD

More pictures taken for FHM were released of Zhao Liying

Huang Zitao released a new single, New Day, on January 3rd. He followed up the single with the announcement that a press conference for his Asia Concert Tour will be held January 9th. His Asia Tour will be followed by the first Chinese musical TV show starring him. In this drama, Tao’s songs will be featured. He is also an investor, albeit not a major investor.

Mango Entertainment aka the company behind Hunan TV is sponsoring Huang Zitao’s 2017 concert tour. Since Hunan TV is promoting his tour, it’s likely that the tour will be broadcast via Hunan TV


13 thoughts on “Entertainment Update: Relationship updates, dramas, and movies

  1. So happy for Ruby and Wallace 🙂
    I like ZLY showing her sexy side. This past year she tried to look less cute and more mature when she was off screen.


  2. oooh wow Thanks for the post. love ZLY sexy side! didn’t think she would go that route given her cute image but sure glad she did. =D Funny how all the single people you mentioned starts with ZH. hahah Hopefully we’ll hear good news of Liying dating in 2017.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The truth will be revealed in time 🙂

      I remember last year, he claimed Tang Yan and Luo Jin were living together and it turned out to be true. If his claims are true, then we’ll definitely update on here!


  3. Thanks for this! Good that ZLY is not just doing the cute route – she is a 30 year old woman and can be sexy too!

    I am watching Takes a Real Man S2 off and on and just can’t get over Tao and Yang Mi acting as lovers! He is such a kid !


    1. I am all for her showing an alluring, sultry side 😉

      Have to say, I like her in pastels a lot though. But, this side of her should come out more that she’s maturing!

      Haha, I totally get the weirdness. He acts even younger than his age and he’s already much younger than YM. I do think that he’s a pretty good actor though… so, the pairing just might work! We’ll see soon. The Negotiator is supposed to be broadcast this year. Here’s an old music video where he played lovers with Song Qian (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D0YzAHCzXiE). He’s really convincing here 🙂


      1. Oh he looks good there with Song Qian – maybe coz SQ looks pretty young too. I guess YM definitely looks her age so not sure how it’s gonna work out ! That clip of Jackie Chan and Wang Kai is super funny ! (Only just watched it :))


    1. She does look great for her age 🙂

      It doesn’t look like something Liying would do, but I like it! Hopefully, the male stars will notice and she will no longer be single 😉


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