New Year Show pt. 2

Dragon TV and Jiangsu TV’s New Year Shows aired December 31st. Scroll down for videos and pictures! 🙂

Dragon TV

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Zhao Liying performed a song by herself


A fan was invited upstage and he presented her with a present, crystal glass heels. He gave an emotional speech about why he is a fan of ZLY’s. He also noted that she always wears these heels that are too big and look uncomfortable. Hence, he got her a pair of size 5 heels. ZLY cried and replied that, she was just saying backstage that she would marry whoever gave her a pair of crystal heels.

Zhao Liying and Zhang Jike performed 私奔到月球 (elope to the moon)

Zhang Jike also performed a song by himself

Luo Jin and Tang Yan performed together

Zhang Yixing danced and sang What U Need and Lose Control (& showed off his abs!)

Faye Wong performed 人间 and 你在终点等我. Her performance was pre-recorded

Eason Chan performed 好久不见 and two other songs

Vanness Wu also performed

Show Luo

Jiangsu TV aired December 31st

JJ Lin performed various songs

Wu Yifan and Wakin Chau performed 刀剑如梦

Kris also performed a song by himself

William Chan performed the finale song


4 thoughts on “New Year Show pt. 2

  1. Aaaaaah Zhao Liying looks like a fairy with that dress ❤
    Awww that fan was so sweet. It shows how much love and caring her fans are and also how hardworking Zhao Liying is ^.^
    Luo Jin and Tang Yan ❤ ❤
    I'm so behind on news, thank you for the new year update 🙂


  2. aww. Tang Yan and Luo Jin look so happy! ZLY’s fans are so considerate. Such a sweet gift! She must be super surprised to shed tears like that. T.T


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