New Year Shows pt. 1

Zhejiang TV’s New Year Show aired December 30th. It’s the first one to air! I will post about the other ones

The Running Man cast all attended except Angelababy, who video called into the show

Luhan performed the finale song! It’s a song called Skin to Skin from his latest album 🙂

Jam Hsiao also performed

Wong Cho-lam’s wife, Leanne Li, made an appearance

Deng Chao

Finale with everyone

Zheng Kai

Li Chen

Deng Chao also posted selfies with the rest of the cast + one that’s just Angelababy

Chen He and Deng Chao

Luhan and Deng Chao

Wong Cho-lam and Deng Chao

Zheng Kai and Deng Chao

Li Chen and Deng Chao

Jiangsu TV is airing December 31st

Dragon TV is also airing December 31st

Hunan TV will air January 1st


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