First Impressions: Stay With Me


Bingewatched to Ep 13 and sadly, don’t think I am going to continue! Found the first eight to ten episodes really addicting – I liked Li Wei Wei being an unapologetic b$&ch at work (high pressure, high stakes yo!) and Wang Kai is a good actor. He managed to convey the love-hate relationship Chen Yi Du had for Wei Wei (internally of course!) with his micro expressions especially when he saw she was marrying Huo Xiao (Kimi Qiao) or all the moments he was struggling with himself whether to be there for her or just walk away. Joe Chen, too, did well in her part and she does both the Devil Wears Prada and 23 year old girl parts equally well – she like ZLY and Janice Wu,  is another one that doesn’t annoy me when she is acting a lively or bubbly role(although she is older).

Unfortunately, the show started getting draggy from ep11 onwards and at episode 13, it really plateaued for me after the OTP got together. It was way too fast for me how Wei Wei suddenly fell for Chen Yi Du – I know she lost her memory and Joe Chen and Wang Kai definitely spark together but the story just kinda went a little bonkers for me. Saw the preview for the later episodes and it just seemed that it’s being dragged on for no apparent reason aside from lengthening the episodes! I personally think the show would have been fab if it was 20 episodes. Punchy and dramatic tied up nicely – the big bad being (spoiler!) Mo Fan could have given the drama the element of suspense but dragging the show out just made it flat and melodramatic. Also not a fan of the storyline  for second male lead Huo Qiao – which man could deal with being friend zoned for so long ?? Kimi (RIP) and Joe really have excellent platonic chemistry which made their interaction believable but the storyline was just not working for me. I believe the author is Tong Hua and I think she does better in ancient settings as she definitely has a love for melodrama which plays out better when it’s set in a palace with kings and concubines fighting it out for survival – in a modern setting, it just seems very repetitive and a tad illogical !! The fantasy sequences (where Joe Chen is dressed as Dong Fang Bu Bai and Wang Kai as a vampire) is also pretty odd – one may have been cute for the fans but it was so constant that it started getting distracting as it wasnt  zany enough to be clever!

As an aside, what actually interested me is the real life interaction between Wang Kai and Joe Chen. He has denied that they are dating and are just good friends when Joe Chen was spotted in Wuhan with her parents and his but their body language in interviews is really shippable!!

Anyone else watching this too? Let me know why you think and if I should continue. One man’s meat is another man’s poison so always good to hear different views !!


4 thoughts on “First Impressions: Stay With Me

    1. Hi! @KeikoCarasig ! Yeah, the story flow is a bit choppy but the script probably doesn’t help too 🙂 totally agree with @chexmix12 though that Joe Aachen and Wang Kai have sizzling chemistry !!


  1. Me!! hahaah been watching this drama and up to ep 29 now. I really enjoy the push and pull interaction between Wei Wei and Chen Yi Du. They have such cute chemistry together. I feel like they can really do without Mo Fan (the man behind the scene) and turn the drama into a more light heartedish one. (Just having Tiffany as the big antagonist should be enough). Agree with the 20 ep only. 40 is too long for this story line. I usually fast forward the sappy talking scenes between Yi Du and Mo fan just cause it doesn’t really add much to the story. Can’t say that the drama gets better because the whole break up and get back together things happen too often that it gets tiring. Still watching it for the chemistry between the CP and Chen Qiao En’s facial expression when she’s in a dilemma between the two male leads. hahaha she cracks me up.

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    1. Yeah they really have such cute chemistry – I wished they had kept the intrigue longer with Yi Du wondering why she seems a different person and conflicted with his growing attraction.

      Agree with the break up get together ruse. It gets a bit tiresome in modern settings as the reasons are usually quite pedestrian or bordering inanity as there is no huge life threatening issue compared to palace or republican dramas.

      I will probably still watch snippets though just to enjoy their chemistry. The BtS are also so cute 🙂


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