Movies Released on Chinese New Year 2017

Chinese New Year’s Day is one of the biggest days of the year for movies, if not the biggest in China. Most of the big budget movies filmed by huge directors are released during this period and some of them end up being the #1 movies of the year when it comes to box office gross (notably: Journey to the West: Conquering the Demons ($215 million) and The Mermaid ($553 million), both by Stephen Chow).

The movies coming out on CNY 2017 have already been announced!

Updated: You can find all the compiled MVs for the movies released here

Kung Fu Yoga

Director: Stanley Tong

Starring: Jackie Chan, Aarif Lee, Lay Zhang, Sonu Sood, Amyra Dastur

Plot Synopsis: Jack (Jackie Chan) is a renowned professor of archaeology who teams up with an Indian professor to find a treasure in Tibet.

You can see some shots of the movie in this Jackie Chan trailer:

The Village of No Return

Director: Chen Yu Hsun

Starring: Shu Qi, Wang Qianyuan, Eric Tsang, Tony Yang, Lin Mei-Hsiu

Plot Synopsis: A very strange event take place and turns a sleepy rural village’s life upside down–all while waiting for a railway to come.

Teaser trailer:

The One

Director: Lu Zhengyu

Starring: Lu Zhengyu, Amber Kuo, Fan Wei


Journey to the West 2: Demon Chapter

Director: Tsui Hark

Producer and Writer: Stephen Chow

Starring: Kris Wu, Lin Gengxin, Yao Chen, Jelly Lin, Bao Beier, Mengke Bateer, Huang Bo, etc

Plot Synopsis: Tang Monk brings 3 disciples along with him on a journey to the West. On the outside, everything seems harmonious but tension is present beneath the surface; and their hearts and minds are not in agreement. After a series of demon-capturing events, the monk and his disciples gain mutual understanding of each other’s hardships and unease, and finally resolve their inner conflict, to work together to become an all-conquering demon exorcising team.

The cast is now dubbed as the “tallest Journey to the West team” in history. Tang Monk and his three disciples are all over 184 cm. (Kris – 187, Lin Gengxin – 186, Wang Duo – 184, Bateer – 211)

This is the first collaboration between Tsui Hark and Stephen Chow and both are legends in the film industry (and the box office). They have about $1.5 billion in box office gross together. Tsui Hark has wanted to film the movie for over 20 years and even wanted Brigitte Lin (90s) and Leslie Cheung (00s) to star as Tang Monk but the technology wasn’t ready for the story he wanted to tell at those times.

Buddies in India

Director: Wang Bao Qian

Starring: Wang Baoqiang, Vikramjeet Virk, and Shruti Sodhi

Synopsis: Buddies in India’ is an upcoming Chinese-Indian action comedy written and directed by Wang Baoqiang. Designed as a modern take on ‘Journey to the West’, the film follows a young man and his three friends as they travel to India to track down his father’s will.

Cook Up a Storm

Director: Ye Weimin

Starring: Tse Nicholas, Tang Yan, and Jung Young Hwa

Synopsis: A cooking competition between a small town chef and a Michelin awarded chef.

Duckweed (aka: Ride the Winds, Break the Waves)

Director: Han Han

Starring: Deng Chao, Eddie Peng, and Zhao Liying

Synopsis: The film tells the emotional story about the reconciliation between a father and his son. Ah Lang, a youth from a small town, thinks that his father Ah Zheng never understood his occupation and life. In a fateful occurrence, he is able to experience his father’s legendary and interesting life in the past.

The Game Changers

Director: Gao Xixi

Starring: Peter Ho, Huang Zitao, Gul Nazar

Synopsis: An adaptation of Shanghai Bund, the movie is set during the gang wars of 1930’s Shanghai.




14 thoughts on “Movies Released on Chinese New Year 2017

  1. Village of No Return sounded interesting but the trailer ruined that. They all have a similar comedic adventure type of feeling, but somehow I am not feeling them as of now.


    1. That’s going to be such a nice tradition! Hopefully Kris and Stephen continue working together and releasing movies on CNY.


  2. Hey, seeing a film that’s directed by Tsui Hark and written and produced by Stephen Chow or seeing the others? I’d pick JTTW2.
    Also, it seems and looks as if Kung Fu Yoga is the better (but still quite bad) version of what Akshay had tried with Chandni Chowk to China. I hope Mr. Buff Guy Sonu’s career looks up though his choice of films can be improved!


    1. I’m so excited to see what the King of Comedy and the King of Wuxia can make together. They’re both visionaries in different genres. It will be interesting to say the least!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Cook up the storm starring Nicholas Tse, Ge You & Tang Yan also rumored to release that day.

    My heart goes to JTTW2. I don’t like the cast but Stephen Chow + Tsui HArk, absolutely a must see.


    1. I think they’ll probably choose a different release date!

      It’s a must-see, definitely! It’s not everyday that two big filmmakers work on a project together, especially these two!


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