Entertainment Update: Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas!!! How did you and some of your favorite stars spend their holidays together!?

Zhang Han and Gul Nazar celebrated in a cozy home with stuff animals.

Yang Mi spend Christmas Eve with director Guo Ji Ming.

SHE celebrated xmas with a cute group picture!

William Chan on the set of Lost Love in Time.

Wallace Huo and Ruby Lin celebrated his birthday on the 26th. =D (hehehe love the I heart Daddy sign!! They’re welcoming the baby already =D =D)

Chen Qiao En confirmed as the main female lead in the new drama Du Gu Queen.

Official Trailer and pretty stills for Three Lives Three Worlds movie version with Yang Yang and Liu Yi Fei.

While most spent X-mas at home, most stars attended the year end 2016 Mobile Video Fengyun Festival on the 25th. (FYI some most of the award names are so random that I had to google translate them…so they might not make sense)

TFBOYS won the Idol Pioneer award.

Du Haitao

Du Haitao and Guan Xiaotong won 2016 modern popular example

Ma Su won Comedy Pioneer

Gina Gin

Alali and her “dad” Dong Li from Dad, Where are you Going.

Zhang Xinyu

Ma ke and Tan Song Yun

The Bao couple.

Guan Xiao Tong

Chen Qiao En

Victoria Song awarded for people who Spread the influence..?

Jia Nailiang

Jeremy Tsui and Zhou Mi

Jin Chen and Xu Zhengxi received 2016 popular short video role model

Fan Weiqi  won for her music

Zhang Xinyu and Zheng Yuanchang won Fashion Pioneer award. 

Zhang Jie won Public service role model

Li Yun Di

2016 Youku Young Choice Award Ceremony

Chen Qiao En won The annual stunning goddess

Zhou Dongyu won Annual Leap Goddess Award.

Fan Bing Bing won Youku Best Actor of the Decade award.

Zhang Tian Ai

Tang Yan won Youku Annual Screen Power Award

Yang Yang won Youku Annual Figure (Person of the Year?) and Headliner Award.



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