Second Impressions: Shuttle Love Millennium

Up to Ep 20 and can happily report that the show keeps getting better and better! The editing’s done well (couldn’t tell that Puff Kuo was a last minute replacement for Yoo Inna)  and the juxtaposition of 2016 vs 1936 is also executed seamlessly without being cheesy. I am still allergic to Janice Man but it’s being overcome by the awesome double dose of Wei Da Xun and the woeful elegance of Puff Kuo.

What struck me most about this show is how the female leads are also seemingly switched – the strong independent woman Ziyi (Puff Kuo) is in Republican 1936 and the perpetual damsel-in-distress Wang Lin (Janice Man) is in modern day 2016! Ziyi still has that slightly woeful aura but it is that of a burdened heart  (of worrying for her missing dad and losing the family inheritance to the triads/Japanese) instead of a woe-is-me fret. She tries to be financially independent the only way she knows how – first by sketching (and learning that it doesn’t make much ! ) and later by becoming an actress and honing her craft although she is not a natural. She doesn’t run to the male lead for help and when he does help her, she is grateful but not besotted ! Meanwhile, Wang Lin really does nothing much except falling down numerous times (in her house x infinity, in a bus, from the room, in the park – the list goes on!) into the arms of the male lead. The first 2 time I rolled my eyes but by the 3rd time I was appreciating the tongue-in-cheek-ness of it 🙂 I am no fan of Janice Man’s overly cute posturing and facial expressions but it’s passably tolerable in her Wang Lin character; I actually find her much better when she is not trying to be cute but I guess it’s a matter of preference – some viewers may find her adorable!

Wei Da Xun continues to impress – both as the traditionally successful Mr Good Guy With Hero Syndrome and the entitled debonair with little money worries who thinks on his feet and happy to be the Man Behind The Woman. Really hope he gets more recognition from this drama as he is reasonably cute with the right height and most importantly seem to have the acting chops!

Looking forward to the next episodes !!!


6 thoughts on “Second Impressions: Shuttle Love Millennium

  1. Agree, hope WDX gets more rec, thanks for the review(too many dramas to keep up with) and YES!! Thought I was the only one “allergic” to Janice- – i think its her eye movements???


  2. No worries ! Definitely quite a few on the watchlist 🙂

    Yes! I think it’s the eye movement and the way she moves when she is meant to be cute!


    1. Totally agree . I am up to Ep 24 and only 4 more to go – hope it wraps up nicely !! The storyline has been fairly believable and lacking major logic loopholes to date 🙂

      Am looking forward to more Wei Daxun dramas in the future !


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