Second Impressions: The Legend of Flying Daggers

Up to Ep 21 now and it’s still pretty entertaining. The story drags in some parts and the show seems to be lacking a genuine Big Bad but I really do enjoy the team-of-6 adventuring through jianghu looking for clues/treasure and that’s enough for me now 🙂 Trying to minimize spoilers so shout-out to:-

1. The brotherly love that Li Zheng has for Li Huai; the former is a such a decent guy – despite always living with the shadow of a half brother he doesn’t know in an overly formal, fractured family environment. Please not let him go bad!!! – I can see why (he also can’t wield the flying dagger due to a massive early injury!) but that would be too typical and for once, let the second male lead get the girl!!

2. The new addition of Long Yi(Kenny Kwan) and Wu Shuang(Crystal Yuan). He has an adorkable goofiness despite his martial arts prowess and she is just so sweet without being syrupy. Kenny Kwan has a tendency to over-mug for the camera when he is meant to be lively but these 2 round up the Adventurous 6 quite nicely!

3. De’an Princess (Yang Mingna) and Li Manqing (Bai Fan).  This couple – what can I say? She is probably the reason for the misery of all the Li males – her husband who didn’t like (forget love!) her but married her to save his lover, her son who grew up with a distant dad and a super insecure mum and Li Hwai whose family she essentially ruined! Li Manqing, on the other hand, is totally over compensating for Li Hwai and in turn subconsciously neglects Li Zheng and is unable to see the good that is in Li Zheng.  Poor Li Zheng! The fact that he didn’t turn out to be a cold hearted brat despite his psychopathic mum and neglectful dad is refreshing (again, please don’t go that way show!!) I also like that this drama shows what happens when you make a man who doesn’t love you marry you and he stays with you out of responsibility/decency and neither one dies young ! It’s the living together when the initial intensity  fades that’s the true torture…… Even the handsome Xu Zheng Xi becomes Bai Fan and   skinny Xu Yajun rounds out to be Yang Mingna. Shangguan Xian (Michelle Bai) may have not gotten her fairytale ending but who’s to say that marriage with her father’s enemy’s son would have turned out rosy ?

4. Finally, Hawick and Yang Rong as the main OTP. They look good together and his boyish street smartness (kudos to Hawick for not making Li Hwai overly kiddy) offsets her serious personality nicely. Tragedy is written in the stars for these two so let’s hope it doesn’t get toooo dogblood!


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