[Thread] General and I (2017)

Updated: The drama is now set to released on the 2nd of January. And the the production team just released a long 5 minute trailer for the drama along with new stills!  


Title: General and I (孤芳不自赏)

# of episodes: 62

Release date: January 3rd, 2017,  January 2nd, 2017

Watch here without eng sub

Synopsis: When the mansion of Prince Jiang’an is under attack and destroyed overnight, He Xia and his attendant Bai Pingting is forced to flee the Kingdom of Yan. They got separated, and Pingting took refuge in a monastery where she meets the powerful general Chu Beijie. He is captured by the beauty of Bai Pingting’s zither playing, and falls in love with her. However, their situation renders this relationship a difficult one as they are from opposing kingdoms.


  • Wallace Chung as Chu Beijie, a powerful general and brother to the King of Jin. He falls in love with Bai Pingting at first sight.
  • Angelababy as Bai Pingting, a genius military strategist that serves He Xia, son of Prince Jing’an. Forced to flee the Kingdom of Yan after an internal power struggle, Pingting wanders all the way to the Kingdom of Jin and meets Chu Beijie.
  • Sun Yizhou as He Xia, an ambitious noble who is intent on seeking revenge for his family after being betrayed by the royal household of Yan.
  • Gan Tingting as Yao Tian, He Xia’s wife, the Princess of Qin. Her love for her husband ultimately leads to the downfall of her kingdom.


Released Dec 21, 2016

Released Dec/15/2016

Released Dec/12/2016

Released Dec/06/2016

Released Nov/25/2016

Music Videos/Theme songs


Released Dec 15, 2016

Released Dec 12, 2016

Official Trailers

Added January 3rd, 2017

Released Dec 21,2016

Released Dec 15, 2016


Filming completed: Sep 06, 2016

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10 thoughts on “[Thread] General and I (2017)

  1. I love it so far! Except I’m not a huge fan of Wallace in this one, maybe because some of the angles are kind of awkward. Angelababy is actually pulling off Bai Pingting pretty well in my book!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. When this drama was first announced, I didn’t care much cos I haven’t read the novel, have never seen any of Wallace Chung’s dramas ^_^; and wasn’t too sure about Angelababy’s acting (even though I adore her). But the promos and MVs released so far are really drawing me in!

    Looking forward to the prettiness, the characters and the epic romance. Also so good to see that there’s two OTPs and no love square (judging from the trailers) XD

    Liked by 3 people

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