Entertainment Update: TVB 2016 Anniversary Award, Anhui TV’s National Drama Festival

TVB 2016 Anniversary Awards held on the 18th with so many old faces showing up.

The big winners are Ruco Chan and Nancy Wu as Best Actor and Best Actress for their drama A Fist Within Four Walls which won Best Drama of the Year.

Benjamin Yuen and Grace Wong won Most Popular Male and Female Character also from the drama A Fist Within Four Walls.

Raymond Cho and Katy Kung won Best Supporting Actor and Actress

Vincent Wong and Tracy Chu won Most Popular TV Couple.

Jonathan Cheung and Ali Lee won Most Improved Female and Male Actor.

Chen Xiao and Michelle Chen welcome their son. Congrats!

7-month pregnant Ruby Lin learning how to bake. =D

The drama Feng Qiu Huang announces changes in the male and female leads due to conflicting schedule. The original leads Yang Rong and Merxat will now be replaced with Guan Xiao Tong and Song Wei Long .. =(

Anhui TV’s National Drama Festival took place December 20th, it will be broadcasted during New Year’s eve

Tang Yan and Luo Jin

Li Yi Feng

Leo Wu

Cheney Chen

Yang Zi


Vanness Wu

Joe Chen


Nicky Wu

Victoria Song

Ju Jing Yi

Jiang Yiyi

Mao Xiaotong/ Rachael Mao


Chen Long

Zhang Yun

The girls from UpIdol season 2 reunited at the 2016 NetEase Attitude Award Ceremony.

Xie Na won the award for variety show host

Chen Qiao En won the award for movie actress.

Zhao Liying and William Chang for iQIYI VIP membership


On Dec 14th Zhao Liying uploaded a picture on Weibo in front of a well known university stating: “If in the future I have the opportunity to stand here, I will expose my face! This is a great dream.” After that, her Weibo was flooded with mean comments about her uneducated background…..

Good friend Xie Na commented: “My beloved Xiao Gu, because of your hard work, you’ve earned others’ acceptances and loves, including mine. I’m proud of you!!!”

On Dec 19th,  Zhou Wei revealed that the whole “Liu Kai Wei and Wang Ou cheating scandal” was a just scheme to get Yang Mi and Kai Wei to admit that they were divorced.  He speculated that their marriage is already over and wanted to push the two into admitting it.


Video of his interview:




10 thoughts on “Entertainment Update: TVB 2016 Anniversary Award, Anhui TV’s National Drama Festival

  1. Rachel Mao and Yang Zi look fantabulous !!

    ZLY and WC are finally together in one frame ! LOL. I think it’s awful that ZLY was made fun of for the lack of higher education – not sure how that benefits anyone – netizens can be mean…

    In terms of Hawick and Yang Mi, I feel bad for both of them. Marriage itself is not easy and constantly expected for to be a failure is surely exerting pressure – I wouldn’t be surprised if there were cracks in the marriage (just like any other marriage) but that doesn’t necessarily mean that divorce is definite. Perhaps it was considered and then rejected – in any case , trying to force a confession seems pretty low. I would understand if they were the kind who like to parade their lovey doveyness as a facade for the broken marriage and the hypocrisy was galling but in fact they tried to keep out of the media as much as possible in terms of their marriage! Really wonder why this couple is “un-blessed” so much!


    1. Yea it’s sucks that one innocent picture from ZLY can lead to such…I mean talk about education..it’s doesn’t even mean much. Look at Steve Jobs. He dropped out and still started a successful company! I’m just glad that she is surrounded by good friends! =D


    2. I would have ventured that netizens feared ZLY might get unfair admission in a university despite stronger competitors for a seat, but they might just be salty at her desire for an education..


  2. aww XieNa is so nice to Liying. I love their friendship.
    The whole YangMi and Hawick thing is so weird. Tbh I do find it weird that he went to rehearse alone at night in her room, but it could have happened and just blown out of proportion by paparazzis which pick certain pictures to make it look weird. I dont know why people think that they are divorced already. They looked just fine to me before this “cheating” allegation. I think reporters ruin marriages just trying to get a scoop. Stuff like this will be pretty hard on them as a couple, even if he is innocent.


    1. I think it’s weird for them to be working like that at night too. But people should just leave them alone. They look fine to me too and so what if they’re divorced and not announcing it. Why scheme just to get them to admit it….


  3. Gorgeous pictures of the ceremony! I got so happy seen pictures of Jiang Yiyi, she is so underrated. And everyone looks gorgeous (Elisa Saab is so popular, hehe).
    That rumor about Yang Mi – Hawick Lau is so unjustified, considering how much hate he got over it 😦 And my Wang Ou…


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