[List] Baidu Top 10 Trending Searches


Baidu released a list for various topics, but I am only posting the ones related to the entertainment world. 


Top ten movies:

  1. The Mermaid
  2. Time Raiders
  3. Zootopia
  4. Mr.Six
  5. Big Fish & Begonia
  6. Chinatown Detective
  7. Operation Mekong
  8. From Vegas to Macau 3
  9. Captain America Civil War
  10. I Belonged to You.

Top ten TV series:

  1. The Descendants of the Sun
  2. The Legend of Chusen
  3. The Mystic Nine
  4. Ode to Joy
  5. Love O2O
  6. Ice Fantasy
  7. The Legend of MiYue
  8. Whirlwind Girl Season 2
  9. Yu Zui
  10. To Be a Better Man

Top ten male artist:

  1. Huang Zitao
  2. Wallace Huo
  3. Ma Tianyu
  4. Lu Han
  5. Song Joong Ki
  6. Yang Yang
  7. Li Yifeng
  8. Chen Xuedong
  9. Wang Baoqiang
  10. Wu Yifan.

Top ten female artist:

  1. Zhao Liying
  2. Angelababy
  3. Zheng Shuang
  4. Yang Mi
  5. Ruby Lin
  6. Zhang Tian
  7. Fan Bingbing
  8. Yang Zi
  9. Tang Yan
  10. Guan Xiaotong

Top ten sports figures:

  1. Zhang Jike
  2. Ning Ze Tao
  3. Lin Dan
  4. Kobe Bryant
  5. Fukuhara
  6. Sun Yang
  7. Fu Yuanhui
  8. Lebron James
  9. Cristiano Ronaldo
  10. Lionel Messi. 

Note: Some popular dramas in the end of the year like The Princess Weiyoung are not going to be reflected since they only had a short amount of time to trend. Most of the dramas on the list are expected since they also made the 10 billion views list by VLinkage.

Source: 1 


4 thoughts on “[List] Baidu Top 10 Trending Searches

  1. This looks like a pretty accurate picture of what was hot/popular in 2016! Interesting that Descendants of the Sun topped Legend of Chusen, but also not surprising that Chusen was the top Chinese drama.

    ZLY topped this list again – unsurprising as she was the queen of 2016 & starred in the top dramas 🙂

    I am quite shocked that Tao is number one for male artists… He hasn’t had any dramas or movies out yet. In fact, all the former EXO boys made an appearance on this list! That’s amazing. I am so excited to see if his popularity will rise when his projects get released


    1. I thought of you when I saw this list since both Tao and ZLY topped their categories 🙂
      I was also surprised by Descendants of the Sun, but I think airing so early in the year gave it an advantage. It was still really popular and even topped many international trending shows globally.


    2. Chusen’s ranking still surprises me! hahaha
      Not surprise with ZLY being at the top too. Super happy that she’s gaining so much popularity and recognition!! =D


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