Entertainment Update: Elle Style Awards, Happy Celebrities, etc

Elle Style Awards took place December 15th in Shanghai

Xa Zi Chen

Xu Weizhou

Tang Yan

Yang Mi


Li Qin

Ode to Joy girls : Liu Tao, Jiang Xin, Wang Ziwen, Yang Zi, & Qiao Xin

Ode to Joy won Annual Fashion Drama

Zhang Ziyi

Zhang Yu Qi

Zhang Yunlong

Song Weilong

Red Carpet Videos:

Ride the Winds, Break the Waves finished filming and released some posters. It was revealed that Zhao Liying and Eddie Peng will play Deng Chao‘s parents in the movie.

Paparazzis were following Eddie Peng after filming and caught him being silly.Someone was in a good mood.

Angelababy, who is 6 months pregnant, attended a ceremony in Hong Kong. She is glowing.


Luo Jin has been looking really happy recently.

HuGe and Liu Wen for Vogue

Nirvana in Fire 2 had its booting ceremony. Sadly HuGe will not be returning.


The cast of Lost Love in Times welcomed the press to their filming location. This is usually done near the end of filming.

The cast of Monkey King 3 arrived in Taiwan to start filming the movie.

Feng Shao Feng was seen arriving at the hotel.

Zhao Liying was seen at the airport. She caused a bit of a stir because she flew in economy class. A lot of people were praising her and took pictures of her in line with everyone.


7 thoughts on “Entertainment Update: Elle Style Awards, Happy Celebrities, etc

  1. Makes me so excited for Ode to Joy 2, the girls look great. I love the way Liu Tao dresses, it gives off a strong and powerful vibe like her character and herself.


  2. Everyone looks so happy these days 🙂 Omg Eddie is adorable *stared at the gif for a long time* and not shipping but Hu Ge and Liu Wen look good together 🙂 and I’m ready for Lost Love In Time


  3. Wow! You are so fast! LOve Wang Zi Wen and Yang Zi dresses. Tang Yan’s dress looks a little ill fitting but she is still glowing (probably from love :)).

    Zhao Li Ying looks relaxed and happy, yay!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes! Yang Yan has been looking so happy lately. She is just glowing since the announcement. I like Wang ZiWen’s edgy style.
      After finishing updating all the pictures, I realized a lot of celebrities just looked really happy this week. I am also glad to see Zhao Liying so relaxed and happy.


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