2016 Sina’s Best Performances Short Films

Sina announced the 10 actors and actresses for their annual “Best Performances” film. These actors and actresses participated in the making of 10 short creative films (with the help of 4 promising directors) at one minute each. The film was released on December 13th.

The list of the 10 performers are: Wang Kai, Tong Liya, Fan Bing Bing, Zhou Dongyu, Liu Haoran, Zhang Luyi, Zhang Yi, Ren Suxi, Hu Jun, and Song Jia

Theme song for Best Performance by Zhang Bichen.


Zhou Donyu representing her drama “Soulmate”

Tong Liya representing her drama “The Ordinary World”

Fan Bing Bing represent her film “I’m Not Madame Bovary”

Song Jia representing her drama

Ren Suxi representing her film Mr. Donkey

Zhang Yi representing his film Cock and Bull

Lu Yi Zhang representing his drama “Sparrow”

Liu Haoran representing his film “Detective Chinatown”

Hu Jun

Wang Kai representing his drama “When a Snail Falls in Love”

2016 video

2015 video

2014 video


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