[Recap] The Princess Weiyoung Episode 46-48

Title: The Princess Weiyoung

# of episodes: 54

Watch here with Eng sub.

Last episode: Li Chang Ru down fall. Now she is being held in isolation until she gives birth. Princess An Le was announced dead so now she’s free to do as she wishes. Weiyoung got promoted to be the king’s personal maid. Ming De snuck into the back palace of Tuoba Yu’s house to steal military secrets.

Episode 46

As the new personal maid, Weiyoung showed the king how to ease his headache by walking on rocks.

Tuoba Yu felt something wasn’t right during the party and decided to check. He found out that his key was gone and ordered people to secure the place and search for the thief. It was Min De that took the key and knocked the princess out to search for the military secret.

Tuoba Yu got Min De surrounded. They fought and Min De got injured. At that time, more masked people came to save Min De. They escaped.

After Min De escaped, he asked about Weiyoung and was told that because of the sudden attack, the plan to stop sending the poison alcohol to Weiyoung was not stopped. After hearing that, Min De rushed to Weiyoung’s room and stopped her from drinking the poison alcohol. To act normally, he drank the alcohol and took the whole thing with him.

Even poisoned, Min De made the guy promised never to harm Weiyoung again. With that, Min De threw up blood and fainted.

Tuoba Yu brought his men to Min De’s place to interrogate Min De but the princess stopped him. Tuoba Jun also came to visit. Min De told him he didn’t steal to military secret in the end.

Tuoba Jun came back to relay the info to Weiyoung. He found her copying books from the order of the King. He started teasing her about her writing skill and ended up helping her write. =D

Li Chang Le came to visit ChangRu on her request. Chang Ru told her the truth about her marriage with Tuoba Jun (He only did it to save Weiyoung).

While Tuoba Yu and Tuoba Jun were discussing tactics with the king, the king asked Weiyoung for her opinion. She told the king a story and reasoned that if the king treats the defeated people nicer, they will be more grateful to the country.

Episode 47

Tuoba Yu all of a sudden as the king for Weiyoung’s hand in marriage. The king of angry and asked to speak to Weiyoung alone. The king warned her that neither Tuoba Jun or Tuoba Yu are someone she can be with.

Tuoba Jun and Weiyoung decided to sneak out for the lantern festival. On the street, Chang Le saw them together and got very jealous. While Weiyoug was making her lantern, Chang Le knocked her out and set the place on fire. Tuoba Jun rushed into the flame and saved her!

Tuoba Jun gave Weiyoung a surprised lantern festival. (These two are just too sweet =D) while Chang Ru seemed to have another evil plan scheming up her sleeves.

Chang Ru’s plan was to set up Tuoba Jun and Weiyoung as having an affair but instead, Tuo Yu was the one that got involved instead. They both entered a room with scented odor that has paralyzing affects and fainted.

At that time, ChangRu brought the king and queen over to witness. But when they entered the room all they saw was ChangRu’s maid and an eunuch. At that time Weiyoung also showed up and pretend like nothing happened. The king ordered for further investigation.

Episode 48

Weiyoung purposely pushed ChangRu and knocked over the scented holder. The doctor told the king that the incense has a hallucination affects. The king deduced that ChangRu was the master mind behind the whole evil scheme. The king sentenced her to death after she gives birth.

After everyone left, ChangRu confronted Weiyoung on how she knows her plan. Weiyoung told her even with the scented odor, her love for Tuoba Jun stopped her from having effects. From there, she reversed the plan to expose Chang Ru in front of the king.

ChangRu got knocked out and all of sudden news came around that ChangRu suicide. When ChangRu woke up, she found herself in front of Tuoba Yu. He told her that she’s already dead and to rest there and give birth to the child.

The princess came to find Min De. He ignored her but she followed him out to a forest. He told her that he will try to accept her feelings.

Tuoba Jun got news that someone has evident to prove his father’s innocence. He went to wait for the person but he never came. That same night, Chi Yuan Nan and his masked men came to slaughter the whole house of a higher up official.  Tuoba Jun and Tuoba Yu started investigating this matter.

The king was informed that the sword used was made from the Liang. The king got angry and wanted to kill off all the Liangs. Weiyoung begged him to let her investigate the case. On the other side, ChangRu was plotting her escape.

Tuoba Jun phased out while playing chess with the King. The king got angry and concluded that he is like that because of Weiyoung. He relayed that anger to Weiyoung and told her that no matter what, she will never be with his grandson.

Chexmix: I’m a little behind on this drama but too far in to start the recap from the beginning so I’ll recap the last 9 episodes as Weiyoung ascend in power! hahaha. This drama is achieving such a massive amount of viewership that it is hard not to want to watch it and for good reason too.  Before, Weiyoung and Tuoba Jun couple is too childishly cute that makes it hard not to ship them =D and Tang Yan and Luo Jin just have amazing chemistry. After finding out that they are dating, it is impossible to not see that chemistry oozing out while they’re on screen! Beside them, Rachel Mao (ChangRu) is another actress to look out for! How can she look so innocent and schemingly at the same time!!? Kinda hoped that the characters were even more developed but definitely a good drama to watch!!



2 thoughts on “[Recap] The Princess Weiyoung Episode 46-48

  1. Hi!! I liked that Finally, Wei Young was using her brains to figure out the scheme beforehand. But I have to admit that i stopped at Ep 51 (haven’t watched the last 3 in succession) because a few things annoyed me too much!

    1. Why would Tuoba Jun and Wei Young be so obvious now? Then why all the subterfuge before? Just seemed unnecessary in the past and utterly foolish in the present !

    2. Why would the King confer Wei Young to be his personal maid? Doesn’t he have the eunuch already? Or his wives? Too odd and Wei Young is just unnaturally happy – he did wipe out her kingdom after all and refuse to clear her father’a name as a traitor (understandable from his point of view as it would make him look stupid) but how is she so chill over it (even if he is Tuoba Jin’s grandfather – no conflict? No agonizing?)

    3. Both Tuoba Jun and Wei Young know that Chang Le killed his mom and even if they have no evidence, surely they should be more wary around her?

    4. Is there no security in the palace?? Watch Ep 51 and you will know what I mean 🙂

    Having ranted that, Wei Young and Tuoba Jun are cute together and Tuoba Jun is way more believable than Wei Young in terms of addressing his emotional agony when discovering how his parents were killed. The quivering lip, the almost-there tear and the steadfastness in his posture. Tang Yan really should take on more challenging roles to improve her craft especially since she can no longer play the ingenue role : I cringed a little at her “cute” moments with the king.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh definitely agreed with some of the too lighthearted moments in the drama. especially with Weiyoung and the king’s relationship. On 51 now and somehow it just make me wonder why the king doesn’t think and investigate for himself but just listen to other people….
      I do like how Weiyoung is turning the table on Chang Ru (finallly!!!)
      They are definitely letting Chang Le go too easily. Because of that, she just keeps making her appearance to ruin their plan…


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