Entertainment Update: Tencent Awards, Marie Claire Fashion Ceremony, and other news

Tencent’s Star Awards was held December 10th in Beijing.

Zhao Liying

Li YiFeng


Jing Boran


Huang Zitao


Wang Kai


Wang Ziwen

Wu Qian

Zhou DongYu



Leo Wu


Awards went to:

Wu Qian and Deng Lun took Annual Youth Trend Artists

Cutting Edge TV actress: Jing Yi Jun from SNH48

Cutting Edge TV Actor: Xu Haiqiao

Trendy TV Actress: Wang Ziwen

Annual Leap Artist: Leo Wu

Trendy Drama Actor: Zhang Ruoyun

Best Role Shaping Movie Actress: Zhou DongYu

Best Role Shaping Movie Actor: Zhang Yi

Favorite Movie Actor: Jing Boran

Best Film: I am not Madame Bovary

Most Popular Movie Actress: Fan Bing Bing


Qin Junjie also won an award


Annual Variety Star: Jackson

Top Female MC: Xie Na

Top Male MC: He Jiong

Annual Trend Singer: Jane Zhang

Annual Trend Male Singer: Huang Zitao

Most Powerful Drama Actor: Wang Kai

Highest Quality Network Drama: If A Snail Falls in Love

Asia Entertainer: LuHan


Most Powerful TV Actress: Liu Tao (not present)

Most Popular TV Actress: Zhao Liying


Most Popular TV Actor: Li YiFeng. He was also named VIP Star of the year and made an honorable VIP member of Tencent.


ZLY and LYF posed as a couple (more than we ever saw in the drama). LYF: Biyao you finally woke up. ZLY: XiaoFan, I have been waiting for you a long time.LYF: Did you dream of me? ZLY: Yes, love life (?) This is currently trending.






Can you see my tears because this didn’t happen at iQIYI?

TV VIP Premier Select: Legend of Chusen/ Noble Aspirations

Best TV Series: Ode to Joy

Zhao Liying, Li Yi Feng, Wang Kai, and XieNa were sitting together.



Jackson and Tao were sitting together and talking.


Some videos: (I will keep updating with newer videos as they become available)




Xiena and ZLY:

Marie Claire Style held its annual fashion ceremony in Beijing on December 9th. For the first time since announcing their relationship Tang Yan and Luo Jin attended the same event, and they looked radiant.

They make such a good couple and look so happy.

Other celebrities that attended are:

Jing Tian


Zhuo DongYu

Gong Li looking fierce.

Leo Wu 

Jing Boran and Bai BaiHe

Huang JingYu looked classy with this suit.


Chen Yao


Yu Nan

Zhang JingChu


Zhao Wei


A lot of pretty dresses, but almost everyone was wearing black, white, or both. The only one that really stood out to me was Tang Yan, who looked gorgeous in red. I really liked Victoria’s dress, but Yu Nan was wearing pretty much the same dress just inversed colors. Out of the guys I liked Luo jin and JingYu the best, they both looked classy.

Zhao Liying joined William Chan as an iQIYI VIP Membership spokesperson.

William Chan received his during iQIYI Award show, but Zhao Liying couldn’t attend so iQIYI had a press conference today to name her their spokesperson for 2017.

The Princess Weiyoung finished its broadcast in China. In less than 30 days, it accumulated more than 18 billion views. Congrats!



36 thoughts on “Entertainment Update: Tencent Awards, Marie Claire Fashion Ceremony, and other news

    1. Me too! She looks more elegant and mature now.
      They do have more chemistry off screen, but they are a bit awkward around each other lol


    2. ZLY also shared that she would make time for relationships. Ahhh…there may be good news in 2017.

      Her next project is the Monkey King movie. I’m waiting for a drama lol LYF said he would like to work with her again.


  1. Lol. I can definitely see your tears. hahah if only the same thing happend at iQiYi with William Chan. more tears。
    2016 is definitely a good year for Liying! So many awards and so many projects.
    Tang Yan and Luo Jin are so cute together! =D


    1. ;( I love Qiyue couple so much and I was hoping for some interaction during the awards but…
      Anyways, I liked that at least I got something from LYF and ZLY. I also liked Biyao and Xiaofan. LYF and ZLY were cute today and fans are going crazy. Their fans get along the best from all her co-stars.
      Tang Yan and Luo Jin look so good together <33 I hope they get married soon *_*


      1. I just saw Li yifend and Liying’s interviewing clip. She said she wanted to have time for dating? in 2017!!? eek! I hope she’s already dating and will announce it in 2017!! hahah


        1. a while back she said that in 2017 after filming a drama, she is going to take a break and travel. Right now she is only working non-stop, probably has no time to date.


        1. I feel you that sounds like a lot. Good luck! Thanks for the link I will add it. I am still hoping the whole ceremony will be posted on youtube soon.


  2. Yay! Wu Qian and Zhang Ruo Yun got an award!! Zhao Li Ying looks great and so does Wang Zi Wen and Zhou Dong Yu.

    Well sounds as if ZLY is still ok good terms with iQiyi but it’s super odd that she didn’t attend their awards as both she and WC should have gone onstage to get their iqiyi spokesperson thingy together. What happened??


    1. idk I was having problems with some photos and had to re-uploaded but that was hours ago. Now I can see all of them. I tried the weibo links and they still work for me.
      I know iQIYI was so weird. I will get over it, eventually ;;;;


    1. yes they did, but I didn’t see any interactions. Tao and Jackson seemed very friendly, took a few pictures, and were talking a lot.


  3. Thanks!! That was quite characteristic of ZLY to be so frank in her speech that she will try to have romance in 2017 🙂 She and LYF doesn’t have that much chemistry though (in my opinion although better than Xiao Fan and Bi Yao) – even more with LGX and definitely WC!

    Qin Jun Jie looks good and Wu Lei is such a spiffy young man. Is Wang Kai getting too thin? Zhou Dong Yu looks good in the MC event too – Luo Jin and Tang Yan look happy together !!!


    1. So after Iqiyi heartbroken event, now I have Zhao Li Yi Ying Feng award together Hehehhee..who knows @lizzie they act ackward because there is something between them…*try create another shipping story.. lol..but still hope as both of Li Ying & William become spokeperson of Iqiyi perhaps someday they will work together in same event or drama or film or stage..really hope..


        1. I know! I have determined they are avoiding appearing on the same event together. Yes, she needs to take some time off and enjoy herself.


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