Second Impressions: When A Snail Falls In Love

Watched ep7-15 (thanks @chocolatecosmos for recommending me to continue!) and was riveted by the crime aspect of the show. It was well shot (love the muted colors), coherently developed and well acted by the ensemble crew. Special shout out to Xu Yue (Yao Meng) and Wu Xiao Yu (Ye Qiao) – both resonated with me, the former tender empathy and the latter womanly sympathy.

In terms of the OTP, I, for one, was actually glad that it deviated from the novel in that XuXu falls for Ji Bai first rather than the other way around. Didn’t read the book so have no hung ups on that front but the fact that Ji Bai was acting as a mentor only during her internship period and not helping her improve her physical fitness because of romantic inclinations removed the eww factor for me. I can deal with Xuxu having a crush on him – Ji Bai is like the perfect male who has saved her a few times (although he did it in the line of duty and I appreciated that the drama made pains to point it out as such)! It would be nice if they explained a bit more as to why he didn’t fall for Ye Zi Xi – does he not like complicated women? Did she push him away? even Zhao Han says that the only reason Ji Bai got into fights  when he was younger was because of Zi Xi and Ji Bai’s memory of her cheering him on at a basketball match was definitely not siblingy. That would give some context to Ji Bai the man as opposed to Ji Bai the policeman for some character growth throughout the drama.

Wang Kai fits the part here but for some reason, I feel that it is missing the X factor swoonworthiness for me (perhaps the lack of backstory which may change later on)- although his voice does compensate for a lot of it! Wang Zi Wen, however , is rocking it! Xuxu’s quirkiness is not overdone and her gait, posture and diction is just right.

Am going to continue watching it and looking forward to see the next chapter in Myanmar – fingers crossed that the romance doesn’t overshadow the crime and the balance continues to be maintained!




6 thoughts on “Second Impressions: When A Snail Falls In Love

  1. I’m loving WASL so much. A little sad it is ending soon. Not so much about the romance which was kinda understated (probably why most didn’t really like it) but I thought it fitted well with the heaviness of the drama as a whole.
    I tried Memory Lost while waiting for new episodes, it’s tonally more “idol-ish” and I wasn’t able to finish Ep1. Will try again once WASL ends. I think the difference in the feel is preventing me from enjoying ML on its own.


    1. I am glad the romance is underrated too – am not comfortable with a mentor/mentee romance especially if the mentor is the one pursuing so happy it turned out this way! Yeah, ML is a very different animal altogether – the crimes are more fable like and the entire premise is definitely more caper-ish. 🙂


  2. WASFIL is a pleasant watch so far. I feel like the Ye Zi Xi case dragged on for a bit but did love the acting from the whole cast. The drama really picks up the pace again with the Myanmar chapter!

    Also following Medical Examiner Dr Qin atm, it has similar vibes to WASFIL if you have time to watch another crime drama XD


  3. i actually watched ep1/2 of medical examiner Qin as I loved ZRY in both Novoland and Wuxin but my basic Mandarin was not strong enough to understand the forensic jargon and that ruined the experience for me 😦 they do have excellent chemistry though that trio 🙂


  4. I love ur impression posts on these dramas! It helped alot when deciding to watch them or not. Hahah.
    Decided to give WASFIL another chance and it has gotten more interesting as the story progresses.


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