[Recap] Rookie Agent Rouge Ep. 21-24


Can a young woman prove her loyalty to her country and her family? Lan Yan Zhi (Zhao Li Ying) is privileged banker’s daughter in Shanghai and a student activist who mistakenly comes into possession of a letter from the Japanese Army in 1937. She gets misunderstood for a spy by Song Mian, an upstanding officer in the Chinese Army. To prove her innocence, Yan Zhi agrees to infiltrate the home of her best friend, Feng Man Na (Tao Xin Ran), and help track down a mysterious spy.

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Episodes 21-24

Yanzhi is being tortured by Manna, who is growing frustrated by her inability to break Yanzhi. Qing Mu walks in and stops her. He tells Manna that she can’t kill Yanzhi since they can still use her. Manna tries various psychological tortures such as bringing in past friends or making Yanzhi face her fear of dogs. However, they all prove pointless.

As Manna grows frustrated she leaves Yanzhi in a room full of her pictures with loud music and the lights on so Yanzhi would be unable to sleep. They think she will only last eight days.

Tian Mu goes to visit Yanzhi and is shocked by her current conditions. On the way out she meets with Song Mian. She tells him about Yanzhi’s situation and how she doesn’t think she will be able to survive. But he assures her that Yanzhi will be fine and ask Tian Mu to deliver a message to Yanzhi’s dad.

Meanwhile Qing Mu and General Oshima are discussing their plans on counterfeit money. They want to find a printing mold that will make the process easier. Qing Mu assigns everyone on the special taskforce to look for this mold. Zhou Yuhao is afraid of the consequences for China if the special squad is able to mass produce counterfeit money. He decides to alert the National Salvation Army of Quing Mu’s plan. He uses the code and machine that Yanzhi had to send the message. However, Manna intercepts the message and becomes suspicious of Zhou Yuhao.

While dining out Manna asks Zhou Yuhao if he is a spy and if he sent a transmission concerning the printing mold. Zhou Yuhao denies it and directs her attention to another member of the special squad. Since Manna wants to believe him, she is easily convinced.

Song Mian and leader Wan discuss the message that they received and decide they need to recuperate the printing mold. Manager Cao has half the money mold and Lan Changming, Yanzhi’s father, has the other half.

They contact Manager Cao to give back his half of the money mold. Manager Cao arrives at a secret meeting place, but before he is able to meet with Song Mian the special squad arrives and kills him. Manna confiscates the money mold.

Qing Mu is thrilled by their new finding. They now had the printing machine and money mold. He takes Manna to meet with the general. On their way to his office they go through a hallway, where you can hear screams of people being tortured and experimented on. Manna finds this disturbing but tries her best to ignore it. She learns of their plans to break down the government by introducing counterfeit money.

Leader Wan can’t believe that they experienced such a huge failure. Now his only hope is that Yanzhi manages to infiltrate the enemy ranks.

Zhou Yuhao meets with his contact and they devise a plan to shift Manna’s suspicions to another member of the secret squad, Chen Jianlun. The plan goes off smoothly and Zhou Yuhao convinces Manna to wait until they have more proof.

Yanzhi has not been able to sleep for eighteen days. Zhou Yuhao convinces Qing Mu to use Yanzhi’s talent by forcing her to join their side. He suggest given her a mission to prove herself.

Manna brings Yanzhi’s dad to their headquarters and puts on a show pretending to kill Yanzhi. Manna wants him to sell her 50% of the shares of his bank in cash. He agrees. It is also a show to convince Yanzhi to join their side by guaranteeing her dad’s safety. She agrees. Her mission is to steal a roll of film from a Russian.

She gets into the house and finds the film roll. Accidentally she triggers the alarm, but manages to fool the security guards into thinking she is the sister of the madam.

After she leaves the police are alerted about a thief. She pretends to be drunk and drops the film roll in the pocket of one of the officers. The next morning she walks up to the officer and gets the film roll back by pretending to put her contact information on his pocket.

Yanzhi meets with Zhou Yuhao and Watanabe to give them the film roll. Zhou Yuhao handcuffs her and takes her back. Yanzhi asks him who he really is, but he only tells her that she can trust him. Qing Mu is impressed by Yanzhi’s abilities. They allow Yanzhi’s dad to see her for a few minutes.

Tian Mu meets with Yanzhi’s parents and tells them to come to church. They do and receive a message from the National Salvation Army, who want his half of the money mold.

Manna pays Yanzhi’s dad with counterfeit money since people will trust money coming from him. Yanzhi’s dad says he won’t examine the money and just hopes that she can keep her promise. He takes the counterfeit money into his bank without knowing it is fake.

Zhou Yuhao gives Yanzhi another mission. She has to challenge two chess masters at the same time. He teaches Yanzhi how to play chess. They put an announcement on the newspaper and her parents and Song Mian see it.

Song Mian and other spies are waiting for Yanzhi to arrive at the location where she will challenge the masters. Leader Wan arrives and tells them to leave if they want to survive. Yanzhi arrives right after they leave.

Yanzhi starts playing chess with the chess masters. She is playing with them at the same time, only separated by a curtain. She starts mimicking the moves they are doing against her. Essentially the chest masters are playing each other. Very clever. It was really funny watching the chess masters freaking out while playing against Yanzhi, who just looks bored. Meanwhile, Zhou Yuhao is betting that Yanzhi will win. She wins against one of them and draws against the other in a very Lan Yanzhi style. Zhou Yuhao ends up winning three million dollars.

Manna becomes enraged that Yanzhi was able to pull it off and tries to shoot her. Qing Mu arrives before she is able to shoot her. Meanwhile, Song Mian and other spies discuss the possibility that Yanzhi betrayed them.

As a reward Yanzhi gets to see both her mom and dad. Manna sees them and remembers when she was happy with her parents. She starts losing herself in her anger and jealousy towards Yanzhi. She goes out to have wine with General Oshima. He tells her about a drug that she can use to make others hallucinate and tell all their secrets. The next day General Oshima tells Qing Mu to help Manna break Yanzhi. They get Zhou Yuhao out of the facility and Manna walks into Yanzhi’s cell.


I am sorry it took so long. I went on a trip after my last recap and I was really busy after I came back. For me the main purpose of these episodes was to built a relationship between Zhou Yuhao and Yanzhi. You can see that Zhou Yuhao is drawn to her either because he wants to recruit her or because he sees a little bit of himself in her. I think it is both. For some reason he really connects with her and wants to protect her.

I don’t feel bad for Manna, she knows what she is doing and she understands how far she has gone and that there is no turning back. I think more than resenting Yanzhi for her parents she is jealous of her. She is constantly trying to prove herself. The only thing that makes me feel for her is how Zhou Yuhao is using her. I don’t think he cares at all for her. He never treated her like he treats Yanzhi.

Last I checked Rookie Agent had over 6 billion views.


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12 thoughts on “[Recap] Rookie Agent Rouge Ep. 21-24

  1. Thanks for continuing!! Was waiting for you to return so that I can fangirl over Song Mian and Yan Zhi 🙂 I guess it’s telling that my strongest memory of these few episodes is:-

    1. Song Mian looking at his wedding photograph and worrying about Yan Zhi (coz he has no other photo of her) – can’t be of his wife as he has other photos of her as shown in the earlier episodes; and

    2. Yan Zhi’s clothes – love all her outfits – and her sassy arrogance completing her assignments while being a prisoner. Fake it ’till you make it!

    I really couldn’t get on the ZYH boat and not sure whether it’s due to poor editing (guess the editor is not on that boat too!) but (spoiler ahead!) Yan Zhi liking him was really sloppily out-of-the-blue and out-of-character for her.


    1. I do think she has better chemistry with Song Mian. They just spark together. I don’t know if she will develop more chemistry with ZYH later on. I think Song Mian likes her and feels guilty about it.
      I loved Yanzhi’s outfits. They are all super pretty and she is still pretty arrogant. I think the only people who have seen her lose it are Song Mian and ZYH. I think Yanzhi is attracted to smart powerful guys. I haven’t seen the other episodes yet, but I will when I get a chance. Holidays are coming up so will be busy again until next week.


    2. There was an attraction between YZ and ZYH, but she got closer to him after she was captured. I guess she needed somebody to be there for her. And after helping her countless of times, YZ’s feelings were more apparent.


      1. Actually I didn’t see the attraction from YZ to ZYH – she was flirting with him to get what she wanted initially and with her character, him helping her doesn’t necessarily means that she will fall for him as she is pretty detached that way. I guess my biggest issue is that it never showed when YZ started falling for him – seems all too abrupt and a handy plot device for her conversion subsequently.


  2. Thanks for the recaps! I skipped a lot for this drama so I don’t really remember much anymore. But I think some of my favorite moments are in these few eps. where Yanzhi go through the process to transition from one party to another.


  3. Thanks for continuing recapping the series. I’ve of course finished it a long time ago, but it’s always nice to read about it. Like lizzieyen, I can’t see the chemistry between YZ and ZYH, even in the later episodes when their relationship supposedly blossoms. And yes, I also feel like YZ’s feelings for ZYH seem to come out of the blue. It should be easy for any girl to fall for ZYH as he is such a dreamy man: handsome, smart, protective, But somehow I can’t see YZ’s attraction.

    BTW, the stories of YZ’s pretended to be the sister of the Russian’s wife and putting masker on her face, as well as her playing chess with two chessmasters at the same time, are totally stolen from Sidney Sheldon’s book “If Tomorrow Comes”. I laughed hard when watching the scenes, quite in disbelief :))))


    1. really? that is interesting that they stole that from a book. I liked those parts, mainly the playing chess with chessmasters.
      So far I think YZ and ZYH have an understanding that he will help her. I can see his interest in her more than she being interested in him.


    2. @Miss attache had no idea it was from a book! I was actually impressed the scriptwriter could think of such a good plot detail! LOL.

      I actually wanted YZ to only like SM and be a bad ass spy and only use ZYH for their mutual benefit. I mean, who has time to fall in love with 2 men during the war while being a mole?? I guess the love line with ZYH was to reinforce her moving over to CPC which would have been the end game if she didn’t die during the war.


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