Second Impressions: Memory Lost

Watched up to Episode 24 and just felt the need to celebrate the awesome chemistry between Han Chen and Bai Jin Xi. πŸ™‚ Have always been a fan of Yang Rong and am now officially a fan of Johny Bai Yu too!

These two guys are on fire!! Love Han Chen’s sideway smirk and Jin Xi’s coy defiance in their interaction – it comes off natural and sexy. Refreshing to watch a couple solve crimes together while maintaining a level of professionalism (Jin Xi doesn’t fawn over Han Chen and neither does Han Chen treat her like a little girl) and yet still smoulder passionately in their private moments. Mutual respect with love is uber sexy! Too many times the OTP is kept apart solely to build romantic tension to the point it gets ridiculous so kudos to Ding Mo and Yu Zheng (I presume it follows the book?) for having the maturity to make it work and follow it through on screen.

Johny Bai Yu has that craggily handsome face which may not be everyone’s cup of tea but he more than compensates with the twinkle in his eyes and his portrayal of Han Chen as gruffly passionate. I really like that Yang Rong is finally in a female lead role where she loves the male lead and he, her! She makes her character lovable – spunky, smart and can hold her own despite being in love with the male lead. Once I got past the ludicrously high heels, I have to say that her outfits all look good!

Won’t spoil the drama for those who haven’t watched till Ep24 but the other aspects of the drama still remain watchable albeit a little far fetched re the crimes. I consider this bubblegum crime caper so am okay with the plausibility factor and hope it maintains the momentum and doesn’t go all dogblood in the last chapter (especially in tying up the loose ends on the amnesia backstory)

Looking forward to episodes 25-36 and Han Chen / Jin Xi forever !


22 thoughts on “Second Impressions: Memory Lost

  1. guys help o English sub please am a newbie in Chinese language I watched the episode 1 and it was cool I didn’t get what they were doing at all or should I keep watching so I should be getting the explanation cause I don’t get it at all


  2. Thank you @lizzie for your review, this drama more interesting than other two (love me if you dare & when snail fall)I think so I try to watch it without understand what they talking about..ohh I really want to watch it with eng.sub..please please..*begging on my knee


    1. No Englisb subtitles yet unfortunately. 😦 My Mandarin is not great but if you have any questions on this show, will try to reply to them as best I can !


  3. :). It is sometimes fun just to watch something easy and light – real life is complicated as it is!

    I have to say that I stopped WASFIL at Ep 6 and havent picked it up yet. It’s moving to the romance bit (from recaps i read on another blog) and I am not too keen on that! May pick it up again when it’s fully subbed and have a breather between other dramas…..


    1. I think my main issue with the romance was that they didn’t show the caring aspect of Xu Xu towards people besides Ji Bai. Ji Bai himself said she cares for her friends and is thoughtful (being a psychologist is a giveaway for that :D) and I’m a bit disappointed that the friendship between Yao Meng and Xu Xu isn’t as prominent as the parts between Ji Bai and Xu Xu. I was kinda hoping for an obvious reason why she was being extra nice to Ji Bai besides comforting him as a friend. Also want to see her exercise more and see her progress than her comforting Ji Bai xD


          1. Oh don’t worry πŸ™‚ it was on the back burner when I started Wei Young. Will probably pick it up again when there is a lull after this!


  4. I finally got the time to watch the first 5 episodes and I’m loving it so far! Bai Jin Xi cracked me up in the beginning with her smirks and attitudes. Seeing how it’s still awesome down the road, I’m looking forward to it even more now! =D Go Yang Rong!


      1. Yes! hahaha. that looooong and draaaggy drama to something well paced and funny is like night and day. I’m just surprised cause I thought When a snail falls in love was gonna be the more humorous one but it turns out to be the opposite!
        Glad that Yang Rong is getting her well deserved spotlight.


  5. Thanks for letting me know 13-24 came out!! I loved their chemistry in the the first season so is great. So glad YR is getting all the love and praise she deserves (I love her heels, I WANT her shoe collectionπŸ˜‚)


  6. I’m loving the chemistry between YR and BY. So refreshing! I can’t even tell the age gap lol

    The crimes are so-so. The chemistry between the casts pulled through for me.

    Glad YR is leading more! She’s such a versatile actress.

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    1. Yeah re age gap! Han Chen actually looks and feels older than Jin Xi πŸ™‚

      Very very pleased for Yang Rong – hope she gets more lead roles from here thereon πŸ™‚

      I think this is largely a chick flick where the OTP happen to be detectives πŸ™‚


  7. Yay for Yang Rong! It is gaining quite a following and is very popular with viewers, although the fact that 12 episodes are all released in one day is affecting the official viewer statistics for the drama. The numbers are soaring the first coupe of days – but then slowly declines as everyone watches all episodes in the first couple of days. On the day the second batch was released, Memory Lost was number one in online viewers by a wide margin compared to the number two drama (83 million versus 53 million)

    I can’t believe how different Bai Yu looks here as Han Chen compared to other dramas. They styled him good as Han Chen. Yang Rong is cute as a button and never disappoints when it comes to acting. I love the rest of the Black Shield team as well – great casting. I have a soft sport for He Feng Tian as Zhou Xiao Zhuan. He is so cute and loyal. I love his relationship with Yang Rong.

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    1. Oh good – happy for Yang Rong and Bai Yu πŸ™‚ don’t quite understand why they released 12 episodes – I too marathoned it over a few days as it’s pretty addictive.

      It’s my first time watching Johny Bai Yu and must say am thoroughly impressed. I like Leng Mian and Xiao Zhuan too – can’t remember the third dude’s name – but they make a good team. The actor playing Dr Xu looks his part of being overly calm and inwardly creepy and Cindy Sun did the crazy-never-was-his-girlfriend part well too πŸ™‚


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