[Review/Recap] Legend of Chusen Episode 55 (end)

# of episodes: 55

Chinese name: 青云志

Watch raw here.

The battle between good and evil finally began and the drama is finally ended!! (Just took about 3 months and 2 weeks for this to happen..that’s all).

The battle began with Tian Buyi facing off Guiwong, Xueqi to Biyao, and Xiaofan to WanDumen. Just as Tian Buyi was losing to Guiwong, Xiaofan jumped into defend his shifu. Guiwong flung him around like a kid playing his barbie and knocked him down. All of a sudden, DaoXuan flew in with the Sword of Zu (and his bloody injury) and face off with Guiwong, injuring him as a result.

Instead of finishing off Guiwong, DaoXuan decided to turn his swords toward Xiaofan stating that Xiaofan will be an even greater threat to the world with his power from Qinyun and Tian Yin. Time froze as the Sword of Zu slowly came down at Xiaofan.

Seeing what was happening, Biyao broke out of the frozen time and flew to defend Xiaofan. With her bell charm, she hoped to shield Xiaofan from the sword but the sword pierce through the shield and right through her. (the scene that I’ve been anticipating the most…for 3 months…54 episodes…lasted…. only….40 seconds….?) 

Just like the well predicted, Biyao slowly fell down toward the shocked and frozen Xiaofan. (Xiaofan…why do you more dead than Biyao…? and how is it all you can do is lay there and stare..? and why are you laying down anywayz?)

With no explanation, Xiaofan is now back at Guiwong’s headquarter and slumping over Biyao’s death.  In Xiaofan and Guiwong’s conversation, Guiwong told Xiaofan that he can leave if he wants. He only saved him out of Biyao’s wish. Guiwong hoped to use the magical rock that saved Xiaofan before to save Biyao. But in order for her body to last that long to get to Yudu, a person that loves her must use a powerful magic to extend her life force for 7 days. Xiaofan volunteered (you’re too late buddy!)

During the process where absolute concentration was needed for Xiaofan and Guiwong, Changsong and Yu Yanzi took this chance to finish off Guiwong so that they can control his sect. Luckily Qinlong was there to defend Xiaofan and Guiwong. Guiwong came out afterwards to chase them off.

Qinyun and Guiwong sects regrouped to discuss future plan. Xueqi suggested that they leave the evils sects alone so that they can fight each other while Daoxuan recuperate.

Wuyan continued to ally with Guiwong as Guiwon promised to find the antidote to his poison. Wuyan said no matter what his wishes for Biyao to live is not much weaker than Xiaofan’s. (Sorry kinda skipped this part. Too much talking)

The last 2 minutes of the series, we see Xiaofan back at the tree where he promised to roast a rabbit for Biyao everyday. He asked Biyao to wait for him. His hallucination of Biyao smiled at him and told him that she will wait for him. THE END!

Chexmix: My thought?  Just that I will not be watching season 2 or 3 or 4 or 5 if they ever make more. Last rant: HOW CAN THEY ENDED BIYAO IN JUST 40 SECONDS!! with no explanations, shock faces, mourning (even though she’s not dead), or anything. If it was me, I would have ended the drama with Biyao falling onto evil eye Xiaofan cause that last 40 minutes was such a drag (like the rest of the drama). Lol.  Ranting aside, I did enjoy the graphics and OST of this drama a lot! Glad it finally ended tho.


15 thoughts on “[Review/Recap] Legend of Chusen Episode 55 (end)

  1. i think there will be season 2,cz if u see the MV of this drama there a lot of scene that not appear yet like xiao fan when change to gui li n shu chang too
    i really hope the season 2 will coming ASAP T_T


    1. nooope. none. nada! seems like our expectations are too high. wanted an epic death with some crying and lots of evil auras. oh well.. it is what it is…


  2. Good job recapping until the end *moved*
    Seriously, this drama started with so much hype, messed up the whole production/post-production phase and dragged the whole story. Even the cast couldn’t save it for me at that point. Good thing it ended and hopefully, there will be no season 2 (especially no ZLY in it, she deserves better!)
    I just feel sorry for all the original novel fans who were so excited for this drama at first..


  3. even BY dying was underwhelming, they killed all the tension with the follow up. I was expecting XiaoFan to go crazy or something but nope. Ghost King even had to kidnap him. Honestly this drama was such a letdown in every level.


  4. I agree that the ending could have been tied up a lot better like how xiaofan just woke up at evil hq, like huh? Wtf just happened? maybe it was the editing…

    And I also didn’t like how he just laid there expressionless they could shot that scene better.

    But overall I loved this series, especially the OST and ofc ZLY.

    Can’t wait for S2

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  5. It is such a let down. The ending is just terrible. They should fire the person responsible for the editing and cutting. The story was really promising and I watched until the end. But the ending is leaving such a bad taste. The actors and actresses in this really do deserve something more decent. I mean, with that kind of ending, who would be motivated to continue and have the urge to watch the Part 2??????? Awwwwwwww……


  6. Ahh, the most memorable scene in the book. Late to the game, but there is how things went down in the book. Personally, I think the drama version is forcing its emotions too much, but end up somewhat failing at it. Also keep in mind that Biyao’s sacrifice is about 1/3 of the way through the book, and majority of the book is about the length Xiao Fan/Gui Li will go trying to revive and Xue Qi’s struggle to face Xiao Fan as her enemy. Zhuxian actually has a literary style in its prose and it is dotted with many poetic sentences, a rarity in modern Xianxia. I’ll try my best to translate the original and you’ll be the judge on how well the drama did it.

    Daoxuan using his last magical power, combines all of swords Qi into the Seven coloured Zhuxian sword. With thouderous sounds, it is coming towards Zhang Xiaofan like titans of the past.
    “Ahh!”Not only the demon sects are in shock, even people of the righteous sect was in shock of disbelief. Tian Buyi and Shu Ru face are white, Tian ling’er faints into the ground.
    Beside then, Lu Xueqi tightly holding the Heavenly Sword of Tianya, face white without a trace of blood, her sword shaking in her hand.
    The sword is not even close to the ground, yet cracks already appear all around him. A wild wind envelopes him, nothing other than sudden death now awaits hime.
    Zhang Xiaofan ‘s eye stood still, his body surround by the sword’s Qi, unable to escape. He could look at sword’s murderous aura as it is coming for him.
    This sound shook the earth, yet the sword is unyielding, for it is a weapon that will kill the gods and Buddha himself with heart or regret. It is still coming for him, his fate now sealed: he will shatter into ten thousand pieces.
    Suddenly, all heaven and earth has become quiet, even the thunderous Zhuxian Sword spell seems to hold its breath.
    That familiar and loving hand appears beside Zhang Xiaofan, with mystical, crisp sound of bells, pushed him aside.
    A incantation, silent for ten thousand years, now lightly recounts for the beloved.
    “The Sprits in the nine steps of Hell, The Gods and Demons in all heavenly realms. With my blood and body, as a sacrifice….”
    She stood in the howling winds, with a red eye looking lightly at Zhang Xiaofan, her face white as ghost, yet showing a hint of smile.
    The wind is flapping her green dress, as if in a dance. It is the saddest and most beautiful scenery in the world.
    Zhang Xiaofan’s heart sunk.
    Suddenly, he tries to speak, but the wind stops him; He crazily lead towards, yet was bounced back by a mysterious force. His eye filled with red tears, slowly running across his cheeks.
    The girl in the wind opens her arms, face a sword seemly capable of destroying the entire world.
    ……三生七世,永堕阎罗,只为情故,虽死不悔…… 剧烈的狂风突然转了方向,变成了围绕在碧瑶身边的巨大漩涡,那个婉约而美丽的女子被狂风推上半空,迎著那七彩流转的巨剑。
    “Three Lives and seven worlds, forever cast in the realm of Asura, for love its only cause, in death I shall not regret….” The howling wind suddenly changed its direction, forming a gigantic vortex around Biyao. That delicate, yet beautiful girl was hurled up in the air, in the path of that seven coloured sword.
    In that moment, she was in the light between Heaven and Earth.
    In moments….
    Countless blood cloud appears out of her body, forming a jade like crimson wall in front of her. At the same time, from her pale face, nine purple smoke steams out and shoots inside that wall of blood.
    That blood wall suddenly boils, heated by the flames of love, heated by all the fires of romance and fires of heartaches…. It casts an exquisite ray of light, against the heavens.
    And collapse with Zhuxian main sword
    and light so bright, no one dared to open their eye.
    The sound cannot be described in words, shook the entire universe. The seemly invisible Zhuxian sword now flies backwards, it’s focus sword qi is now whirling mess. On the Tongtian peak, montains shook, rocks dislodges, countless cracks appears on the cliff face. It is as though the end of the world is coming.
    Almost invisibly, a thin and tragic body slowly falls gently back to earth.
    In all heaven and all earth, all is silent; only one voice reverberates in between.
    A infinite darkness envelopes the world. He shivers, does not dare to move, does not dare to face, does not dare to wake up.
    Yet, he still woke up.
    His shivering arms, slowly embraces, and slowly opens, his eye gradually opens, facing this reality took his entire courage.

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    1. Wow! Thanks for that translation! This definitely gave me some closure for the drama. Chinese is such an artful language. You did a good job translating it!
      I have to say tho, Chusen is a very beautiful drama. The scenario where Biyao died was also very well pretty and well made but the cuts of it left a bad taste. They transitioned her death to abruptly.


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