[Feature] Introducing Chinese Voice Actress 季冠霖


How is everyone doing ^^? I am procrastinating more than I should… but yeah, I thought I may as well post a C-ent article :3. Anyway, I was talking to a friend who loves voice acting and she talked about the amazing 季冠霖 to me. This lady dubbed Sun Li in Zhen Huan Zhuan, Liu Yifei in Return of Condor Heroes and is considered as a legend in the dubbing world.

Ancient Drama

Return of Condor Heroes as Xiao Long Nu (portrayed by Liu Yifei)


Palace as Nian Suyan (portrayed by Tong Liya)


Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber as Zhao Min (portrayed by Ady An) and Zhou Zhiruo (portrayed by Liu Jingshi)


Swordman as Dongfan Bubai (portrayed by Chen Qiao En)


Beauty’s Rival in Palace as Dong Yifang (portrayed by Ruby Lin)


Zhen Huan Zhuan as Zhen Huan (portrayed by Sun Li)


Legend of Miyue as Miyue (portrayed by Sun Li)


Zhu Xian as Lu Xueqi (portrayed by Yang Zi)


Singing All Along as Yin Lihua (portrayed by Ruby Lin)


Video game dubbing for Chinese Paladin Saga.

… and many more to be named 😛 Here is a list of her works til Zhen Huan Zhuan:

Have you watched any of her works? Do you think she is a talented voice actress? 😛


7 thoughts on “[Feature] Introducing Chinese Voice Actress 季冠霖

  1. Back in spring, I watched 3 cdramas that happened to use the same voice actor to dub 2 leads and 1 second lead. It was a strange experience. I’m still playing “Where have heard that voice before?” game.


  2. Glad you posted this, I’ve watched majority of her dubbed dramaa but didn’t know who she was. Also, every time I heard her voice I got really excited because it was so familiar😂😂😂


  3. Allow me to add the following:

    The Princess Wei Young as Feng Xin Er/Wei Young (portrayed by Tang Yan)
    General and I as Bai Ping Ting (portrayed by Yang Ying)

    And yes, she is the greatest voice actress indeed, and my favorite too.

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