2016 T-Mall 天猫 11/11 Music Festival with Lay, Victoria, and More


What? Are you telling me the Double 11 is not only a festival celebrating the art of shopping? Yep… and for all of you out there who don’t believe in the need of over-consumption, T-Mall is here to make your day better ^^

For anyone who is remotely familiar with Chinese festivals, you would know November 11 is a big one. It is basically the Boxing day of China, with crazy sells online and at the shop. Even among my many Chinese friends living abroad, many spend this day surfing on Taobao and WeChat, thinking about the many fashionable items they should get for this year. T-Mall is the largest online shopping mall in China, and they are celebrating this special day with a Music Festival! Here are the clips of each performance ^^

Ma Yun (CEO at Taobao) and many celebrities for a Magic show. OMG, I can’t believe they invited Ma Yun and Scarlet Johansson.

Talking about crazing guests, they also got David and Victoria Beckham

Another class A guest: Eason Chan! He came to sing “让我留在你身边”

Lay with “I’m Lay” (Btw, his album is slaying on all charts in China at the moment)

Victoria with “Worth It”

TFBoys with “是你”, “小精灵”

Coco Lee with “Price Tag”

One Republic with “Apologize” and “Counting Stars” (OMG!!)

G.E.M. with “再见”

Hua Chenyu with “我的滑板鞋”

Li Yuchun with “Magic Show”

Bibi Zhou with “被中立拖累”

Da Zhangwei with “全都必须买”

SNH48 with “公主披风”

The whole festival can be seen here:


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