Entertainment Update: Vogue Festival, A Chinese Odyssey, The Game Changer, Inversion, Chinese American Film Festival, and more

Various celebrities attended Vogue 11th Anniversary Festival including Fan BingBing, Carina Lau, Shu Qi, Yang Mi, Tang Yan, Gulinazha, William Chan, Hu Ge, Li Yifeng,Tong Liya, Yuan Hong, Dili Reba, and the list go on and on…

Couple alert: Sun Yi and Dong Zi Jian ❤ They are so cute.

The Journey of Flower has been featured in the New York Times!

Princess Agents officially finished filming a week back

A Chinese Odyssey released a new poster and stills. Huang Zitao as the Monkey King will reincarnate… and reappear as Huang Zitao (in modern times)

Modern-day vs Historical 


The Game Changer has been picked up by Well Go USA, which has the rights to distribute the trilogy in the UK, the U.S., Australia, and New Zealand. CDC United Network acquired the rights for distribution in Latin America. This is exciting because it’s a trilogy based on the Shanghai Bund, a trio of gangsters (Huang Zitao, Peter Ho, and Wang Xueqi) who battle each other and rival mobsters in 1930s Shanghai. An entirely Chinese-language film will be shown in non-Chinese speaking countries!

Li Qin posed for SELF magazine. Such a pretty lady

In a joint China-US coproduction film, Liu Yifei will joined Samuel L. Jackson in the upcoming sci-fi film Inversion where Jackson will play as a Homeland security agent that will pursue two people, Liu Yifei and Travis Fimmel as “American con-man”, believing that they are responsible for “a terrifying loss of gravity” on Earth. I’m not sure how two people can affect gravity (it’s a property of matter and all things on Earth has matter…),but we shall see 🙂 

Eddie Peng is confirmed for the movie Ride the Winds, Break the Waves starring Deng Chao and Zhao Liying!

In the Chinese American Film Festival, Myolie Wu won the Golden Angel award for excellent actress, Zhang Hanyu for best actor, and Lin Yun for the newcomer award.

Zhang Yixing (Lay) attended a booting ceremony for the Operation Love 求婚大作战 , a Chinese remake of a Japanese drama produced by Fuji Film company and was televised in 2007. He will join alongside Chen Duling (she starred in Left Ear). The rest of the casting will be announced later on.

Wallace Huo‘s wax figure was revealed at Shanghai Madame Tussauds.

Third (ENG subbed) episode of Takes a Real Man:

To cap off this post, for those who are watching When a Snail Falls in Love, Yu Heng (who plays Zhao Han in the drama) has been receiving praises for his portrayal of an experienced police officer and have been capturing the heart of the audience. Go fourth brother (ge)!


10 thoughts on “Entertainment Update: Vogue Festival, A Chinese Odyssey, The Game Changer, Inversion, Chinese American Film Festival, and more

  1. Thanks for this super packed edition 🙂

    For me, think Jiang Jin Fu and Tong Li Ya are the best dressed – watching Takes a Real Man S2 and they are my fav ! After all the squad leaders (who are so adorable :)) Yuan Hong and Yang Zi would be next for me!

    BTW, is that ZLY in the red outfit in the Princess Agent 2nd picture? Looks like her at one glance but then not really!

    Hopefully Hollywood will have a proper Asian actress in a lead role (yay Liu Yi Fei although I don’t find that great an actress although a traditional Chinese beauty) and not the token FBB appearances in the superheroes movies.

    JoF for the Western audience? I wonder what the reaction would be! Personally wasn’t a fan of it but am glad it propelled ZLY to superstardom.

    Finally, happy for Yu Heng!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes this week is very jammed packed!
      I like Tony Liya in Takes a Real Man as well. But ill probably be like Jiang Jin Fu in the show >.<
      ZLY should be the one in red 🙂
      I like how for JoF they decided to put it after Henri Matisse's painting lol. Matisse was one of the painters that led the movement of Fauvism (emphasizing on painting qualities and colors)… so to sum it up, people who reads that section of the news probably like colors which I guess JoF will do 😀
      I really hope Hollywood gives decent roles to Asian actresses and more recognition for Asian men.
      And I'm happy for Yu Heng too since I like him in the drama.


  2. Everyone’s dress for Vogue look a little tacky… or I just don’t understand fashion anymore xD. My favourite looks are Shu Qi and Lin Yun’s blue dress ><

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I like Lin Yun’s look too! Too bad it’s for an award event. The Vogue Festival event seems lack on dressing etiquette 😛 Shu Qi’s outfit looks nice except I prefer without the flaps in the chest area. Then again it looks less boring if the flaps are there. I do wonder what some folks were thinking when they wore their outfits….

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Waaa so much to catch up on in the ent-world!!
    The red carpet.. There are more misses than hits for me. Guess it’s because it is more a fashion event than an award show so people went for the shock value more..
    Huang Zitao looks pretty good as Monkey King. Hopefully he does a good job because this role is a pretty big deal.
    Zhao Liying’s new drama with Eddie Peng and Deng Chao sounds promising, but the posters are so boring. Looks like campaign for breast cancer or something. Hope to see some nice stills soon.
    Wallace looks good in his wax statue, but the position… Is he next to a garbage bin? xD

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I like how poofy Tao’s hair is 😀 Also like the color of his modern hair because it reminds me of a monkey’s fur lol. Hoping he does well too.
      I’m waiting for more posters for appear for ZLY, DC,and Eddie. Eddie does look adorable in this poster 🙂
      A garbage bin. LOLOL. I look closely and it’s suspiciously hollow.. as if something should be there 😛


      1. same, I find Tao is 1) very generous with his expressions and 2) looks like the character. Hence, he is a really good choice to play Monkey King! Wonder what will happen to him in modern time..
        😛 haha, yeah, wish they gave him a standing straight pose..

        Liked by 1 person

  4. The whole white pantsuit thing has been done so many times before. But this time, the belt detail is interesting. Carina Lau looks like she stepped out of an 80’s TVB production. I pretty much only liked Shu Qi’s dress.
    Wow, Wallace Huo’s wax figure really looks like him!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The belt was a nice touch 😀 Wallace Huo’s wax figure looks a bit weird when you look at a very close angle 😛 But it’s one of the better wax figures that look like the actual actor. Wished they had made the figurine stand instead of lean


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