First Impressions: When A Snail Falls In Love

Watched 6 episodes and the verdict? A well produced crime drama with an interesting female lead. I liked how Ji Bai debunked Xuxu’s deductive reasoning in Ep 3 which i thought was over-the-top far fetched – totally agree with the assertion that although assumptions may lead to conclusions when supported with evidence but starting of on the wrong track and would definitely sidetrack an investigation. Unless deductive reasoning storylines are thought through well (ala Lie To Me or the Sherlock Holmes series which also stretches the imagination but still within the boundaries of plausibility!), they can come off a bit eye-rolling if it’s meant to be taken seriously (unlike say Psych or Monk which makes no pretense that it is not a crime drama!) WASFIL executes itself well in the crime procedural – love how Ji Bai does actual police work to get to the conclusion!

I am actually not too keen on the romance part of the show as I have a bias against mentor/mentee romances – just smacks too much of an imbalance of power and borders on an abuse of trust when a teacher romances his/her student! If Xuxu wasn’t an intern and calls Ji Bai “sifu”, I think I would be much more comfortable! Having said that, it’s still early days and hopefully there is more character development which may obfuscate this issue.

XuXu (Wang Zi Wen)

She is totally rocking it! Love the role (intelligent, confident to the point of quietly cocky, unapologetic, determined but not sardonic or mocking) and Zi Wen’s interpretation. She is definitely a good actress as it’s completely different from her role in Ode To Joy.

Ji Bai (Wang Kai)

Wang Kai looks supergood in this role – smart, lithe with cool moves – but somehow i couldn’t quite relate to him until he told Zhao Han why he thought XuXu was teachable(because although she was Very bright and self possessed, she was self aware enough to recognize that she embarrassed Yao Meng with her directness
when she blurted that Yao Meng was fangirling Ji Bai. He is still a bit too perfect and bland for me to completely root for so hoping for some character growth!

Zhao Han (Yu Heng)

Meng Xiao Yun from Decoded! I like him – he respects Ji Bai but is not a complete Watson ; he held his own with his views on XuXu and I hope he has a loveline with Yao Meng πŸ™‚

Ye Zi Xi (Zhao Yuan Yuan)

First time watching ZYY and she does the poor Lost little rich girl well with her sad eyes and wistful smile. I actually ship her with Ji Bai as I think her messed-up-ness complements her whitebread-ness pretty well!


12 thoughts on “First Impressions: When A Snail Falls In Love

  1. I’m glad there are parts that they rewrote (deviating from the novel) because they are giving more chances of character development for Xu Xu. There’s still the occasional shaky camera parts, but I’ve become used to it.
    I thought the way they wrote Yao Meng made her more likable (the actress is adorable) than the one in the novel.
    I’m hoping they add some development to Ji Bai as well.


  2. Yeah Yao Meng is cute πŸ™‚ in some episodes, I thought some of the fight scenes were draggy and I FF them. The shaky camera style doesn’t help either! They do all seem to showcase Wang Kai as the only one who can fight decently and take down the baddies πŸ™‚


    1. @bluehostcybermonday awww! thanks!! i am sure that i speak for all the posters here that we appreciate your kind words! Cnewsdevotee is a communal blog for the english speaking c-entertainment community and always happy to make new friends!


  3. I saw the first two episodes but I think the leaps are too much for me. Her reasoning for a lot of things is just far fetched. The actress is doing a good job pulling her off, but the writing is weak imo. Will see later if I still feel like watching it.


    1. Hi ! Hope you had a great holiday!

      I had the same feeling for the first 2 episodes too but persevered and the crime logic did improve. However it is somehow not arrestinf enough for me and not on my must-watch list (the romance bit is gonna be icky for me) and haven’t progressed past Ep 6 yet. πŸ™‚


      1. Thanks! πŸ™‚
        Yeah, it seemed a bit slow and the writer doesn’t have a good record with me since I didn’t like Love Me if You Dare. Will probably skip then and I need to get back to finishing Rookie Agent ^^


  4. Try Memory Lost – also by Ding Mo but because YZ shot it in a more fanciful / USA Network way, my crime logic bar is much lower πŸ™‚ Watching it for the OTP chemistry – it’s a lighthearted romp – check out her heels when she runs ! πŸ™‚


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