Entertainment Update: movies, dramas, and L’Officiel Fashion Night 2016

Statistics gathered from the 9 largest video sites showed that the 11 TV dramas Zhao Liying starred in exceeded 83 billion views! Journey of Flower has 24 billion views, Legend of Chusen has 22 billion views, Old Nine Gates has 11 billion views, Boss & Me has 6.7 billion views.

The Game Changer released its first poster [scroll some more :]. This film is the first of a trilogy (about the Shanghai Bund’s wildness). Through a series of stories, the worldview and game rules of Shanghai Bund’s gangs will be revealed. The movie version will be the center, there will be products in other areas i.e. comics, games, and online dramas. The online drama has already started filming! The production team of this film is American (from Hollywood) with the expectation that this movie will be released in North America. The Gamer Changer stars Huang Zitao, Peter Ho, Gulinazha, Wang Xueqi, and Choo Ja-hyun. The director is Gao Xixi whose last film was For Love or Money starring Liu Yifei and Rain.

BTS (Huang Zitao, Peter Ho, and Gulinazha)

New trailer for Railroad Tigers (subbed):

Hide and Seek held a press conference. Leads Wallace Huo and Qin Hailu attended. This movie is to be released November 4th

Hu Ge for Bazaar Men

Nirvana in Fire 2 (finally) confirmed its cast. Sadly, Hu Ge isn’t returning. Instead, Liu Haoran is the lead. Other actors are Wu Hao Chen, Sun Chun, Mei Ting, Jacob Zhang Bo, Guo Jingfei, and Qiao Xin. Although Tong Liya and Huang Xiaoming will appear in it, they are merely guest stars.

Beauty Private Kitchens will finally air (after a three year delay) on November 11th. It will broadcast on Anhui and Zhejiang TV, 2 episodes daily. It stars Zheng Shuang and Ma Tianyu

Zheng Shuang is looking so skinny on the set of Rush to the Dead Summer

Yang Yang (at a promotional event for a beauty product)

Yang Yang (new pictures)

Angelababy‘s baby belly! She is speculated to be around 4-5 months pregnant

Screen Shot 2016-10-28 at 11.58.06 PM.png

Journey of the Flower cast members, Tang Bao (An Yuexi) and Ni Mantian (Li Chun), visited Zhao Liying on the set of Princess Agents

Tokyo International Film Festival took place on October 25, 2016. Attendees from the c-entertainment industry included Wu Yifan, Jiang Qinqin, Francis Ng (with his son), Louis Koo, Jacky Cai, and Jessie Li

L’Officiel Fashion Night 2016

An annual Fashion Awards Night ceremony (held on October 30th this year) was attended by Yang Mi, Wang Kai, Yang Yang, Jing Boran, Zhang Tianai, Li Chen, Tong Yang, Wang Luodan, Tong Dawei, Zhang Bichen, Li Yitong, Zhang Xiao

Yang Yang won Most Popular Actor award

Yang Mi won the Most Popular Actress award

Jing Boran won Most Powerful Actor award

Wang Kai won Most Attractive Actor award

Xu Weizhou won for Best New Artist

Zhang Tianai

Jing Boran and Wang Kai

Lastly, the new episode of Takes a Real Man (subbed):


5 thoughts on “Entertainment Update: movies, dramas, and L’Officiel Fashion Night 2016

  1. Hello 🙂 I am back! Oh how I’ve missed being an active member of this family!!

    First of all, this community blog is such a great initiative! Huge round of applause for everyone making it a reality ^_^ Whilst I had gone walkabout when the initial calling for admins was made, it looks like we’ve got a very capable and passionate team at hand already! I think I shall just stick to making contributions in the comments section haha. 😊

    Secondly, I want to add that for those who were following Zhejiang TV’s ’24 Hours’ –I think there were some people who expressed interest on the show on cdramadevotee…

    It has been confirmed for Season 2 with the same cast members! Chen Kun, Han Geng, Wu Lei, Xu Zheng, Yin Zheng, and Da Peng.

    ^copy pasting my comment from avirtualvoyage here. There are a few pics from the press conference with Han Geng and Chen Kun, as well as a short video clip from Wu Lei ❤

    Very excited to see all 6 again, as well as seeing Yin Zheng's pitiful character on the show bahaha especially after his perfomance as San Sheng in 'Sparrow'. I feel like Wu Lei would defs be looking more like a man now *sobs*, they grow so fast!

    Finally, how is everyone? What have you been watching? I am now following 'When a Snail Falls in Love', and a TW-drama 'V-focus' 獨家保鑣.

    I also just watched Yang Zi's segment on 'The Jin Xing Show' available on YouTube.

    She is so relatable and what a darling! Just last week, we had Wallace Huo on the show; the two weeks before Wallace was Zhao Li Ying (I know how you guys all love Li Ying ;))

    Sadly she's been looking thinner than ever 😦 so much so that Jin Xing jie had to get Li Ying some cushions to make the big stiff chair more comfy for her.

    Okay now I can end my lengthy comment! Much love to you all ❤ ❤ ❤

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