[Review/Recap] Legend of Chusen Episode 51-54

# of episodes: 55

Chinese name: 青云志

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Episode 51


They continued to interrogate Xiaofan regarding his weapon and his alliance with Guiwong. Xueqi stood up for him regarding the lost of Xuan Huo Jian to Biyao. Feng Shang Gu started attacking Xueqi also for helping the fox demons (Xiao Qi and Sam Nian) in stealing his sect’s treasure.  Along withXueqi, LingEr and Jingyu also stood up for Xiaofan and used their life to guarantee that he is not a spy.


To prove Xiaofan’s innocence, Jingyu handed the box he found in his shifu’s room to the zhang men, though he didn’t say who the spy was. Zhang men summoned Uncle Wong who has been traumatized since they day of the killing in Chao Miao Village to identify the killer. Uncle Wong pointed at Tian Ying Ge’s zhang men and screamed ‘ghost’. Only then did Tian Ying Ge’s zhang men explained everything to everyone regarding Puzhi.


Jingyu, finally knowing the truth, broke down crying. And his shifu took this chance to attack the zhangmen and stabbed him in the stomach. This led to a fight and ended with, both, the zhang men and Chang song (Jingyu’s shifu) severely injured.


When asked why he is doing this, Changsong started recounteing the good deeds that Wang Jianyi did for all the shifus at Qinyun and the results he received in the end. Xueqi’s shifu used to be in love with him and he saved her life once. Xiaofan’s shifu used to be a slow witted disciple that no one favor but Jiangyi was always there to support him and teach him. However, during Jiangyi’s downfall no one was there to support him.  Changsong felt that Jiangyi was wrongly punished  and wanted to ruin Qinyun as revenge.


It was announced then that the demon sects are attacking Qinyun. (Changson disappeared during that time). With that, Qinyun’s sacred ground turned into a battle field between good and evil. Xiaofan’s shifu gave Xiaofan his weapon and told Xiaofan to defend Qinyun and guard the sword of Zu. He joined the rest of them in battle at the entrance of Qinyun while the shifus tried to heal the zhangmen.


Xueqi faced off with Qin Wuyan while Jingyu faced off with Jing PingEr at the door to Qinyun. But seeing that he was ok, Jing PingEr just took off and left instead.

Episode 52


Changsong came face to face with Jiangyi. He asked Jiangyi to leave Qinyun but Jiangyi refused saying that Qinyun is his home. YueYi also came into the picture to convince him. However, he still refused and so they started fighting.


Changsong took that opportunity to enter the house and came face to face with Jingyu. They also started fighting.



In front of the sealed door of the sword of Zu, we have Xiaofan standing guard. Biyao approached him and asked him again to leave with her. He confessed that he liked her……but…..he cannot leave. She asked him is it because of what he saw in the well? He didn’t answer but (awkwardly) asked her to leave this place and live happily. Seeing that he will not change his mind, Biyao started to attack him. But noticing that YueYi was in danger, she left to help. (This was suppose to be an emotional and heart breaking scene yet it looked really awkward. Sorry but Xiaofan here just could not deliver that feeling of struggle where he’s in love with her yet chose to give up on their relationship.)


Back to the battle ground, Changsong was facing off with Jingyu when he also noticed that YueYi was in danger and rushed to her aide. When Changson got there, Jiangyi had already injured her, therefore he took her and they fled.


At the bridge to Qinyun, Xueqi’s shifu and Qinglong was fighting when Guiwong joined the fight. With Qinyun’s side loosing, Xiaofan’s shifu destroyed the bridge and took Xueqi’s shifu and left. Inside Qinyun, Tian Yin Ge and Feng Shang Gu zhangmens were still trying to heal Qinyun’s zhang men but his injury was too severe for a complete recovery. With nothing more to do, they also left.


Since failing to steal the sword of Zu, Guiwong planned to attack again the next day while Qinyun are still in a chaos. Jing PingEr warned Biyao not to go back to the battle tomorrow since it will be more dangerous. Biyao refused. She said that whether it is for Xiaofan or her dad, she must go back to Qinyun. She wanted to be able to protect Xiaofan when the time came.


Xiaofan’s crew hid out in Chao Miao village for the night with the addition of ShuShu who joined them after he heard news of the battle.

Episode 53


Biyao helped YueYi applied medicine to the injury that Jiangyi caused. Yueyi also tried to convince Biyao to not go up to Qinyun tomorrow since they won’t know what will happen. Biyao, once again, refused. She asked that if Xiaofan can let go and forgave PuZhi for killing his parents then why can’t Guiwong also do the same regarding the battle that happened hundreds of year ago.


Xiaofan and Jingyu came to Guiwong’s hideout following a secret passage from Chao Miao village while Xueqi and ShuShu are planning bombs around the hideout of the demon sects. At Guiwong’s hideout, they overheard the head of Wan Du Men and Ding Hai Zhuang sects talking. The heads did not like Guiwong’s plan and was worried about the power division after the attack thinking that Guiwong will give the power to Xiaofan and “swallow” Qinyun once it falls . They plan to hold back during the attack and see how the battle will play out the next day. After they left, a disciple of Ding Hai Zhuang found Xiaofan and Jingyu hiding spot.


Jingyu got captured by Gui Wong. Gui wong told him that he will not kill him because of the demon blood running through his veins. He asked Jingyu who injected the blood. Jingyu told him it was his shifu (even though it is not!). Jing PingEr also came to visit the captured Jingyu. She deducted that he purposely got captured to see Biyao. He said that beside Biyao, he also wanted to see one other person and make sure that they don’t hurt each other during the big fight. Even though she said she was on order to kill him, in the end she let him go.


Qin Wuyan approached the idle Biyao and told her that tomorrow he will follow Gui Wong to Qinyun. And if he sees Xiaofan, he will kill Xiaofan himself.  Biyao got angry with that statement but got silent when he asked her to choose her dad or Qinyun (Xiaofan) who they have rivaled against for thousands of years.


Yueyi and Wan Du men started quarreling when he started harassing her. He implied that Biyao will marry Wuyan and soon she will marry him. After Guiwong broke off the fight, Yueyi asked Guiwong how could he have approved of Biyao and Wuyan marriage. He said he didn’t but he also didn’t denied it because it ensures that Wuyan will protect Biyao during the fight.


Xiaofan snucked into the hideout to look for Jingyu but got caught by Mr. Ghost instead. Somehow they ended up where Jingyu and Jing PingEr was and Mr. Ghost captured PingEr and fled. Xiaofan decided to look for Biyao and ask her to protect PingEr while the rest of the crew plan out for the big battle.

Episode 54

Xueqi and Jingyu set a plan to cause disputes between the demon sects by planting Wan Du Men’s disicples’ weapons in Ding Hai Zhuang territory so that they would start suspecting one another of stealing. The alliance between the three demons start to fall apart. Wan Du Men decided to go ahead and attack Qinyun by themselves.


Xiaofan found Biyao but didn’t want to approach her. However her bells sensed him and she called out for him. They finally met and he told her that he’s here to kill the demon sect. She said she knows and for him to kill her since she is in front of him. He mentioned that when the big battle comes, they will have to fight to death. He pulled her in for a hug and whispered to never see her again and left. (Xiaofan….stop breaking Biyao’s heart!!)

On his Shifu’s order, Wuyan headed back to Gui Wong Zhong as a spy. On his way back, he came face to face with ShuShu. Shu Shu asked Wuyan if he forgave him for the cause of his grandfather’s death will he turn back and leave the demon sect. Wuyan said that that is impossible. He has his own fate. They started fighting. Jingyu, Xueqi and Xiaofan also joined the fight and Qinlong came in Wuyan’s defense. And Guiwong also popped out of nowhere!

Guiwong told them that Qinyun is currently under attack. Xiaofan and them hurried back when they heard that. They each defended Qinyun against Wan Du Men at different spot. ShuShu met up with his dad at the gate of Qinyun. Xueqi met up with her Shifu. Jingyu went back where Jiangyi is and was asked to deliver a box to the zhangmen. On his way out, he faced off with Yu Yan Zi and injured him.


Xiaofan faced off with Wan Du Men and both part got severely injured in the fight. Xiaofan fainted and his shi xong took him back to Qinyun. LingEr announced that after the battle she will get married. His shi niang gathered everyone to protect the main hall of Qinyun.

Guiwong, Biyao, Qinlong and YueYi leading all of Guiwong Zhong to Qinyun for the final battle.

Chexmix: We are nearing the end of the drama and yet I feel it hasn’t gone far with the last 10 episodes leading up to this big battle. And after that awkward performance by Xiaofan, I’ve truly given up on the Fanyao ship. It’s sad to say, but I’m just looking forward to Biyao’s death/coma now. hah. And if you don’t know, the last episode will not be released until November 8th!! To give viewers the chance to reminisce on the good old story of Chusen for the next  week and a half.  Anyway, I’m glad I was about to get this post out before I leave. =D I’ll be gone for the next two weeks so I won’t be able to recap the last episode till then. Let me know how the last episode end!!

4 thoughts on “[Review/Recap] Legend of Chusen Episode 51-54

    1. Hahah good choice. But honestly the eps leading up did not leave any anticipations. So even after watching up to do 54 I didn’t feel anxious to watch 55. Sad…


  1. thanks for recap, it’s really helpful. I’m kinda confused that 54 episodes left but they only partly show us demon-Xiaofan when there was many scenes in opening and ending clips. Are they going to put all this in one episode? Practically there is many things they should tell but it already one episode left till end of the show. Feels like more staff is left for season 2


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