Entertainment update: dating news, updates, and Railroad Tigers

China’s “first paparazzo”, Zhou Wei, gave an interview and exposed celebrities!

FIRST: Yang Yang and Li Qin have been together before (not now)

SECOND: Tang Yan‘s boyfriend is Luo Jin (still together)

MORE revelations below…

As for Zhou Wei, he is the one who exposed Zhang Ziyi and Wang Feng, Gao Yuanyuan and Mark Chao, as well as Wen Zhang and Yao Di. Also, he exposed Faye Wong’s divorce, Zhang Yimou’s secret wife, etc… So, he’s considered a reliable source of information (source: http://www.globaltimes.cn/content/852589.shtml)

Zhuo Wei also confirmed (take this with a grain of salt):

  • Sun Yang has a son
  • Chen Kun’s mother said that her grandson has no mother (what?!). Zhuo Wei confirmed that it’s not Zhao Lin like people believed [I didn’t even know Chen Kun had such a grown son!]
  • Someone asked whether Zhao Liying was really a bar girl (served customers in a bar) – he replied that it does not matter because all that matters now is that she grasped opportunities well
  • Someone said, why does Fan Bingbing always have so many (sexual) rumours surrounding her? He replied that it’s not too much [she used to date a famous gangster]
  • Someone asked… was Wallace Huo forced to get married? He replied that the truth will reveal itself with time [rumoured that WH got drunk the night before his wedding and lamented about having to get married]
  • Regarding Kimi Qiao’s death: His girlfriend discovered him, and called the ambulance. However, it took 10 minutes, and the rescue was useless. Supposedly, he died suddenly without any warning
  • Someone asked about Wang Kai and Joe Chen. He replied that, “I can only say that Joe Chen is not Wang Kai’s type”
  • Yang Mi and Hawick Lau’s divorce should be happening soon. However, he hopes that they can be together with the hope that they can be as loving as before
  • Couples who are very much in love: Deng Chao and Sun Li, Zhang Jie and Xie Na
  • Fan Bingbing’s brother is not her illegimate son
  • Bai Baihe’s reputation is not actually good
  • Zhou Dong Yu is very calculated. As it stands, he says he cannot see her true face
  • Huang Xiaoming has a good reputation within the entertainment circle
  • Stephen Chow is a lonely genius

AGAIN, take all of this with a grain of salt please!

Wallace Huo and Ruby Lin (her belly is growing)

A young Yang Yang and Li Qin

An old picture of Tang Yan and Luo Jin

Railroad Tigers held a press conference October 25th. This is an action comedy about a railroad worker (Jackie Chan) who leads a team of freedom fighters to oppose the Japanese in order to get food for the poor. It will be released in North America, the UK, Australia and New Zealand as well as China on December 30th. Seems that there’s Japanese actors in the mix (surprised this was okay… nowadays, China is strict about that)

Screen Shot 2016-10-25 at 2.40.04 AM.png

Jackie Chan, Huang Zitao, Wang Kai, Darren Wang, Alan Ng, and Sang Ping attended the press conference

A video of part of the press con (the director and Jackie Chan talks about how they chose Huang Zitao because of his debut video for EXO where he performed martial arts and he was the first person cast for the movie):

Huang Zitao

Wang Kai


Darren Wang


Taotao and Jackie Chan (who has his name emboidered onto his jeans)



Lin Gengxin for SELF magazine November edition

Li Yifeng is the new brand ambassador for TAG Heuer

William Chan was at the Beijing airport surrounded by fans when he saw a grandmother suddenly fall. He bypassed entourage to prop up the grandmother. When she confirmed there was no problem, he left to get on the plane


Huang Zitao‘s airport fashion

24 thoughts on “Entertainment update: dating news, updates, and Railroad Tigers

  1. Ughh that reporter guy looks so pleased with himself, like some kind of great big fly. Idk, intially I was pretty curious about the news, but the more I read on, I just get the vibe that this guy is really just enjoying other ppl’s dirt too much.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I find Darren Wang cute (which is why I’ll might be watching Railroad Tigers; just because of Darren Wang LOL) but his hair that he 90% of the time slicks back, Darren… please.


    1. If you like Darren Wang, check out Ghosts Blow Out the Light (it’ll be released soon)! He’s the second male lead so much more screen time in that one!! 🙂


  3. Is it really wise to post about (often times) baseless rumors in a C-ent NEWS blog? Zhuo Wei is trash and a stalker. He’s so shady and attention-seeking and people shouldn’t give him attention at all.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. My issue is that those people’s private lives should be their own private lives. He has no business “exposing” them. He’s a creep.


        1. That’s how we get all the news unfortunately… paparazzi :’) I agree though, they’re creepy, but we wouldn’t know anything without them. Also, celebrities know this is what they signed up for… when they decided to become famous and date other stars. And paparazzi are also trying to make a living too. So, it is what it is. We all work to survive!


  4. Woah! Yang Mi and Hawick is divorcing!!? 😯 Mind blown. Wasn’t really a big fan of Hawick but was hoping that they could have lasted longer……


    1. Yea 😦 it’s pretty sad… I think it’s pretty obvious when they haven’t even seen each other in a year or something like that. Maybe it’s hard because they’re both so busy with their own lives


        1. Somehow I feel that YM and HL will not divorce as the public backlash is something YM will not want. She strikes me as very savvy – probably lead separate lives if things are that bad. As it is she is already being crucified by the HK press.

          Having said that I hope they work things through – every marriage has their ups and downs and it’s even harder when it’s in the public eye.

          Liked by 1 person

          1. Sad that breakup/divorce gossip has been surrounding them for so long (HK tabloids have been esp keen on reporting about their relationship =_=) It does seem like they’re always filming dramas/movies and don’t spend much time together as a family.

            Hope they are able to work things out…


  5. It sad that YM & Hawick are divorcing. They are so perfect together. I wonder if LYF is the third party since they filmed together in fall in love like a star. Only YM & Hawick knows the truth what really happened btwn them. Its also sad that their daughter is so small and need both the parents love. Hawick seems to be in love with YM, but YM not so so. Her pregnancy is the only reason y she married him in the first place.


    1. I did read LYF was the third party (the fling between LYF and Yang Mi is over), but Yang Mi and Hawick Lau supposedly have an open relationship… so who knows? It’s so sad for their daughter though. I think there is a pressure to get married if you’re pregnant, but I would like to think that they were actually in love!


  6. Is that paparazzi allowed to say these stuff? He could get sued by those celebrities…
    The Luo Jin and Tang Yan thing was pretty obvious, so not surprised by that revelation. I just hope the Yang Mi and Hawick divorce isn’t true. ><


  7. I can’t stop imagining nunchucks with Tao now lmao. I remembered seeing his EXO debut clip with his martial arts moves.
    Jackie Chan is that cool hip uncle from the block 😀
    My family enjoys most of his produced films and this one has Nick and Darren!
    Awww LQ and YY look so cute. Hoping LQ gets more recognition. I should check out Princess WY just for TY and LJ despite the drama deviating form the novel… the posters are so tempting for that drama lol.


    1. Yeah I hope LQ gets recognition soon . She is so pretty and a fairly decent actress . I watched her with Ron Ng in Return To Happiness.


  8. Yang Yang and Li Qin are so adorable. Idk why but I thought Tang Yan and Luo Jin were getting married. I feel like they secretly are(Im starting the rumor right now😂😂) also Darren seriously has the cutest smile actually the cast looks great.


      1. Is that news reliable? … but we don’t really need confirmation, when pictures speak a thousand words. It was for certain that they are more then just friends when he stay overnight with her at her hotel room during the filming of Princess WY. Heck they might even be married already. There’s rumor circulating that they are living together and have registered ( …but it’s again just rumor).


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