First Impressions: Memory Lost

UPDATE!! New episodes to be released on 14 November 2016!!


Watched 3 episodes and so far, the verdict is GOOD! Bai Jin Yi (Yang Rong) is spunky smart (but not overly so) with the best suits and stilettos while Han Chen (John Bai Yu) is the right mix of mildly brusque, intelligence and mystery. Love the scene where he helped Bai Jin Yi down from the container – he is sufficiently pragmatic without overdoing the hero-saving-damsel-in-distress trope and she is shown to be having a weak moment but not immediately transforming to a fragile flower.

Too early in the show to comment on the cases itself (disclaimer: I didn’t read the book) but for now, the first case is rather beguiling. I hope that there is a satisfactory resolution (my pet peeve with.crime drama!) since this was adapted from a novel. The case also allows Yu Zheng to indulge in his love of pretty and even Zhang Zhe Han makes a cameo !

Am so happy that Yang Rong is in a bonafide lead role which caters to the broader audience (Ding Mo adaptation + showing on iQiyi). Have always thought she was super underrated and unfortunately casted as second fiddle to less acting accomplished first tier actresses (Angelababy/Tang Yan/Yuan Shan Shan) despite having the more layered or interesting role. Although she was the lead in Cosmetology High and Love for Three Lifetimes, they were somehow overlooked.

First time watching Johny Bai Yu and although 9 years younger than Yang Rong, they look good together as he has a mature face. He is carrying the role well as the character could be interpreted to be overly stoned (cough cough Xiao Fan ….) but he is straddling well between a man burdened with a secret and a hormonal man who banters and subtly flirts with an attractive female colleague.

The other characters to appear consistently to date is Zhou Xiao Zhuan (He Feng Tian), sidekick to Bai Jin Xi and Xu Si Bai (Li Jian/Lee Gun), the beleaguered second male lead who is in love with Bai Jin Xi but she treats him like a brother. Xiao Zhuan is like a terrier and a likeable facet to the show but I hope the show explains why Bai Jin Xi has no romantic feelings towards him as he is definitely a good catch (a doctor with forensic knowledge and cooks her delicious meals!). I did find it a bit creepy that he tried to kiss her while she was napping in a couch in office with tears down her cheek from her nightmare (she has amnesia from an accident 5 years prior).

Hopefully the show maintains its momentum and doesn’t start Β getting dogblood… fingers crossed !!!

21 thoughts on “First Impressions: Memory Lost

        1. Oh I see. It fizzled off a little to the end for me but it was still a good watch. Let me know what you think when you have seen it!


  1. Does anyone know when the next batch of 12 episodes of Memory Lost get released? Or is it only two episodes per Monday from now on? So addicted to this drama cause it really follows the book πŸ™‚


      1. Yup. I’ve read that theres 3 Seasons (Batches) to be released. Anyone can confirm this? The second season/batch will be released around end of November and the 3rd batch in December πŸ™‚


  2. I started watching when a snail falls in love but so far it hasn’t caught my interest. (less funny than the trailer made it out to be…) I’ll probably switch over to memory lost since you seem to have a better experience with it. hahaha


    1. I think for Snail in terms of the couple dynamic, Ji Bai is the stronger, physically of course and the show is making it obvious that Xu Xu needs to work on getting physically stronger. Hence it feels a bit unbalance in the beginning between him and Xu Xu. It gets cuter and funnier when he starts to pursue her lol. The romance is snail like in the beginning πŸ˜…. With ML it’s somewhat more balance in the beginning plus later on the crimes start to relate back to the couple more so. Although I do relate more to Xu Xu though πŸ˜„


      1. @bananachocolatecosmos

        Have you started watching WASFIL? What do you think ? It’s also being subbed which I think will be very helpful. For ML, I am just guessing on some of the police work (based off my years of watching crime drama :)) as the Mandarin escaped me sometimes !

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        1. Hello lizzieyen πŸ™‚ I’ve watched two episodes of WASFIL. I find that some transition scenes can be edited shorter (a bit awkward) and the transition from the opening (song) or to the ending song was a bit abrupt? I think ML had more suspense for the first episode. Have yet to watch the other episodes (only watched first). For me ML matches the novel more so especially with the beginning scene as WASFIL opt to pick a later portion of the novel and place it in the beginning. Also WASFIL changes some details around. Not like ML didn’t change some stuff around (the appearance of Han Chen was more mysterious in the novel… well most Ding Mo’s novels are through the perspective of the female so readers didn’t know Han Chen would be in the hotel until Jin Xi fought with him). Overall, I’m enjoying both dramas and all the actors πŸ˜€


          1. I forgot to mention I only read the beginning of each novel so I have no idea how both stories will play out in the end. Also I had to guess stuff during their lengthy speeches πŸ˜… . I’m trying to send license requests on Viki for Memory Lost so that hopefully some subbers can help me understand the police stuff more. Both females like criminal psychology and profiling …. all that talking xD with Xu Xu being the less talkative one.


            1. @bananachocolatecosmos thanks!! I guess since I didn’t read any of the books, will be able to enjoy each drama on its own. πŸ™‚ I am up to ep7 on ML and it’s still watchable and addictive . My concern is that there will be some ridiculous reason for both of their memory loss (I can deal with some ridiculousness but not in copious amounts with obvious logic gaps!) πŸ™‚

              Looking forward to marathon WASFIL later – by the way this is currently being subbed on Babel Fansub on Facebook.

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    2. I think WASFIL is meant to be a Wang-Kai-is-cool bonanza πŸ™‚ nothing wrong with that and I plan to catch it too but I like that the couple dynamic in ML is more equal. Not a big fan of teacher/student or boss/subordinate romances where the subordinate is clearly much more junior. I fervently hope that ML remains a fun watch !


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