Quick Zhao Liying Update!

News outlets are speculating that it’s William Chan in the background of Zhao Liying‘s picture (unsure how recent this photo is or if that really is WC)

Screen Shot 2016-10-24 at 8.19.38 PM.png

Zhao Liying is also confirmed for the movie, Ride the Winds, Break the Waves. She’s the female lead opposite Deng Chao!! Some more pictures of the cast 🙂


Deng Chao

Dong Zi Jian

Li Rong Hao

Director 韩寒

Eddie Peng is also rumoured to take part in this movie, but no official confirmation yet.

Cannot wait for her new movie, Eternal Wave, to be released! A preview:

Zhao Liying’s purple tattoo is also making the headline on Weibo and news right now. A fan explained that she got injured while filming Female Prime Minister resulting in a protruding bone. The injury is very obvious every time she wears backless dresses therefore she used the purple flower tattoo to cover up the injury. =(

9 thoughts on “Quick Zhao Liying Update!

  1. I don’t think this is a recent photo. Sadly, I think it is just the media making up rumors.
    Now we know what she will be doing after Princess Agents.


  2. I don’t think it’s William. Even if it is him in the background, there were also other people in the room (reflection in the glass panel). It doesn’t mean anything. Now…if there was a photo of them holding hands or something, then I’d be jumping up and down with joy!


  3. The hair looks like William’s hairstyles. The side profile not so sure though.
    I think this picture was when LY gonna attend an award event? (not remember which one though).
    Well despite this is true or not ( I hope is true 😀 ) you make my day with this picture, thank you 😀


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