Entertainment Update: The Great Expectations, TVB StarHub Awards, Legend of Du Gu, and Royal Highness

The Great Expectation officially announces the 4 main actors and actresses: Cheng Si Cheng, Yuan Hong, Tong Li Ya, and Amber Kuo!! This will Amber Kuo first drama in a looooong while. Hopefully it’ll be a good one. (Sad to say that this is not the same Great Expectations by Charles Dickens but excited for the drama nevertheless =D)

Stills of Tong LiYa disguise as a boy? (She looks good with short hair tho).

Press conference for The Great Expectation

Stills for the palace drama The Legend of DuGu starring Hu Bing Bing and Zhang Dang Feng. A glimpse into their pretty costumes and outfits as they are currently filming.

Also currently filming is the drama Royal Highness starring Jiang Jinfu, Crystal Yuan Bingyan and Liu Ruilin (who are all born in the early 90s!). A very different kind of posters that I’m used to seeing but very pretty and creative nonetheless.

Victoria Song filming commercial for OLAY .

2016 StarHub TVB Awards was held on the 22nd of October with The Fist of Four Walls starring Ruco Chan and Nancy Wu as the big winners of the evening. (So many familiar faces!)

(They look good together =D)

Ruco Chan and Nancy Wu took home the Favorite TVB Actor and Actress award along with Favorite On-screen couple award and Favorite TVB Theme Song award for the drama The Fist of Four Walls.

Raymond Cho took home Favorite TVB Supporting Actor.

Wayne Lai also got awarded for TVB Favorite Actor Award (along with Ruco Chan)

The Mystic Nine Side Story starring Zhang YiXing premiered October 20th. It is a side story to the drama that mainly focuses on Er Yue Hong. Here’s the trailer:

Cherry Returns starring Hu Ge will hit theaters December 12th

The Ferryman (aka See You Tomorrow) starring Tony Leung, Takeshi Kaneshiro, and Angelababy held their release press conference on October 23th. The comedy film directed by Zhang JiaJia and produced by Wong Kar-wai will be in theater December 23th.

Filming ceremony for the drama The Emergency Department Doctors starring Zhang Jia Yi and Wang Luo Dan 

New posters of William Chan for his upcoming drama that is now being called  “Lost Love in Times”



He also took part of a ceremony. Shi Shi wasn’t there.


Mango TV just announces that they will delay the airing of that last episode of The Legend of Chusen until November 8th!!! Episode 51-54 will be still aired normally on the week of October 24th to 30th and allow members to watch all the episodes for free from October 31st to November 7th. (NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Like the drama is not slow enough, they have to push the final episode 2 weeks back! Please, for those who can read Chinese fluently, correct me if I’m wrong and tell me this is just a bad nightmare)


Zhao Liying joins the cast of the movie Ride the Winds, Break the Waves, which will be directed and written by Han Han. Other cast members so far include Deng Chao, Dong Zijian, and Li Ronghao.


Hehehe. Just have to share more pictures of Zhao Li Ying being silly (BTS of Princess Agents)


An Yue Xi visited Zhao Liying on the set of Princess Agents



Ending off with a funny clip of a fan-made video of Zhao Li Ying doing PPAP.

9 thoughts on “Entertainment Update: The Great Expectations, TVB StarHub Awards, Legend of Du Gu, and Royal Highness

  1. Awwww the ppap video was so cute.
    The Great Expectations might not be Dickens’ story, but it does give off The Great Gatsby vibe.
    For the TVB awards, I feel so happy for everyone that won 🙂 especially Raymond and Wayne since I’ve seen so many dramas with those two.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. 😦 awwww!!! They should have just pause the last 5 eps for 2 weeks instead of just the last!! What a cliff hanger.
      Did it say why? I don’t think I caught that part.


      1. (I’m better with traditional than simplified Chinese.) Something about respecting all viewers. Viewers who are not paid members only get 2 episodes on Sunday every week. So, youku is up to ep. 44. Looks like they want everyone to catch up before the sequel begins airing.


  2. LOL at the PPAP song
    I bet they are delaying to raise online views. The Mystic Nine did the same, they wanted to get to 10 billion before it finished airing so they slowed down TV airings. Chusen has over 20 billion, I am thinking maybe they want to break the record of most online views. Anyone knows what is it? I think it is Journey of Flower with over 23 billion but I am not sure.
    I hope all my excitement for Princess Agents pays off.
    WC needs to keep his FoYe hair forever, I am not digging this new look.
    Great Expectations looks interesting.


    1. Sigh. What a torture to have to wait 2 weeks for 1 ep….Hahaha chusen has been airing for so long that the ppl around me thought that I’m rewatching the drama….
      Excited for PA too!! *0* I hope it lives up to all the hypes.
      Lol. Thought u would enjoy the vid!!


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