Hot men on magazine covers update

Tons of new magazine covers and features! Let’s start with Hu Ge‘s double cover for Ellemen:

Eddie Peng for L’Officiel Hommes

Zheng Kai for Esquire’s 20th Anniversary issue

Several men are included in the 20th anniversary feature, namely.. Aarif Lee:

William Chan

Lin Gengxin

Liu Haoran

Jiang Jinfu

Yang Yang

Last but not the least:

Kris Wu for Harper’s Bazaar


9 thoughts on “Hot men on magazine covers update

  1. Hu Ge channeling Chow Yun Fat for the Elle Men cover 😀


  2. William is beautiful in so many ways ❤
    and Kris makes that hairstyle work somehow XD lol


    • I’d even go so far to say he’s the ONLY one who can work that hair color among so many of the Asian men I see trying it lol.


  3. Eddie’s cover could be better 😦 The other pictures, I feel, are much nicer.
    LOL at Aarif’s picture with the wing, his face is very striking.
    I am liking William’s hair and Gengxin’s pictures are really good.
    Kris, of course, is looking fantastic and his silver hair is a great colour for him.


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