Hot men on magazine covers update

Tons of new magazine covers and features! Let’s start with Hu Ge‘s double cover for Ellemen:

Eddie Peng for L’Officiel Hommes

Zheng Kai for Esquire’s 20th Anniversary issue

Several men are included in the 20th anniversary feature, namely.. Aarif Lee:

William Chan

Lin Gengxin

Liu Haoran

Jiang Jinfu

Yang Yang

Last but not the least:

Kris Wu for Harper’s Bazaar


9 thoughts on “Hot men on magazine covers update

    1. I’d even go so far to say he’s the ONLY one who can work that hair color among so many of the Asian men I see trying it lol.


  1. Eddie’s cover could be better 😦 The other pictures, I feel, are much nicer.
    LOL at Aarif’s picture with the wing, his face is very striking.
    I am liking William’s hair and Gengxin’s pictures are really good.
    Kris, of course, is looking fantastic and his silver hair is a great colour for him.


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