[Review/Recap] Legend of Chusen Episode 47-50

# of episodes: 55

Chinese name: 青云志

We have 5 more episodes before the drama finale!!

Episode 47

Xiaofan’s shifu asked him to kill Biyao to prove his innocence. Upon hearing that, Xiaofan’s expression turned a little demonic. He didn’t answer so his shifu got angry and left the dinner table. Xiaofan followed his shifu to the cliff of the mountain. Outside, His shifu asked him again how did he learned Tian Yin Ge’s power? Xiaofan did not answered. He said he promised that person that he would never tell.

Later that night, LingEr came to asked Xiaofan if he likes Biyao. He hesitated and didn’t answer. He silently admitted it but he said that either way him and Biyao will no longer meet. LingEr yelled at him for betraying the sect and betraying them. Xiaofan, frustratedly, said he was wrong for bringing them troubles. And that if anyone is unhappy, they can always come and take his life.

That same night, a mysterious person tried to break into Qinyun’s sacred ground to steal the Sword of Zu. Jingyu and his shi bo spotted him and reported to Qinyun’s head. Of course the first suspect was Xiaofan. They decided to imprison him at the back of Qinyun with Jingyu for further investigation.

But of course, that was no punishment because Jingyu was also there. Xiaofan and Jingyu finally reunited!!

Over on Guiwong’s side, Guiwong decided to send Wuyan to steal the Sword of Zu. Jing PingEr decided to go along to see how Jingyu is doing. She was worried about his injury.On the side, Wuyan asked Biyao to join him for alcohol as a parting gift. He assured her that QinLong will be there also.

During the drinking session, Wuyan and Biyao had an interesting conversation. Biyao was troubled about the attack on Qinyun. She couldn’t pick to attack Qinyun yet she also cannot betray her dad, Guiwong. Wuyan told her that if she doesn’t kill them, they will kill her. Biyao got sassy with him and told him because of his mindset that her dad wanted to send him off to find the Sword (which will put him in danger). Wuyan teasingly took it as if she was worried about him.

(D’aaawww! The way he stares at her after she got drunk. Totally rooting for team Qin Wuyan!!!) andthen he goes and steal Biyao’s bells…..

Back at Qinyun, shibo told Xiaofan and Jingyu the history of the Sword of Zu. He told them that during the battle between good and evil. the previous head used up all his energy to activate the sword and killed a lot of the demon sect people. XueQi purposely visited Xiaofan’s shifu to tell him that she believes Xiaofan is that suspicious person who wants to steal the sword.

Episode 48

With the help of another mysterious person in black, Wuyan and Jing PingEr snuck into Qinyun to steal the sword. Luckily, Jingyu and Xiaofan were there to stop them. Wuyan used Biyao’s bells to distract Xiaofan and he indeed did daze out long enough for Wuyan and Jing PingEr to escape.

Xiaofan and his shifu chased them out to the forest. That mysterious person showed up again and injured Xiaofan’s shifu. While Xiaofan was fighting the guy, Wuyan showed up and smugly disgraced Qinyun. He warned the mysterious person, in front of the shifu, to not harm Xiaofan as he will be Guiwong’s future son in law. Xiaofan’s shifu was so angry that he slapped Xiaofan and asked if Xiaofan indeed go easy on Wuyan and Jing PingEr to let them go.

However, in front of the head, his shifu still defended Xiaofan. Right then, Qinyun got news that Guiwong is marching toward Qinyun along with alliances from other demon sects with the intention of war. After Xiaofan’s shifu left, Jingyu’s shifu suggested that they have people from both Tian Ying Ge and Feng Shan Gu to make the decision on what to do with Xiaofan.

Xiaofan was punished to kneel until told otherwise. It started raining and we see Xueqi on the side watching with an umbrella.

Biyao came with her dad on the march to Qinyun. Wuyan returned the bells to Biyao. He thought that she was going to slap him or stab him but was surprised that she did neither. She said that he was too naive to think that a bell can sway Xiaofan. Even she couldn’t do it in person. Wuyan told her that he saw the play that Biyao and Xiaofan did in Yudu and admired her courageousness and straightforwardness. He warned her to give up on Xiaofan but she refused saying that Xiaofan is her life!

(Finally the famous raining scene!!!) Biyao started walking aimlessly with her “yellow” umbrella in the rain and found Xiaofan kneeling in the rain. She walked towards him and covered him from the rain. Xiaofan was surprised but told her that she should not be here. It’s dangerous. She said she knows but even so. She put down the umbrella and kneel with him. Then Xiaofan grabbed her hand and the two kneeled in the rain!

Morning came, Biyao asked Xiaofan again to leave with her and go somewhere no one knows them. He, once again, refused. Stating that his life belong to his shifu. He has no right to leave with her, even if he wanted to. Biyao got frustrated and wanted to drag him away. Right at that moment, XueQi flew in to stop her. Because Biyao wanted to take Xiaofan away and Xueqi wanted to stop her, the two started fighting.

Xiaofan tried to stop them. Luckily, A Xiang from Tian Ying Ge teleported him away and Biyao followed suit. A Xiang Knocked Xiaofan out and kidnapped him to bring him to the head of Tian Ying Ge. And with the disappearance of Xiaofan, everyone, including LingEr and his shifu, now think that he had betrayed Qinyun and joined Guiwong.

Episode 49

Xiaofan woke up in the camp of Tian Ying Ge and met up with the head of the sect. The head of the sect started telling the history behind PuZhi (the guy who saved Xiaofan and Jingyu when they were young).

Puzhi was a prodigy of Tian Ying Ge who came across the blood pearl during his investigation of the demon sect. In order to purify the blood pearl, he decided to use his power and time to do so. He also went to Qinyun and asked that a disciple be granted the right to study both Qinyun and Tian Yin Ge’s power. However he was denied. On his way down from the mountain, he was attacked by a mysterious black person and got injured. He hid out in Xiaofan’s village but got attacked again. Knowing that he was going to die, he transferred all his power to Xiaofan in hope that Xiaofan will get accepted into Qinyun and be that person that has both Tian Yin and Qinyun’s power. And in order to ensure that Qinyun will take Xiaofan in, he killed everyone in the village to get pity from Qinyun….!

Upon hearing that, Xiaofan started laughing crazily and started emitting evil auras. He angrily asked the old man what is considered good, what is considered evil, and what is he to be used like that.

In order to prevent Xiaofan from turning evil, the old man knocked him out. When he woke up, Xiaofan started recalling his good memories and convinced himself not to let his demon and vengeance control him.

Before Xiaofan went back to Qinyun, he decided to come face to face with Puzhi’s spirit in the candle and that brought him back to the time in Chao Miao village. At the same time, Biyao was worried and started looking for him in the real Chao Miao village.

Xiaofan came face to face with Puzhi’s possessed spirit and that trigger his demonic side. Just as he was being consumed with hatred and on the verge of turning into a demon, Biyao’s bells sensed that Xiaofan was in danger and communicated with him via the bell. That brought him back to normal and overcame the possessed spirit of  PuZhi.

With that, Puzhi’s spirit was purified and released.

Back to reality, the head of Tian Ying Ge thanked Xiaofan for releasing Puzhi. Upon discussion, Xiaofan remembered that the mysterious guy who attacked Puzhi back then used the same technique as Qinyun and only the shifus of Qinyun know such high level technique.

Episode 50

With the realization that the spy might be a higher up in Qinyun, Xiaofan rushed back to Qinyun. The same spy met up with Guiwong. Guiwong couldn’t believe that the spy would’ve been him and asked if the spy was willing to help because of “her”. The spy looked sadden and left.

Biyao came out after the spy left and asked his dad what is planning to do. She told him that she doesn’t agree with his attack on Qinyun and hope for Xiaofan’s safely.

Jingyu also started to suspect his shifu of being the spy. He went into his shifu’s room to investigate. He found a box and decided to open it. Inside the box is the symbol of Lian Xue Tang (the evil sect). Right at that moment, the mysterious guy came in and attacked Jingyu. When the guy revealed his mask, it was Jingyu’s shifu!

When Jingyu woke up, his shifu was using his energy to heal him. Jingyu asked him if it was a lie that he is the spy at Qinyun. His silently admitted and began telling the Jingyu the truth.

His shifu used to be a disciple of Lian Xue Tang who infiltrated Qinyun back then. Over time he thought he could have just stay in Qinyun and live in peace. However, during the battle between good and evil, the zhang men of Qinyun at that time got possessed by the Sword of Zu and started killing a lot of people (good and evil). In order to save everyone, one disciple (most likely the shi bo that live in the back of Qinyun) killed the zhang men. The current zhang men, wanting that position, accused that disciple of such crime just to eliminate the competition. This makes Jingyu’s shifu questioned what is good and what is evil. (That seems to be the question they are all asking!!!!)

At the bottom of Qinyun’s mountain, all the demon sects had gathered for the attack of Qinyun!

And Xiaofan had finally returned to Qinyun for his judgment.

In front of the big shots from Qinyun, Tian Yin Ge, and Feng Shang Gu, they recounted Xiaofan’s life story and……that’s it!!!? (They really need a better cliff hanger for this drama. Should have ended it when Xiaofan was walking in. So much cooler and dramatic)

Chexmix: Love that raining scene with Biyao and Xiaofan. He finally took the initiate to hold her hand!! And then we have Qin Wuyan who is evil to everyone else but kind and caring toward Biyao. Anyway, evil Xiaofan is so much more expressive than good Xiaofan.


13 thoughts on “[Review/Recap] Legend of Chusen Episode 47-50

  1. So, I haven’t even attempted to watch Zhu Xian/Chusen yet because the episodes come out so slow. But, I’ve been keeping up somewhat reading some of your recaps, and omg, even I am frustrated with Xiaofan. Biyao deserves so much better. Also, the umbrella scene looks beautiful. And… I thought Biyao would have died mid-way into the series, but surprisingly, she’s still alive LOL. In your opinion, how much screen time has Biyao had vs Xueqi?


    1. BY is the main in Part 1. XW will be the main in Part 2.

      I was also surprised that BY lasted until now. I guess that’s why there will be more installments after.


    2. Yea ZLY is definitely the main for part 1. Xueqi barely showed up at all.
      If you haven’t started the drama…DON’T!! Lol. unless you skip scenes maybe the story line will feel faster. But the scenery in the drama is definitely pretty!! I would watch for that if anything. hehehe and ZLY of course.


  2. Omggggg! Thanks for the recap! This is like the first drama that I watched raw so these are really helpful! Also, I really wonder when season 2 will air? -,-

    I really like this drama but sometimes I’m just so critical I notice all their bad editing sometimes… near the ending of ep 50, there was a scene where xiao fan was nodding at xueqi and he was holding the fire stick even though he had it just handed to the zhang men? Sighh


    1. I heard sometimes early next year but no official confirmation yet.
      can’t believe you noticed that! I will have to rewatch to see. I love watching compilations of poor edits. It’s like finding Waldo. hahaha.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Thanks for the recap! I actually didn’t like evil XiaoFan, it was a bit of a letdown. He just looked weird. LYF’s acting here reminds me so much of WC in The Legend of Zu.
    Good and evil is just in name. The good sect does plenty of evil things but they say it is for the overall good.
    BTW I found out this morning that Legend of Chusen was licensed by Viki, so it will start getting subbed.


    1. You and me both. I don’t get the appeal of LYF other than his looks lol I don’t think he truly grasp ZXF, which shows in his portrayal.


      1. Yeah, XiaoFan has been pretty bad. I was waiting for him to change once he started going evil, but he just looks comical instead. Really bad portrayal imo but still doesn’t beat the low standard set by WC in Legend of Zu. So I know there is hope for LYF. Maybe he is better in another drama, I heard he did a decent job in Sparrow.


        1. Lol! At least from evil Xiaofan I get a laugh out of his expression. For good XF…I just get a confused look with his confused look staring right back at me…0.0
          Can’t agree with you more! XF and Ding Ying gives me that same frustration in how they deal with the relationship! Haven’t watched Sparrow but I saw pics and I can’t help but seeing XF’s face on LYF’s face….


        2. Puahaha. I think being pitched next to ZLY shows their weaknesses. Funny how they’re close friends in real life. XF should go find DY.

          I hear LYF is better in Sparrow, so I think it’s his interpretation of XF that is lacking here.


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