[Anticipation Post] When Snail Falls in Love vs. Memory Lane


On October 24th, we will have the release of When a Snail Falls in Love and Memory Lost (two of the most anticipated dramas right now!!). Both are adaptions of novels written by the same author, Ding Mo (who also wrote Love Me If You Dare), and have police/detective crime solving genre. On one side, we have the rematching of Wang Kai and Wang Zi Wen, whose chemistry on Ode to Joy were super fun to watch and on the other side, we have Yang Rong and Bai Yu, who captured my attention just from the trailer.

When a Snail Falls in Love (如果蜗牛有爱情)  revolves around the relationship development between Detective Ji Bai (Wang Kai) and a new criminal profiler Xu Xu (Wang Zi Wen). Although they may seem like an awkward teacher-student pair at first glance, yet they are actually the best partners in the police force, solving one crime after another. Over time, Ji Bai falls in love with Xu Xu, but she is a girl who is as slow as a snail when it comes to love.

Here’s the comedic trailer for the drama!

And a more serious one.

(Lol. I didn’t know she was that much shorter than him!)

Press conference held on October 20th.

Behind the scene

Memory Lost focuses on police officer Han Chen (Bai Yu) in search of his lost fiancée – despite his amnesia and everyone else insisting that this woman does not exist. His search eventually leads him to Bai Jin Xi (Yang Rong), a sunny girl working as a police detective and whose mysterious past is as full of secrets as Han Chen’s own.

A fun trailer for the drama!

And a more serious one for the drama.

Press conference also held of October 20th!!?

Behind the scene

Now here comes the hard part. Which one to watch first!!!? Honestly they both look interesting, awesome, epic, action-packed, funny, and the list goes oooooon. But most important of all, both leads in both dramas have such good chemistry together! Sigh. If only I have Hermione’s watch that allow me to time travel and watch both at the same time…


15 thoughts on “[Anticipation Post] When Snail Falls in Love vs. Memory Lane

  1. Totally anticipating this! I love Yang Rong (so totally underrated in my humble opinion :)) so gonna catch Memory Lost first. I am not a big fan of Wang Zi Wen yet (Ode to Joy did nothing for me) but will still check it out for Wang Kai 🙂


    1. Absolutely agree! Started liking YR after Female Prime Minister (even though she was “evil” in the beginning). Hopefully Memory Lost will be her break through.
      Hahaha WZW was annoying (in a good way) in ode 2 joy and that made me appreciate her acting. (not everyone can pull off the likeable annoying character).
      I’m actually leaning toward when a snail falls in love just for the comedy. Hahahaha. I think I need some fluffy comedy in my life right now.


  2. I was one of those few people who really didn’t like Love Me if You Dare so I am wondering if these will be any better. The second plot sounds more interesting to me.


    1. hahaha. I think we have very similar taste in dramas. I couldn’t get myself to finish Love me if you dare either.
      The second plot does sound more interesting but I’m also favoring the comedy in the first one. (i mean…the trailer made me laughed out loud hahaha) and THAT’S WHY IT’S SO HARD FOR ME TO DECIDE!!

      Liked by 1 person

        1. Lol. We’re the rare species in dramaland. cause I know a lot of ppl like that drama. At least you got further than me. I saw ep 1 and thought they were really awkward with each other. Since it was ep 1.. i thought..well ok. I skipped all the way to the last ep and they were still kinda awkward with each other! Not sure if it was them or their characters.


          1. @lizzieyen I managed to get past those two episodes after trying really hard. I think I watched until ep. 10 or so but in the end I had to drop it. For some reason they both seemed a bit off in the drama.
            @chexmix12 yeah the whole drama was awkward and unrealistic for me. They took a lot of leaps with both the story and characterization so it didnt leave me a good impression.
            I do want some light romcom

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            1. Glad to know I am not alone 🙂 it was so popular when it aired ! I thought Wallace Huo did well in Imperial Doctress (never thought he was a great actor) but he definitely seemed a bit off in LMIYD. Probably coz I hold investigative dramas to a higher standard – if the cases are run of the mill then the chemistry better be crackling! (Kinda like the earlier seasons of Castle!)


              1. I was thinking that was why I couldn’t watch it. I am a big fan of police/murder mystery shows. After seeing a lot of high class shows that tackle similar plots, their leaps, lack of continuity, and accurate mood for their roles was very obvious to me.
                Yeah I agree on Wallace. I thought he did a good job with Ba ZiHua in JofF but his character in LMIYD was just off. But yeah we are the minority it seems.


  3. I might look out just because I like “love me if you dare”. Though those scenes where they answered Chinese to English and vice versa made me cringe so hard. But I did like the storyline.

    Wallace Huo is who kept me there. Ma Sichun could do better.


  4. I chuckle when I saw that WASFIL arranged the actors according to heights 😅
    Most of those bts were eating scenes lol.
    With ML the cast is 90% male xD All those tall guys and then there’s Yang Rong. I hope both dramas become successful for YR and WZW.
    Seeing how they have to jog around and work out for these roles remind me how I’m not cut out for a detective. Kinda glad I’ve chose science, ha.


    1. Hahaha! Poor Wang Kai. He had to keep eating and eating.
      I hope the best for the both of them too. 2 more days!!!!! Just wish they didn’t have to release at the same time.
      Hahaha Its the opposite for me. But Yay to science major!!


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