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This movie needs little introduction for those who have been following C-ent news.  Basically the director Guo Jingming adapted one of his books into a movie with a star-studded cast.  Here is the twist, instead of putting the actors into make up and costumes, they filmed in motion capture suits, making them needing their imagination as resource while they film their characters.  For those unfamiliar with the term motion capture, a few good Hollywood references would be Avatar, Beowulf and Davy Jones’ crew in Pirates of the Caribbean.

Starring:  Fan Bingbing, Kris Wu, William Chan, Cheney Chen, Roy Wang, YangMi, Amber Kuo, Kevin Yan, Wang Duo, Jelly Lin and Aarif Lee….phew that is a long cast list

What is the story about?  [might contain spoilers]

The film takes place in the Odin, which is a completely different world from ours.  Just for a brief explanation for what is not in the film.  Odin is divided into four countries and this story sets place in one of the Ashland.  Each country is ruled by 3 Priests who are divine entities without bodies of their own, stuck in three crystal rooms where they Dukes/Lords will visit to get instructions from them.  Their word is law.  Ashland has 7 Dukes with with one disciple of his/her own except for the first duke with 3 disciples.  The story begins when the 2nd disciple, Shen Yin (played by YangMi) stopped by a small town in where she meets Qi Ling (Cheney Chen) who works his meaningless existence in an inn for most of his life.  Shen Yin revealed they were hunting a Soul beast in nearby.  Meanwhile on the other side of  the country in the crystal room, the 7th Duke YinChen/Silver (Kris Wu) receives instructions from the priest to pick up Qi Ling who is destined to be his disciple and that will be where their adventure together begins.  Of course it isn’t that simple, Teleya (Amber Kuo) the 4th Duchess received instructions from the priest to gather up all the dukes to eliminate the 5th Duke and  his disciple, Guishanfengwhen (Kevin Yan) and Guishanlianqian/Lotus (Fan BingBing) who are a pair of siblings.  Their reason: Treason

I will mention that the first Duke never appear in this film, though if they follow the book, he should look like Silver.  The 6th Duke did not appear physically too, but he is a tragic part of the story.


Fan Bingbing looking beautiful as usual as Lotus


Kris Wu as the CHARMING, cold and aloof Silver.  You will know why I emphasise on charming when you watch the film


Cheney’s character Qi Ling is the height of the warm moments in the film.


William Chan as YouMing/Dark, the 2nd Duke whom you will not want to mess with

Yang Mi as the dark and mysterious Shen Yin

Amber Kuo’s Tereya is another character you will not want to mess with.  She has an um…intimate relationship with Dark.

Jelly Lin as the 6th disciple Tianshuyouhua/Yuka.  She is basically a young girl who acts like a spoiled princess.  But one will feel pity for the tragedy that befell her father who is the 6th Duke.

I covered the characters with the most screen time, so I will get down to my review.

I will absolutely recommend this film to anyone who loves fantasy stories as well as gamers who might like the graphics enough to immerse themselves in a totally different world.  The cgi overall is absolutely beautiful with Fan Bingbing and Kris Wu having the best renders throughout the whole movie.  This movie may have received some bias negativity based on the fact that Guo JingMing directed Tiny Times, but I feel we should all give this movie a chance.  The story is well told and certain moments in the movie were memorable enough.  Cheney’s Qi Ling proved to be a very likeable character, especially giving the heart warming touch for his scenes with Kris’ Silver.  The music used for the soundtrack throughout the movie is excellent.  The fight scenes are extremely immersive to watch, keeping the feeling of excitement throughout the film.  The only downside was there were times when the cgi looks odd, I find it mostly with Amber Kuo’s expressions and I wish they put more effort on their non-actor characters, because those look really cringe-worthy and I rather skip those scenes with them.  It is overall a film that is enjoyable to watch, leaving you wanting more.


My ratings:
The story: 10/10
The CGI: 7/10
The acting: 7/10
Overall: 8/10

I will leave you with the OST sang by Cheney Chen


11 thoughts on “[Movie review] L.O.R.D

  1. Yay! I was hoping someone would write a review of this movie. With all the hypes and mixed reviews, I was still debating to watch it or not. With so many famous people, do they get enough screen time? I think my main focus would be on FBB, YM, and of course the CGI and pretty scenery.
    Thumbs up for Cheney Chan’s song. epic and emotional!


    1. Definitely you should watch it to hype for the second movie. I feel the scenes go well together that most of the characters get enough of their screen time. However Roy, Wang Duo and Aarif only appear for a very short time. I even forgot Aarif is in this movie due to his character being a mute.
      Yang Mi is more like a ‘special appearance’ in this movie. You will see quite a bit of her but not as much as FBB, Kris and Cheney.

      I did wish they cut short one of the fighting scenes Wang Duo has though >< I feel his character is the most forgettable one but that's just personal opinion.

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  2. I actually really liked the movie. I loved the setting and felt the storyline had a good foundation. However, I am left with wanting more from the movie. I liked it so much that I am not satisfied with the ending!!! I want MORE! I felt like the movie just ended without any closure or official “answer” to anything, other than the fact that the “truth” was revealed. HOWEVER,I think this is why they may have a sequel to the film (I wouldn’t be surprised at all!).
    But, overall, I enjoyed the film enough to re-watch several scenes over and over again! LOL.

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    1. Yes yes. There will be a sequel 🙂 they already filmed it. I’m not sure if the rest of the cast have finished but Kris already finished his part. If the first lord appears, there should be like at least 5 versions of him in the movie. I really want more Qi Ling and Yinchen moments though


  3. These kinds of movies are usually not my cup of tea but Guo Jing Ming baited me in with pretty people. Hook, line, and sinker! Everyone looked good and quite true to their natural selves. Hm…maybe not so much for Yan Yi Kuan, William, and Amber Kuo. With Yan Yi Kuan, I find that he looked more perfect than usual. There weren’t any signs of wrinkles, not even the crinkle around his eyes, which BTW, I love. So, he ended up looking a bit plastic. William, who I adore to bits, looked a bit off. I can’t place my finger on it but he just didn’t look right. The environment/setting and the soul beasts could have used a bit more polish. The fight scenes with the soul beasts looked like it came from a 90’s video game.
    I quite enjoyed the storyline. There will definitely be a sequel or… 2 more to make it a trilogy. Everyone had their fair share of screen time and no one overshadowed anyone. I don’t want to comment too much on the storyline, lest I give away spoilers. Go watch it for yourselves!
    The theme song was fitting – timeless, ethereal, and soulful.


    1. Yeah, I always said most of the cgi time and money goes first to FBB and KW, since they look the most natural and polished.

      Yan Yikuan’s character is one of my faves in the movie actually, but he looks plastic. Same as Aarif Lee’s, I wish more time could be spent on them and GJM gave himself more time to perfect them before announcing the release date.


  4. I am aware of that. But I barely care for them to watch them yet. Maybe when I have more free time. I did this review because I think L.O.R.D should be given a chance, no matter what biasness against gjm anyone has from Tiny Times because this is actually a decently done project.

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